President Mutharika emulate the Foxes example not Arsenal dilly dally

When President Peter Mutharika looks in the mirror, what does he see? Suffering Malawians or his corrupt ministers “enjoying the cake”? I bet he sees only the later.

President Mutharika

The Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) general assembly which comprises, Blantyre, Nkhoma, Livingstonia, Lusaka and Harare synods have booked an appointment with President Peter Mutharika to discuss his corrupt ministers amongst other issues.

This is coming after Civil Society Organisations have become so fed up with this topic that they can march no more.

It all started with Rumphi East Parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua who said in Parliament that George Chaponda, then, Minister of Agriculture was corrupt.

The two exchanged unpleasant words in Parliament. Chaponda even challenged Kalua, “let’s go outside and fight” (Chaponda is 75 years old).

It took the Speaker of the National Assembly to calm them down. Today, Chaponda is no longer in Cabinet because of a corruption case.

What is the logical conclusion? Kalua was right!

It did not take the Church of England to book an appointment with Leicester FC (Foxes) owners to fire manager Claudio Raniera. Results were there for all to see and they acted quickly.

Just in case some people are still living in denial that ministers are not corrupt, let’s put the case straight.

Despite President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s (APM) protests, I will not stop to talk up negativity about our corrupt ministers because revelations on George Chaponda have got more than what an eye can see.

Why Leicester and Mutharika?

Leicester Football Club – the  Foxes

Leicester is an English professional football club founded in 1884 and based at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. They compete in the Premier league, England’s top tier of football and are the current Champions.

Last season, odds were 5000/1 for Leicester to win the EPL. But one gentleman called Claud Ranieri did his job well and Leicester rewrote the Cinderella story to become champions of England.

In the current season, however, Leicester under Ranieri was proving hopeless and clueless. They were 3 points out of the relegation zone. Management acted quickly, Claud Ranieri was fired.

Today, Leicester have not lost any game in the EPL and they are the sole representatives of England in the Champions league (best 8 teams in Europe).

Why? They made a timely decision to fire the underperforming manager.

President Mutharika

When President Bingu Wamtharika died in 2012, only a few people remained with Bingu’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the rest joined Peoples Party (PP), yes, because PP was in power. Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) and a few who continued with the DPP reorganised the party and won the 2014 elections.

Naturally, President Mutharika had to thank his “disciples” by appointing them in ministerial positions and those who lost in the 2014 general elections as members of parliament, Mutharika made them his personal advisors for them to enjoy the “cake”.

Today, news is “all over “that Mutharika’s ministers are corrupt and he is doing nothing about it.

It did not take the Church of England to speak to Leicester to fire Raniera. Why should it take the CCAP “politburo” to talk to you, Mr President to reshuffle your corrupt cabinet?

Kamuzu and Central Executive committee

Kamuzu had what he called the Central Executive of the Malawi Congress Party.

All members of this committee were enjoying the same privileges as ministers.

Hon John Tembo was Governor of the Reserve bank but his car was always waving the national flag.

Hon Sydney Somanje was Treasurer General and member of the Central Executive committee of the Malawi Congress Party but he was living in a ministerial house in area 10.

If President Mutharika so much loves his “disciples”, why not create a Central Executive committee and “shovel them there or dump them” somewhere else. This does not mean that the President should treat corrupt ministers with kid gloves but amongst the bad apples he still has a few good ones who deserves the President’s “care” as he wants it to be.Otherwise, we the citizens of Malawi are not happy to be listening to the same song, “corrupt ministers”.

What next?

Reshuffle Cabinet:

President Mutharika should reshuffle his cabinet. If he does not have names for the new cabinet I will help him. All people want is the government to be back on track.

Let us put politics aside, it is the President’s name that is being dented and APM should ask himself one question: What legacy does he want to live as President of Malawi? Shielding corrupt ministers or being a focussed leader?

Forget about academic qualifications, these things do not work in politics. Search Kamuzu’s ministers, not all of them read George Orwell’s Animal farm or Shakespeare’s Hamletbut what was the result? Malawi was a star performer. Why? The ministers had what it takes, integrity, patriotism and hardworking.

Arsenal – the Gunners

A Chichewa saying puts it very clear, “Mubvioyang’anira suchedwa kulowam’maso” -strike while the iron is still hot or else the consequences are always damaging.

Arsenal, is an English football club that has got a large following in the world. The team has not won the EPL for well over 10 years now. Unlike Leicester officials, President Mutharika like Arsenal directors are waiting for the “the last straw to break the Carmel’s back”


Mr President, you may not be as nice as you think you are, read what Malawian faces are saying and one day you will realise where you are.

When you look yourself in the mirror, do you seriously see yourself being a President who needs to be told what to do by CCAP? NOPE!

You are much wiser Mr President, make prompt decisions that will help our country. Malawians want more actions and statements like the one you made in Mangochi about the Lake hence this is the best time to emulate the Leicester example, strike while the iron is still hot. Mr President, hang on to the Arsenal philosophy on your own peril.

The good thing having Peter Mutharika as President is that he listens and scrutinises what he is told. I give him time.

 –[email protected]

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5 years ago

well explained

Independent Diplomat
Independent Diplomat
5 years ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkk !! I have never seen a shallow-minded author like the one who has written this shit. Do not waste Malawians’ time.

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