Parties endorse abortion law reforms in Malawi

Political parties in the country have endorsed abortion law reforms as Malawi Law Commission is considering a new bill liberalizing abortion.

Chombo: New abortion bill

Chombo: New abortion bill

Abortion is currently illegal in Malawi. It is punishable by a maximum of 14 years in jail except in cases where pregnancy threatens life of a woman.

Despite this, women still seek illegal abortion services.

Now the political parties DPP, MCP, UDF. PP, Aford, Umodzi Party, Petra and Mafunde have endorsed the Law Commission’s report on liberalising abortion., according to a communiqué they issued following their meeting in Mangochi from 21 to 22 August, 2015.

Releasing the report, Justice Esmie Chombo, chairperson of the Malawi Special Commission on Review of Abortion Law, said the new law would give women more decision-making power.

“We are extending the grounds on which abortion can be procured. If a woman is carrying a pregnancy but the doctor say ‘what you are going to give birth to, is a malfunctioned child that could not be compatible with life’ a women can decide ‘I will give birth or I can terminate the pregnancy,’” said Chombo.

The new law also allows for abortion in pregnancies that result from rape, incest, and defilement.

“We the political parties, having met and discussed problems of unsafe abortion, we fully support the process of enacting the proposed bill into law,” reads the communique.

The communique further read: ” We strongly encourage increased efforts on family planning and access to contraceptives at all levels in our society,”

The new bill is expected to be presented in parliament for deliberations.

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Well done our parties!! This is what we call being realistic. The issue of abortion is based on research studies and medicine. Abortion drugs and equipment are available in the country. Women and girls are procuring abortion. The difference is that the rich are benefiting while the poor are suffering. No body has capacity to stop people from engaging in unprotected sex. Now those of you with a different views should provide solutions to the problem. Just just say something without offering solution. Otherwise WHO, UNFPA and UN Women already did a research on this and for several years whereby… Read more »

So Dr Chakwera signed for this abortion law. Politics and spirituals are immiscible indeed.If Chakwera stood on his theological beliefs he could not have signed this issue.


Why abortion ? Malawins, where are we driving to?. No wonder our nation is facing various problems. Nkumati Malawi dziko loopa chauta? Warm heart for that matter? Kodi mmayesa muzipatala mulibe mankhwala? Nanga zipangizo zochotsera pa thupi mukazitenga kuti? Nanga mukachotsamo zizipita kuti? No that HELL in malawi.

It is seriously terrible decision to Legalize Abortion. Especially where you quote that ” Political Parties have endorsed it (Abortion). One other thing I find very difficult to appreciate is that this Law Reform committee used the Christian Judge to preside over this. I am not sure whether she understood their motive behind abortion. To me all the reasons given for abortion are NOT and NOT Going to solve the problem cited. Rather it is just complicating the problem even more. If I may ask, what authority or capacity do these parties have to legalize abortion (Killing Life of a… Read more »
micriner wa ku mulanje

agalu malo momakambilana zandalama anaba a PP zija ndiye muli busy kukambilana zovuta mulungu akulangani Akambuku inu

ine ndekha

doing so will create a lot of loop holes. it will increase the possibility of contacting HIV

masiku otsiliza

masiku otsiiza zeru anthu sadzaiona.

Thomson Phenduka Mwandira
Thomson Phenduka Mwandira

Don’t legalise abortion,in such doing azimayiwa pakakhala kusamvana mmabanjamu akakhala ndi pakati azizaganiza zokataya mimbayo.Kumawona zinazi anthuni.


Good piece of law and bravo to DPP, MCP, UDF, PP, AFORD MAFUNDE etc. Women and girls are suffering because of heartless men and boys. Ana kumazunzika opanda bambo kumuona even one day. Let abortion be legalised. Mimba timanyamula tokha with so many risks on our lives and ana timalera tokha. ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGALISED.


Fyaa mbalame…kachengere ngeti kachengere- Wambali Mkandawire

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