Presidential aide Magalasi moves to MERA as CEO, replaces Chioko

Economist Collins Magalasi who has been workings chief adviser to the president has been redeployed to as chief executive officer for the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera), Nyasa Times understands.

Magalasi: New MERA boss

Chioko: He has been acting CEO for MERA

Magalasi leaves State House to replace   Ishmael Chioko who has been working as MERA acting CEO.

Chioko, a lawyer by profession, remains at the regulator as its legal advisor.

He was appointed Mera acting CEO effective September 15 2016when   Mera chief executive officer Raphael Kamoto was sent on forced leave by the board to pave the way for investigations into an alleged diversion of K3 billion from the Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF).

Chioko’s appointment followed the sending on leave of another Mera senior boss, director of finance Elias Hausi, to pave the way for the same investigations.

At that time, Mera director of electricity and renewable energy Welton Saiwa took up the post of acting CEO.

Magalasi is former Malawi Economic Justivce Network (Mejn) and Afrodad executive director.

Mera board chairperson Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe  said he was on the road, as such, it would be difficult for him to promptly comment.

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Mayo koto koma anthu awa amayenda ndi mkazi mmodzi dzina lake Greatness. Ndiye pano alandananso maudindo. Pa Malawi zilipo

How senseless can that be? So someone who is at the center of the gen set controversy gets appointed to be regulator and approve the tariff structure of Aggreko et al? I am a Lhomwe myself but this is getting out of hand! So in your wisdom, you think this Thunga boy, with a PhD from the streets , should be CEO of a very technical institution like MERA? I bet he knows fuck all about the energy sector apart from being in ESCOM meetings with Muhara to influence purchase of generators. Paja munthu akatsala pang’ono kufa amagontha mmakutu. Boma… Read more »
Indeed we in the DPP need really to strategise for 2019. We need these boys and girls loyal to our lomwe tribe to be commissioned to these parastatals which have free orphaned money to fund our party DDP. These are highly educated thieving fearless boot licking geniuses trained to help the Prince of Thieves to siphon all the money to the party. These are young boys and girls who can not even beat a fly at an interview because they are half baked but professionally immoral and well connected to the Professor. We know that most of these home fellas… Read more »

I could give this a million thumb up. Well narated


DPP for daily power problems,


I worked with Collins Magalasi at ECM before he went on to establish MEJN. He is a very brilliant, very knowledgeable, very honest and above all a hard-worker. Unlike his many blue eyed colleagues who have rushed to obtain questionable riches, Collins has been himself. MERA will move forward with Collins at the helm…Congratulations Collins

Elder Sage I

with ‘bishop’ josef groebbels bvumbwe as chairperson, what can you expect? The fallen bishop is an absolute sellout to the blue party. In fact, if we had a sensible statutes-following govt, this schemer man of God or is it man of gods should have been fired way back. The diversion of K3bn u have talked about happened with his ‘blessing’, and of course approval as chair…but he is still there! In fact, if he was indeed a Man of God, he should have resigned – not firing Kamoto.
Fake people.

Charlie Hebdo

Here is someone mentioned in the botched tender of generators being appointed Mera CEO before he is cleared. Are we then surprised the appointing authority is being referred to as “The Prince of Thieves”? MERA is the energy regulator, ESCOM and EGENCO are in the energy industry. You can connect the dots. I fear for the tax payers money at MERA especially when the case of diverting MWK3 Billion from the Price Stabilization Fund is yet to be concluded.


Instead of firing him based on the facts presented by Chakwera, the glasses are rewarded. When people talk of nepotism and theft are they making a wild speculation?

Wetema Kili

Strategic repositioning for OPERATION WOMOLA DOLLAR in readiness for election funding.

Baba Maduapera

The Prince of Thieves at work. No wonder Malawi is a failed state. Nothing works because of cronyism, acute tribalism and obscene nepotism. No wonder we have power problems, water problems, nauseating corruption, stagnant development, deteriorating public infrastructure and social services, wanton plunder of public resources and clueless Govt machinery.


When were interviews held? Who were the other aspirants for the post at the interviews?

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