Pastor urges fasting and prayer for leaders: ‘Malawi problems more spiritual than economical’

Pastor Esau Banda, Pentecost International Christian Centre (PICC) in Lilongwe and author of several motivational books on success, has challenged leaders at various levels in the country to try “prayer and fasting” for redemption from its battalion of setbacks.

Pastor Esau Banda: Urges prayer ad fasting

Banda , who is also a  trainer and human resource specialist at the Reserve Bank of Malawi, said during a Sunday service that Malawi’s “problems are more spiritual than economical.”

He said it is because of the spiritual state in which the country is that is making Malawi a failed country.

According to him, people in the country should question why even when they elect the most educated of the citizenry into positions of power, the mediocre continue to haunt almost aspects of the nation.

“It is because this nation has no sound spiritual basis,” said the charismatic preacher.

“Our leaders need to pray and fast to redeem this nation. They must fast so that God reveals to them which direction they must take this country to,” said a charged Pastor Banda.

He added: “No one should cheat you that there is no spiritual aspect as regards the success of this country. Prayer and fasting is key.”

Quoting the Holy Bible in the book of  Isaiah 58:1-14, Banda said, among others, fasting helps Christians capture God’s attention is a special way.

He also said that God through the same scripture has promised that His people have the potential to be “the repairer of the breach and restorers of paths to dwell in” if they can only be committed to prayer and fasting.

On this, he challenged the faithful to stand up in prayer and fasting “and see how God will bless you.”

He said Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, needs “spiritual power” turn tables around, and appealed to leaders to always seek “not any other power but God’s power.”

PICC was commissioned in 2010 and it believes it has a heavenly mandate of bringing hope to the hopeless and life to the dying and helping them become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Waku Gauteng
It’s a pity people want to minus God from their problems. It is a recipe for looming disaster. At one time children of Israel tried to be against God for over 200 years after the death of Joshua and all they did to themselves is to be politically bankrupt and spiritually clueless. We can’t substitute God with worldly intelligence that is passed on to you by man who is created by God himself. God is supreme to any nation if you minus Him you are on a cliff to no where. In every nation there will always be people purporting… Read more »

So you’re trying to lecture us using fairy tales which have no historical evidence? Cite a historical source for your Joshua fairytale. While you’re at it, cite evidence for Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs too.


You dnt even know the spiritual welfare thats why you critise men of God. Dnt you know that devil can course the whole country. There are other demons that can only be casted out by prayer and fasting. This world is spiritual than you think.

W.H.O ?

Another hypocrite, go to hell….

Shithole from Nyika

Am not surprised that Africa is full of shitholes. You mean addressing blackouts require special prayers?What about water problems? Youth unemployment? Persistent food shortages? You mean we have to sit down praying and fasting for our leaders? My foot!


Very very true man of God those taunting your massage are agents of the devil. Too much satanic worshippers that why the country can’t develop. Keep it up pastor!!!

Mulomo wa Mulomole

Stupid pastor. Why encouraging laziness through believing in prayer? Malawi has too many PASTORS and too many churches that’s why we are POOR. Churches contribute nothing to the real-time economy. Believing in miracles?….mxiii


Stupid mind set. Where does he say stop working and just depend on prayer? Himself has a career with Reserve Bank of Malawi at the same time he is a pastor. Read before you comment. You need fasting before insulting pastors. If you are a satanic worshiper, get out of here!

azakupanga rape

Satanic worshipper ndekuti chani? Za zii. We are too old to be believing these Jesus Satan fairy tales.

Great Thinker

Excellent reply. Keep it up. Fool the Devils and stay away from their virus.


That is true man of God.

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