Peter Mutharika is not Bingu wa Mutharika, they were brothers

Last Sunday, on July 15, 2012, Professor Peter Arthur wa Mutharika held a legendary political rally in Thyolo. There has been an unchallenged claim, that the rally was one that no politician of Opposition has ever held since the history of Malawi and even the President of Malawi, Mrs Joyce Banda, has never attracted such a gathering during her rallies. This was his first rally since the sudden loss of his brother, the late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

The very Sunday, the Professor, whom the eloquent Nicholas Dausi also addressed as “Tate”, implying a fatherly figure of wisdom, also spoke to Malawians on Zodiak radio during the Tiuzeni Zoona program, where he had an inspiring interview.

Hundreds of comments on the social media, facebook, indicated that Prof Peter wa Mutharika’ behavior during the interview was far beyond people’s anticipations. He was calm, polite, and impersonal; attributes which Malawian politicians lack. Many also confess that his responses to questions were filled with exceptional wisdom and intelligence, which again Malawian politicians are extremely deficient of.

Despite the extensive support that Prof Peter Wa Mutharika has managed to gather through one rally, where he did not even discuss politics but declared himself a contestant for presidency on the soon coming Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) convention, some Anti  DPP fanatics, claim the Professor does not stand any chance of winning the 2014 elections because his brother, the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika, had become too detested, with the Zero Deficit Budget, Forex and fuel shortages, and breached diplomatic relations, which ofcourse he had already began to mend with a band of four, Goodall Gondwe,  Dausi, Dr George Chaponda and Prof  Peter wa Mutharika himself.

Peter Mutharika

The illogic behind judging  Prof Peter wa Mutharika based on his brother, Bingu wa Mutharika is what baffles me a great deal. These fanatics claim that Prof Peter will create the very unfavorable environment, and repeat the very wrongs, mistakes and oversights that his brother President Bingu wa Mutharika made towards the end of his regime. In other words, if peter becomes president, then there will be no fuel, no forex and donors will pack their belongings and go. This is an extremely dangerous, primitive, and undemocratic way of thinking, and Malawians must refrain from such.

When God was creating Peter wa Mutharika, he did not create another Bingu wa Mutharika. One of the greatest mysteries of God is that He created only one person for every kind; I am one of my kind, and so are you. From the time, man was created and inhabited planet earth until this generation, billions of human beings have lived and died, but none was a precise duplicate of another person alive or dead. What a mystery!

God the creator in his own infinite and omniscient wisdom saw the danger of duplicating human beings, even from the same womb. Humans, even the most identical twins that have ever lived, have distinctiveattributes, which defines their personality.

God’s intention was that humans must do the same thing different even if they shared genetic and hereditary attributes. I believe Gods idea was that humans must appreciate the need for others and compliment on each other’s capabilities. My point is that, if I would do things exactly the way you would do them and posses all your capabilities, then I would not need you. If all humans did things the same way and have the same capabilities, then they would not need each other. Actually, they all would be equal to one person, with one capability, if you understand what I mean.

By God’s own design, Professor Peter wa Mutharika, is not Bingu wa Mutharika. Therefore, if Peter were to become President, he would have a God given capability to do things completely different from what his brother Bingu did. So he must be judged as Peter wa Mutharika and bear a distinctive identity from Bingu. Malawians might discover that what God did not bless Prof Bingu with, he bestowed it onhis brother Prof Peter wa Mutharika.  Good luck Malawi!

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