PP’s Uladi calls for religious tolerance in Malawi: Quran in Yao launched

Acting president for erstwhile ruling Peoples Party (PP) Uladi Mussa has called on Malawians to live harmoniously despite their religious differences as first-ever Yao translated Quraan is launched in the country.

Uladi Mussa speaking at the Muslim event

Muslims at the launch of Yao Quaran

Shieks showing the Yao Quran

Muslims who gathered at the event

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) and Iftaa in Ulama Council of Malawi- a grouping of Muslim Sheikhs- on Saturday launched the Yao translated Quraan in Mangochi in an event which Mussa graced as  a devout Moslem.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul-Hamid Silika who is Chairperson for Iftaa in Ulama Council of Malawi undertook the effort to translate the Quraan from Arabic to Yao for 10 years. The translation culminated into a six-month review by 14 Sheikhs sponsored by Mussa to a tune of about K15 million.

Printing of the translated edition has been done by Dubai Charity Association with first consignment of 20,000 copies.

Former President Bakili Muluzi became first to buy the edition when he purchased 200 copies that were donated to Muslim women who patronized the launch.

Speaking during the launch, Mussa said the translated edition would help Muslims of Yao origins understand Quraan and their religion fully.

“Between 60 to 70 percent of Muslims in this country are Yao, it is therefore important to have the Holly book in a language they can understand easily. I am proud that the edition is now out and this follows a translation to Chichewa done years ago,” explained Mussa.

He then called for Malawians to leave their religious difference aside and focus on developing the country, adding there is a need for Muslims and people of other domination to invest more in education.

“The country’s Constitution provides for a right to religion but many disregard this provision. Everyone has freedom to join or belong to a religion of their choice. It is dismaying that some schools and corporate institutions disregard such Constitutional provision,” he added.

“We all need to practice our religious beliefs without conflicting others. Let’s accept that we live in a country made of different dominations; Islam is of tolerance so let’s live harmoniously with other religions. Malawi will never belong to one religion so let’s stop this so called religious war.”

Mangochi is dominated by Muslims who more than once have taken to the street demonstrating against the conduct of authorities deemed to be in contrast to their religious beliefs.

Silika said in an interview that the translated edition would ease the challenges Yao Muslims experience in reading the Quraan.

It is late Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula who first translated the Arabic Quraan to Chichewa in 1980s.

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winston msowoya
No matter what percentage whether it is 90 percent Yao or not,Islam,is not for Malawians,but ARABS and others.Before even the whiteman brought the Bible,Christianity was practiced by our fore-fathers,they knew God and his son Jesus were there.To be loose with Muslims,later on we are all going to regret ourselves.Mind you this is not the real religion as Christianity,Islam is a cult bent on violence and blood-shed which has now affected the whole Planet.Look at the middle East where you see the rivers of blood every where.We Christians,do not force people to join our denominations,but Muslims coerce people to join their… Read more »

kkkkkkkkkk mbuli iwe.

misozi banda

aa abale ndiye anthu amapemphera mu ci alabu kumangowauza iwo osaona pa buku???????????? nde mmaombatu,ai mwacita camuna tiziwerengako inu tinvetseko tsapano cifukwa mafuso ena amatikanika kuyankha

Ibrahim waziyambosanudi
Ibrahim waziyambosanudi

Am proud to hear such a blessings news, May Allah grant you all good in this world and in the here after. ndikubwera Ku Malawi inshaallah ndidzakhala mgulu logula nawo Bukhu limeneli .

ntcheu rebel

sorry long overdue

ntcheu rebel

95% muslims are yao not 70%,so its wrong overdue..

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