MBC ban ‘Ndife Ana Anu’ song by ‘Sir’ Patricks

The taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has banned the song of  musician  ‘Sir’ Patricks titled  Ndife Ana Anu for being deemed too critical of government.

‘Sir’ Patricks claims that his latest single Ndife Ana Anu is no longer being aired oN MBC

Part of the song’s lyrics goes;
“Chuma chathu ngati dziko mchofowoka…
Anthu ambiri mdziko langa ngaumphawi.”

A memorandum titled ‘Airing of unauthorised material from MBC chief producer scheduling Wallstone Sangala addressed to controller of engineering and controller of programmes dated January 8 2018 on the issue, says it has been noted that there is a rapid escalation of airing of a song by ‘Sir’ Patricks titled Ndife Ana Anu.

“The above mentioned office would like to inform your office that at the moment, the library had not received and processed the concerned song for broadcast on our network. The office was, therefore, surprised to note that the song found its way on our airwaves,” reads part of the memorandum.

But MBC public relations manager Chembezi Mhone said the national broadcaster did not receive the song from the artist.

The artist said he handed the material to MBC, saying the song is a prayer, asking God for his intervention in the face of the challenges that Malawians are facing.

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Petre Mathanyula

MBC under the blue league will never change. This is pathetic in this age and era.

Malawi sadzatheka ndithu mmmmm. Am really disappointed with this latest ban on Sir Patricks song. Listening to the song, it doesnt make any harm to anyone, let alone those who think there is nuclear substance in that song. The artist is asking God, the Creator to bless our country, make it prosperous. He is asking God for travel mercies, people who are suffering from different illnessess. He is even asking the Almighty to bless our President, chiefs, to guide and give them wisdom in their everyday works. Whats is wrong with Malawi? This is too much, I cant take it… Read more »
ofisho poacher


Captain Morgan

Kodi anthu akumaonerabe MBC masiku ano? Ife tinasiya kalekale.


Ma artist tonse tasiya kubweletsa nyimbo zathu ku MBC. Muziyika Joseph Nkasa yemwe mukufunayo basi

Watematema Mutu

Inu a ku MBC langizo langa nali: Kawafunseni anzanu omwe amachita zomwe mukuchitazo nthawi ya UDF kuti pano ali kuti. Zimasinthatu zinthu! Simungaphunzirepo ayi… mbutuma zenizeni!


When the truth hurts they ban it, try singing that Malawians are rich and enjoying the freedom of speech ( lies) thats what they would like to hear and they will play it a zillion times!! We can’t even face the truth!! poor souls of nyasaland

Waku Gauteng

It looks like apartheid South Africa censorship. So outdated unless the song promotes violence, but on the face of it. It’s just a song appealing to authorities to change tact. What is wrong with that guy’s song? Or may be it is swearing, if that is the case may be, just may be, you have a point


MBC is 1 big Joke. Stop airing it as if we watch this DPP channel anyway? Whats wrong with that beautiful song? Pathetic Nyasalande


Truth realy pains,Manganya had been speaking the truth on the same station,baned,Mr splaso on telling you the truth,termination,wait for my song,wont present it to you though i also pay tax in either way but to other stations

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