PP civil war: Msonda ‘detained’ as Khumbo ‘thugs’ disrupt meeting

The People’s Party (PP) is now into a bitter civil war with former vice president Khumbo Kachali and Rev Christopher Mzomela Ngwira are fighting the rank and file with the latest meltdown on Friday in Mzuzu at Victory Temple where “thugs” disputed a meeting organised by secretary general Ibrahim Matola to prepare the return of party founder Joyce Banda.

Kachali : The  battle for PP'sheart and soul

Kachali : The battle for PP’sheart and soul

Thugs disrupted the meeting and “detained” PP spokesman Ken Msonda to give them “allowances” and transport reimbursements.

Matola said the meeting was organised to brief members of the return of Banda and series of meetings lined up to rejuvenate the party.

But party members said Kachali had earlier bankrolled controversial Mzomera to pay thugs to disrupt the meeting.

Mzomera confirmed that indeed the meeting was disrupted, saying he is in charge of the party in the north and maintained that Kachali is acting leader.

“I am taking orders from Khumbo Kachali, he is the acting leader of PP,” said Mzomera.

Kachali played down such assertions, saying he has come back in frontline PP politics to help rebuild the party and that Banda remained the legitimate leader.

“The party has the hierarchy and Joyce Banda is president; some of us we are members. We need to listen to senior party members, but we need the party to grow,” said Kachale on Friday during Daybreak Malawi programme on Capital Radio.

He also said the return of Banda is “good news” for the party.

But regional members in Mzuzu who spoke to Nyasa Times accused Kachali of being a “serpent” who is bankrolling infighting behind closed doors with Mzomera as his errand boy.

Ironically, Kachali was dropped as running mate by Banda after Mzomera  told her allegations  that the former vice president planned to assassinate her and ascend to presidency.

Banda reportedly asked Kachali about the claims in the presence of Mzomera and some northern region chiefs. Mzomera maintained his claim.

No permanent enemies in politics, so they say, and the two -Kachali and Mzomera – are now fighting a common cause.

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Hehedeee!! you have grown you have seen.



Foster Liphale

Mikangano yonseyi dyeratu basi!Heee! Muzalamuliranso koma mochedwa.


Hi!Hi!Hi!Hi!!!!! Kutha ngati makatani amwene, but Joyce abwere adzayankhe za Cashgate yache kuno nanga anthu awiri onse akumumutchula kuti ndiye anali namandwa wa Cashgate.

Mayamikoe Zenengeyara
Mayamikoe Zenengeyara

Musonda ndi mafia, tambwali komanso crook. Matola, Majoni, bagasi, mpofu, mai chikuni, mail makungwa and another unknown lady who went there to address a meeting were chased away only musonda was spared to address a meeting.
something smelling very fishy here.


Amayi bwerani muzakonze chipani. Chasokonekera chipani. Koma cashgate ndiye muzathanana nayo nokha mwakula mwatha.

Mau Msamatha Nanyonir
Mau Msamatha Nanyonir

Muvi oyang’anila umalowa mmaso. Chipani cha pp ndi joisi wanuyo ndinu anthu atulo kwambiri.
Munthu anachoka chipani chanu mwachipongwe, kupanga kampeni kuti inu muluze zisankho ndipo munaluzadi, lero akubwera kuti alowe chipani chomwecho anachiluzitsa masankhochoinu ndikumulora? Manor kunsi nonsense a pp! Msonda, fire Khumbo, Mzomera and Cliffer Kondowe to protect and bring sanity in the party. This issue is dragging for too long, you should have fired these confusionists long time ago. Ken ur now administrative secretary of pp, this matter is administrative in nature, dont ask JB

Magadi Mwale

Power is never given but taken. Go KK, Go.

Willie Chimseu

atumbuka kkkklll

Lovemaniac 91

Chimango ur lost, check ur head, walembazi sizikumveka, y?

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