Prophet TB Joshua takes a dig at Malawi, Africa nations for not empowering youth: Weighs in on Xenophobic attacks

A well known Nigerian pastor, Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) says the illegal migration to Europe and the xenophobic unrests in South Africa by the African youths is as a result of frustration because governments like Malawi and others in Africa  have failed to economically empower them.

TB Joshua

He called on government to be tackling youth unemployment.

Manny Malawian youth are trekking to South Africa and the West as economic migrants because of joblessness and unequal opportunities in their country.

“Africa has neglected her youths. Africa has abandoned the youths to themselves. Africa has failed to make provision for the youths, whereas tomorrow’s Africa is the youths,” he said.

He first aired the sentiments on his Emmanuel TV last Sunday during a Sunday Service broadcast live across the globe before posting the same message on his blog.

He played a video clip of a capsizing boat overloaded with immigrants from Africa trying to cross over from Libya to Italy, Europe.

And in an obvious reference to the xenophobic unrests in South Africa, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that no African country can stand alone.

“No African country can succeed alone. Africans need each other to develop. West Africa needs Southern Africa and Southern Africa needs West Africa to develop. North Africa needs East Africa and East Africa needs North Africa to develop. Indeed, we are indispensable to each other; we cannot do without each other. No one is self-sufficient. Everyone has a contribution to make. Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – you have a contribution to make,” he declared.

T.B. Joshua sayswhen he thinks about the future of Africa, he spends sleepless nights as everything looks gloomy, frustrating, hopeless, and dark because the youths who are the future of Africa are neglected.

He then declares that all of us in one way or another take responsibility for such a state of affairs and announced how he will be involved in seeking solutions to these problems.

“The Lord has instructed me to make myself available and I know God, in His infinity, must have touched other Africans, so that we can come together to remedy this challenge,” T.B. Joshua announced.

He said he will travel to different places meeting people God has prepared to find answers to these problems for the youths of Africa.

This will be the first time for T.B. Joshua to be involved in discussions with organizations and individuals in authority to find solutions to such non-spiritual matters.

The xenophobic unrests in South Africa last week have generated debates in Africa with many people commenting on the topic.

Speaking during his inauguration, newly elected University of South Africa (Unisa) chancellor, Thabo Mbeki condemned the attacks saying South Africa owes a lot to African countries.

“As South Africans, we should never forget the enormous sacrifices that were made by thepeople of Africa to help us achieve our liberation. We cannot now behave in a manner that treats other Africans, who are no residents in our country, as enemies or unwelcomed guests,” he advised South Africans.

South Africa is the largest economy in Africa and attracts immigrants from all over Africa especially countries bordering it and Nigerians.

Africa Check, an independent and non-profit organisation which promotes accuracy in public debate and the media in Africa estimates immigrants in South Africa to be between one and three million.

“The UN provides a higher estimate of the migrant population in South Africa, at 3.14 million by mid-2015. In a detailed analysis for Africa Check, University of Cape Town demographer Professor Tom Moultrie suggests that based on available data, at best we can assume that there are “between one and three million” foreign-born migrants living in South Africa,” states Africa Check on its website.

Africa Check also condemns claims by the Malawi Ambassador to South Africa that there could be around five or six million Malawians in South Africa.

It says that the claim originated with the Malawi high commissioner to South Africa, Professor Chrissie Kaponda, who was asked by the media as to how many Malawians live in South Africa.

“I don’t know,” Kaponda told Carte Blanche. “I don’t have a real figure but I have heard projections like 6 million or 5 million. Actually, we don’t have any reports of how many Malawians are here.”

The media outlet stated that the figure used by Kaponda represents “almost a third of the country’s entire population of 18 million”.

Africa Check, however, has tried to verify the claims and concluded that it was not possible. Several studies show that there are only around 100,000 Malawians in South Africa.

It says even the total number of migrants in South Africa, born outside South Africa, does not go that far as five million.

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Example is an example. Malawi is an example. malawians are there in SA.
Funny thing is that even the diplomat has no idea of how many malawians are living there. She is not there for her duties ether

lloyd mpofu

joshua; how come that for the negatives you do mention Malawi? Now you want to blind us by claiming you have a solution to our economy. WHY NOT YOUR FELLOW NIGERIANS? Who are all over the world!


Ha ha ha ha ! She should learn to ask for a questionnaire so that she can have time to find out and then give correct and informed responses. Kodi tithawire kuti Atsogoleri !

bulutu banga 1

wy???wy???when its about bad things the example is malawi…..Zuma,s example about bad roads is Malawi….Xenophobia..Malawi……but how many Nigerians we r keeping in Malawi…how many Malawians are in the wey…more of them r in South africa than Malawi…..


Here we have an ambassador, a voice to Malawi, she does not have facts about Malawians living in South Africa, if the nation’s projection is 17 million, does she mean that there are 23 million Malawians in total, or six subtract from 17, then there close to 11 million currently living in Malawi? Indeed the best she could have said, she does not have the figure about Malawians in South Africa. Its a pity that Malawi continues to send non-career diplomats in our missions.


Is he ever gonna account for the 116 people who died when his multi storied building collapsed?


If she is a representative of a country and a professor…So is true that Malawians think like she does and all professors in political positions in Malawi think her way….Just waking up and get estimations from her ancestors which do not arguably represent the truth on the ground…..Nyasa people ….I think Malawi can a better high commissioner …not this mmm


Africa must be free!

john phiri

I respect men of God including TB Joshua but when such men are ignorant of the reality then no need to respect such people. Nigeria has the highest number of illegal immigrants and drug dealers in the world. How then does Malawi appear in the mind of this man of God? Malawi is one of the countries in the world that has the least number of immigrants.

Mufwa Mkandawire

If TB Joshua mentioned Malawi by its name as one of the countries which has the highest number of migrants in South Africa then he must be wrong because his country Nigeria is one of the world leading exporters of migrants to any country across the planet, including to South Africa.

The number of migrants from Nigeria living in South Africa can out weigh the number of Zimbabweans or Malawians living there. He must check the statistics.

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