Presidential age limit: New paradigm in Malawi politics

I don’t know how true the story is; but I believe there is no harm to comment of such rumors, because it is believed that sometimes truth is established and founded on rumors.

Is it really politics of elimination; as the rumor asserts that the PP led government wants to introduce a new law pertaining the age limit of presidential candidates in the country?

I personally, support the idea and hopefully all the youth of Malawi do the same. It is now the high time for our fathers, mothers and grandfathers in politics to realize that politics is taking new dimensions which need sophisticated fresh brains. New blood and brains are picking up the day and it is a high time for our fathers and mothers in politics to call it a day!

John Tembo: Over 70

To analyze the rumor, we should raise a number of questions here; why does the constitution precisely indicate that for any Malawian to qualify for the hot seat must be 35 years old? Why not below that? Here the obvious answer is; because any one below that age, according to the constitution is regarded as non-matured person. But what we simply forget here is that the nature affirms that when a man grows old his thinking capability decreases and goes back to its early stage. In plain words, it means he behaves like a kid who according to our constitution is not qualified to rule the country.

This simply put that he is just like the one who is below 35 years and hence denied to contest for the hot seat. To me both the old and the young are the same, hence must be treated equally before the Law.

There is a good say which states that all what has the begging must have the end. Here, the begging is 35 but without the end, it is very unfortunate to our society. Thus, I strongly support the move to put the age limit for those scrambling for the presidency of our mother Malawi.

If this rumor does not get fertile soil to grow on, then I suggest that our fellow young politician who is known by the media as “Baby” should no longer be called by that name. Because he is far much better in thinking capability more than Nkhalakale pandale (veteran politicians) who are now doing their lives in 70’s or above, who can also be spotted asBabies in terms of their brains.

Peter Mutharika: Over 70

Long live Malawi and bravo to all youth as you keep on saying in a consensual voice “yes it’s our time!

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