Political experts tip UDF to review its affair with DPP

Malawi political experts are tipping the United Democratic Front (UDF) to review its relationship with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) if the former ruling party is seriously considering to contest as strong contenders for the 2019 general elections.

Atupele Muluzi has started reconnecting with voetsr ahead of 2019 elections

This follows the succesful political rallies UDF president Atupele Muluzi held recently in Chikwawa and Machinga where he resurrected his agenda for change political theme of ‘Malawi first’ which was first touted at a party convention four years ago.

Mustafa Hussein, a political scientist at the public elite college, Chancellor College said the DPP, the political bed fellow of the UDF is embroiled in many problems that can cut its political life at the ballot box.

He explained of the embattled former Agriculture minister George Chaponda saga, corruption allegations and other thefts of government resources known as gates. “This is the right time for the UDF to come out clear and say whether it would field a presidential candidate or not,” he said.

If the UDF would battle it out alone at the ballot box, then it needed to break away from its alliance with the DPP which he said is now tainted with bad governance especially in corruption and thefts of money and resources from the public purse. Another political expert from Chancellor College Kayuni said there was need for the UDF to review its alliance with the DPP and concetrate to strengthen its grass root support.

“The party has just  lessthat 20 members of parliament yet this was the most powerful party with over 100 members of parliament. There is need for it to concetrate in rebuilding the party,” he said.

Party spokesperson Ken Ndanga said the UDF would not make decisions out of emotions.

He said the party is dynamic and makes decisions based on dynamics of politics.

Ndanga said UDF has never discussed or indicated that it would contest the 2019 polls in partnership with DPP.

“Working together in Parliament is not an elections’ issue. The elections will take place in 2019 and by then the UDF would have had conducted a process of identifying its leader through a convention and the NEC [national executive committee] will decide when to meet,” he said.

Ndanga also said the party has always been guided by its constitution on the issue and there is no departure from that and that UDF member is aware of the party’s activities.

“This year alone we have had three public rallies and other activities all of them led by our president Atupele Muluzi,” he said.

Ndanga said it is not true accusations that the UDF went into political alliance with the DPP to influence the dropping of the high level corruption case of former president Bakili Muluzi.

The state has not dropped the seven year old case which has been dragging in the courts since Muluzi transferred his state powers his successor, Bingu wa Mutharika in 2005.

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njoya man

It does not matter if DPP and UDF make an electoral alliance. Eastern region is Southern region. The population of the South includes the east. So Central plus North have a bigger population than the South (east plus south).

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Kusamva. Ndalama za DPP zikukoma. China Atupele akuziwa kuti masapota awo ndi mbuli. Amavotera chipani osati anthu amene anga the kulitengera dzikoli pa bwino. Atupele sanaphunzire chirichose pa chisankho Chatha

HAHAHA experts? from where what have they done before? UDF samala they have ben sent by MCP to weaken the Eastern and Southern regions so that they can attempt to penetrate in 2019. UDF you are safer with DPP than MCP. Why can’t they advise MCP to review their relationship with PP that will even make them lose again in 2019. We, in the DPP and UDF will help MCP to remain in opposition forever..we dont even count PP as a political party awa ndi akalinde MCP must be looking for a miracle but under the sun MCP will never… Read more »
winston msowoya
The problem facing our so-called leaders is that everyone wants to be the President.Right now,90 percent of voters want change and if opposition Parties agree in principle to form a UNITED-FRONT in the 2019 general elections,they can easly defeat the obnoxious DPP without doubts because voters are very tired of the DPP evil leadership.My suggestion as of now,PP,UDF and AFORD,must unite.However,the problem with AFORD would need a vigorous rebuilding from bottom to the highest level which can be achieved through hardwork,trust and patriotism.Within UDF,leadership changes might be needed to go in line with democratic norms.Personally,I would strongly advise the UDF… Read more »

Just ask your self did you vote DPP in 2014 your vote does not matter in DPP ask those who voted DPP in 2014 they will tell you kuti ife ndi DPP ndi chiseko ndi frame .MCP imapha anthu ng’ona zimadya anthu molo mwa a gwape koma alinganganga pa MCP ngakhale ali ochepa

Independent Diplomat

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I can challenge this political scientist. The DPP is very strong with its grassroots structures. Only that they are not noisy. They have a vast silent voters.

El Chapo

What the Prophet has said its true, in our area alone, from June 2016-Feb 2017, many who went to Jon were youths and most of them seeking a good pasture. What if our government had given them a proper school, loans, business skills etc so that instead of them going to SA for jobs they could be going there for business.
Malawi wake up, your government eeeish,


DPP, UDF zonse ndi mbava. No wonder they are together in government.

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