PP don’t be ‘crying babies’ – Lucius Banda

Malawi’s renowned musician cum-politician Lucius Banda, who is also United Democratic Front (UDF) leader in parliament, has advised former ruling People’s Party (PP) loyalists to be criticising President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government wisely to avoid being perceived as “crying babies”.

Lucius Banda: Make constructive criticism

Lucius Banda: Make constructive criticism

Five months in power, President Mutharika has faced criticism from opposition political parties particularly the Peoples Party (PP) and  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who continue to vehemently attack the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government on governance and economic performance.

But Banda who rejoined Parliament seven years after losing his seat to accusation of certificate forgery, on Thursday appeared to cement his party’s recent political marriage with DPP by offering word of caution to Mutharika’s critics.

“When we  were kicked out of power in 2005 as UDF. We cried and hated Bingu so much, whatever he did good or bad we were just against him. Painfully other parties were just watching us.

“I see a similar case today. So many critics on Peter Mutharika are PP supporters, what they don’t know is; things may be bad in the country yes. But whatever they say many people just think its all bitterness after losing power unexpectedly just like we did,” wrote Banda on Facebook.

He  appealed: “Lets criticise wisely to avoid looking like crying babie.”

His Facebook status attracted comments from PP fanatics including reggae artist, Limbani Banda (currently trading as Limbani Dube) who argued they never hate DPP but instead they love it. Limbani Dube is one of renowned DPP critic on social media as he never hides his love for the PP.

It was of no surprise to see Banda indirectly defending Mutharika considering the relationship DPP and UDF have recently forged following the appointment of UDF’s president, Atupele Muluzi into the cabinet.

PP officials could not immediately comment on Banda’s comments.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera  has attacked government for the current high cost of living and lack of financial prudence.

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lucius kholomana muguliwa
lucius kholomana muguliwa

Lucius wayambapo waiwala zake zija

Imraan Sadick عمران صادق

Crying babes ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Pepani a PP ife sitikuthandizani kulilako za Cashgate sitimadya nawo kkkkkkkkkkkkk


Wise saying lucious. They are really crying babes

Revelation kamanga

Just comfort them and it was not they time!

vuto ndi loti a malawi timayankhula za mavuto a anthu tikakhala kuti sitili pa mpando.Banda is right.zimakhala zondiwawa ndikamakumbukira mmene ndalama za cashgate mmene zimamwazilidwa.who cared by then ndi cash gate yanuyo kuti anthu akuvutika.muzipatala munalibe ndalama.motchale yeni-yeniyi mitembo ya anthu kumawola chifukwa choti compressor yapsya.a malawi tisakhale a mzeru lero.zinthu mziko muno zinayipa kale.Bravo to you Lucius for ur comment.thats maturity in politics.ngati kuli kudyerera bwana pangani choncho ndi nthawi yanu.enawa anadyerera kale za cashgate mu nthawi yawonso and tonse timawona.ena anachita mpaka kuzipha chifukwa cha mkwiyo poziwa kuti zawo zawadera cashgate yatha after kuluza. lucius woyeeee….thats southern behavior.anthu… Read more »
Chris Namilaza

Izi ndi zimene amafuna a Mbendera monga momwe ananenera a Mbendera ku Tally Centre.


Wise ones will take the advise from Lucius Banda but fools will ignore it.

public taker

Kodi certificate yabodza imene udalinayo ija, kugwilitsabe ntchito? By the way, who is L, Banda? Is he a politician, musician, or garden boy? Lusiyasi, is nothing @ all. In short, pankongo pamako wanva!!!!

Vekere wavekere

Iwenso public taker tinene kut sumamudziwa,Lucius?Nawenso nzeru nzoperewera ndi2


Owerenga khala maso.Kodi mabvutowo ali ku Malawi kokhako?


kodi form 4 unakhonza tsopano???????

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