Presidential inquiry clears Chaponda of wrongdoing – Solicitor General

The four-member commission of inquiry instituted by President Peter Mutharika to probe matters surrounding the procurement of maize from Zambia has cleared Minister of Agricultute, Irrigation and Water Development, Geogre Chaponda of any wrongdoing, Nyasa Times has learnt from a source close to Solicitor General Janet Chikaya Banda.

Chaponda: Last laugh

The source said the Solicitor General has tipped that Chaponda is  found “innoncent” and that he discharged his  responsibilities “in good faith.”

The commission’s chairperson, retired Chief Justice Anastazia Msosa,will  outline key issues when presenting her statement to the President Peter  Mutharika.

Msosa was chairing the probe team which included secretary of the commission Mike Chinoko, the Solicitor General Janet Banda and public auditor Isaac Kayira.

Chinoko said the much awaited report will be handed over to Mutharika on Saturday.

He said the Office of the President and Cabinet had communicated to cancel the commission appointment which was scheduled for  Friday at 4pm.

“We have received a call from OPC advising us that we will be presenting the report on Saturday at 10am,” Chinoko said.

He said he did not know why OPC rescheduled the meeting.

But Chinoko refused to comment on leak from Solicitor General that Chaponda has been cleared.

He however said the commission gathered “adequate” information in their  40-day assignment.

Chinoko said  they are mandated to report their  findings to the President then the State House will devise modalities of sharing the information with the public,  according to the terms of reference.

Mutharika appointed the commission after an outcry over suspicious procurement of maize from Zambia involving Chaponda and n January 1 to probe the issue following alleged corrupt elements in the maize deal by the State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).


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39 thoughts on “Presidential inquiry clears Chaponda of wrongdoing – Solicitor General”

  1. Zude says:

    Akapolo mukupanga ma comment anu apawa mwamva ma recommendations amene commission yapeleka??”ACB should probe further chaponda and transglobe for possible corruption”.What does that mean??its not the duty of the commission to say corruption was involved.ACB must do its job,as simple as that.

  2. Iniesta Kaloswe says:

    Now you know some of your sources are not credible sources.

  3. sazilala mbuno says:

    eetu ndani pa mw pano ma mabwana anagwidwapo?????? acina makison mbendela osewa awa.oulutsa za bodza. tikuva

  4. Amalawi inu mukuti onse amati kuti chimanga sidagulidwe munjira yolondora, achite manyazi. Inu mukuvomeleza kuti zidayenda mnjira yolondora? Koma Chauta adzakulangani. Musavomeleza zinthu zolakwika. Ndiye muwone zomwe wachita Chauta pofuna ukuwonetsani mkwiyo wache. Chimanga chomwe mudagulacho mudachiyika mu ma admarc, chomwe mudagwilizana kuti muzigulitsa pa m’tengo wa K12,050 pa 50 kgs. Pomwe mavenda akugulitsa K9,000 ena akupanga K8,000 pa 50 Kgs. Funso ndiloti, anthu akagula kuti? Ndimunthu osaganiza angapite kukagura chimanga chodula chotchipa chilipo. Pano anthu akuyembeza kukolora chomwe Yehova wapeleka ku amene adalima. Funso ndiloti, kodi ngati chimanga chamu Admarc sichigulitsidwa, kodi ngongole yomwe idavomelezedwa ndi Aphungu yaphindula? Kodi Boma lathandiza chiani a Malawi ovutika uphatizapo makolo anu? Kodi ndalama zomwe zidakôgoledwa zidzabwezedwa bwanji? Amalawi owombela m’manja chili chonse muziyamba mwaganiza musadadzudzule. Ndizovetsa chisoni kuti m’malo moti anthu ovutika kumudzi, ingakhale m’matauni uphatikizapo makolo anu, athandindizidwe akupitilira kuvutikabe, ena ndikumasangalara kumasekelera ndikumawombera m’manja. God will judge.

  5. The Partriot says:

    Relax,people! This commission was not about clearing Chaponda or not….it was about whether fraud and corription was involved in the deal or not!
    The gist of the story is : it is alleged that government and ADMARC officials bought or planned to buy maize from Zambia through a middle man at more expensive prices than if the deal was between governments. In the process 9billion Kwacha was lost or was about to be lost.
    Now for some narrow minnded individuals who can only see tribes in this saga……please relax….even if the Agricukture minister was Tumbuka or Chewa all articulate Malawians wiukd have wanted an inquiry on the issue. It is not about Chaponda as a man but his position

  6. The shame! Much ado about nothing! Incompetent CSO’s hiring mediocre lawyer- shopping for an iliterate loon as their judge. shame. Those of us who know judge Mwaungulu will tell you that he is in a rare class of his own – an unstopable, fearless and very principled person. Not like that prisoner Ralph Kasambara. Judge Mwaungulu is one of the few Notherner elites who thinks rationally. I take off my hat .

    So what is next? Who is your next victim so that you can have a reason to ask for more money (or justify your expenses). Shame again

  7. don says:

    The loud laugh and sorry to the failed fools

  8. Mfulu says:

    Corrupted judges, What can Mwangulu say? he is the same like kenyata judges of Malawi judge tu fulfills their desires … wrong judges.

  9. Ndine Mfulu says:

    Mwangulu want favours from Pitara , Anasitanziya Msosa from bush Chitipa What can she say? they are all corrupted even pitara all failures.

  10. Anna Katatu says:

    Surprisingly,The issue that involved money Goodal Gondwe (MOF) was not even once being summoned before the committee.
    This Is strange and tricky.

  11. JBC Atate says:

    If people say the results are not a surprise, I hope it’s in good faith. Even the so-called independent joint committee of parliamentary has failed to pin Chaponda, a clear sign that the accusations were politically-motivated.

  12. thoke says:

    Osanama mbili take yayipa basi no matter what. I witnessed this tsiku lotsegulira Bingu stadium people booed him mmmmzosakhala bwino.Amuwonongera Cv

  13. kumbukani says:

    Honestly the result from this CoE was obvious. No one in their right senses can be celebrating this result. The CoE was put in place to come up with this result!

  14. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It is NOT right to leak any result of the report, in the first place.
    Notwithstanding, sane and fair Malawians had a gut feeling that Chaponda was NOT involved in the procurement of maize, for dubious reasons. Some people simply envy Mr Chaponda, for many reasons. The envy then grows beyond personal to tribal level, and even assumes some quasi-legal stature by Judge Chirwa, that one of the Mzuzu “Northern” Court, making unprecedented legal rulings. And irresponsibly, at that.
    APM set up the Msosa Commission to preserve the rule of law; and while the majority will be satisfied with the findings, there will be a residual that will even attack Msosa, personally, and the Commission as a whole. This is NOT surprising as there is still a minority that want to get to the Mpando wonona or Presidency through the back door. No way! Just ask Ms Kabwila-Kapasula and co.
    The parallel Parliamentary Commission set up by oChakwera, and thieving PP, has not wound up yet: That crew should order (not inviting politely) Times Group and their people like Kasakula to explain their roles in exaggerating this whole saga; and wasting our money investigating a crime that clearly did not exist. The media, even crappy ones like Times, do influence the public; and that influence does come with responsibility for fairness, and accountability.
    Times group and its surrogates, like Kasakula, akagwere uko at least; or even better, ASOWE (they are a bane of the media in this country)

  15. rodrigues says:

    Earthly kind of justice can be manipulated as such to find Chaponda innocent. Heavenly justice will always haunt you, sir. Whay? Beacuse it there waiting to tell you, not the other way round, what you really did in this maize saga and judge you accordingly.
    Soul and Spirit inside every normal Malawian know that there is/was sinister dealings masterminded by the top DPP machinery. The system in this country is so pathetic that we cannot trust it to serve the majority poor. Alas!
    Remember: politicians worry about the next elections while leaders worry about the next generation. Ploticians controls people, leaders empowers people.
    Malawi lacks leaders: we need leaders not ploticians in this country in all sectors even the judiciary.

  16. Zizatela DDP ikata koma azabela chifuko Ali boma. 2019 will be the same shit people stealing and same tribe. It will take years before Malawians can be ruled by people Who are normal. Chaponda is a right wing of APM withiout him APM can not stand a chance. He is useless leader. Most African countries leaders are shit and thieves. Tingoti this race is a race of thieves and liars. Lets admitt. Education does not matter. Abale. Apaseni a zungu alamulile kuti titukukeko tikale ndizipatala ndima school wa government. One White man rule this nation in 2 years u will see the change than a busch of black thieves like Chaponda ni APM both lawyers. Sorry I am too black but disappointed of leaders Who has let down Malawi. Make it poorest in the world and yet NO civil war.

  17. owen says:

    Wakwiya ndi Mfiti wakwiya ndi mfiti a Malawi tiyeni tileke nsanje kuti dziko lathu lipite patsogolo kuteloko zomwe mumafuna ndi kuti Chaponda apezeke olakwa angakhale asanalakwe? Shame !

  18. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Kamlepo and all tumbukaz go and nyera

  19. Ntumbuka says:

    Atumbuka tagwa nayo kachikena. Mtundu wopusa kwabasi. Mac Hendes athu with our thengere logic.kkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Sailota says:

    No wonder poor Malawians celebrate when some politicians die. They even rejoice on such romours. M sorry to say this. May God have mercy on Malawi.

  21. Geoff says:

    were you expecting an opposite outcome from this so called CoE? remember the fb post? Chaponda accepted to have bypassed some procurement procedures when he appeared to the parliamentary commission on the same, I remember him even failing to answer the question as to why they did not involve the AG.

    remember the “burning house”? in his remarks he also said he was aware that we had maize in Malawi but the move was to “flood” the market..

    but how was it that less than 5000 mtn was able to “flood” from their projected 100,000 mtns’? to hell with that report..

  22. The Analyst says:

    Who expected different results from the ones we are hearing now?
    . . . Kodi, would it not have added credibility to results of this commission if APM had falsely sent Chaponda on leave, until the investigations are over?
    . . . Kodi inu, if, mu zinthu zonamizirazi; APM couldn’t even temporarily send Chaponda on leave (for the sake of false credibility to results of the Commission of Inquiry’s exercise), would APM even discipline/punish Chaponda if he (Chaponda) were found in the wrong?
    . . . Is it hard to see that this whole thing was staged up/zongonamizira, kungofuna kutiphimba m’maso?
    . . . And, who appointed Chaponda, a lawyer, as minister of agriculture? And who sent Chaponda to Zambia, if it is not APM?
    . . . Now, is/was APM the right person to appoint this Commission of Inquiry, when himself (APM) also needed to be investigated?
    Truth be told, this Commission of Inquiry lacked credibility, a sine qua non for genuineness of results.
    . . . For one thing, it was appointed by APM, who, by all perimeters of logic, may have had a hand in the maize saga. For another, the Commission was not given enough time to do their work.
    . . . Moreover, the continued presence of Chaponda (as minister) greatly compromised the Commission’s work.
    . . . Now, can the results from such a compromised Commission and process be credible! Not at all!

  23. James Phiri says:

    What would have been news would have been that Chaponda has been found guilty by this subjective commission. How could cats be made to investigate the wrong doings of a fellow cat in a case to be presided over dogs and expect the cats to give and incriminating evidence against their fellow cat that will lead to its imprisonment? We have not even followed this commission and we dont even know the people it interviewed. For us we will believe in the results of the Joint Parliamentary Committee Inquiry on Maize Deal’s report for it is the one which was transparent in its conduct of the inquiry.

    Kagwereni ndi ma cooked up results anuwo

  24. santana says:

    Did Kamlepo show anywhere in his findings that Chaponda was directly involved in procurement of this maize? Didn’t the same Nyasa Times tell us that the man successfully answered all questions from the PAC? The Msosa’s Inquiry is just vindicating Kamlepo’s findings on Chaponda. You have just wasted our money in the name of being sympathetic with Malawians. Money have not yet being paid to the supplier yet the media is awash with news that Chaponda pocketed something. What a shame to our media. Enanu musamangotchula Mulungu pa zinthu zopusa ngati izi. I thought its the same God who made Amayi and Chakwera to fall in the elections? Are you not the same people who said God made Bingu die so that Malawians should be rescued? Nanga amayi alikuti lero? Is she not enslaving herself with the cashgate money? Nanga ikalowa ya ndege?

  25. mmatiimilila says:

    only a fool would have expected a different conclusion from the CoE. it was a total waste of my tax to set the CoE up. totally independent ACB would have done a better job.

    it’s the first time in my life to see Anastasia Msosa fail.

    1. Pido says:

      You are the one that has failed. Msosahas done her job but you had preconceived outcomes. Ana a njoka. Cooking up stories to incriminating innocent persons

  26. Chakulewa Chakwiya says:

    AMalawi manyazi bwanji? Ndinanena kuti osamatha mau… Chaponda ndi DPP ndi APM anakulakwirani chani? Inu nomwe munanamiza anthu kuti APM kulibe lero Chaponda munkati waba… akapita ku khoti muziti woipa

  27. North Star says:

    We knew results of that commission before it even engaged the first gear.

  28. I expected this verdict. Any report contradicting to this will just be witch hunt on Chaponda.

    As a Minister, yes he played the pushing role in the procurement of maize…..but that was in good faith. By the way, no penny has been spent on this procurement. Do you hold somebody accountable on speculation?

    It is kamulepo kaluwa and his friends who have actually wasted our money with their dubious parallel investigation.

    Bravo Chaponda. Go back to parliament next week.

  29. willie chirwa says:

    if that’s true then I urge Chaponda to pay his lawyer a visit to strategize on filing defamation character assassination charges against the fake news spinners. No cries of media muzzling dome media house don’t learn from the past remember the democrat paper. let them close for being irresponsible even Trump can’t stomach such nosense

  30. santana says:

    Times Group and Brian Banda with George Kasakula should present themselves during the time the Committee present this report. Let Brian Banda beam this occasion on Times TV.

  31. mtete says:

    I never doubted the outcome would be otherwise.

  32. Baba Maduapera says:

    This outcome would not be really surprising, taking into consideration that politics and nepotism have been at play in the work of this useless, illegal Presidential commission of inquiry which showed its lack of capacity to do a professional job at its inception. Janet Banda showed her bias towards Chaponda as soon as she was appointed through her facebook post which drew heavy condemnation from several quarters of society. In addition, the so-called commission was very selective in the type of information it wanted to hear and use. In short, the commission was a political hoax…

  33. Chimanga says:

    we did not expect anything different……..nanji nanji ndi a Solicitor General muja anapostila pa FB muja

    1. caddon says:

      I expected this outcome because it was obvious that Chaponda didnt steal any money. CSOs from north, their pathetic judge from North, their court from north, their so called parliamentary commission with pathetic Kamlepo are bitter and they fear Chaponda. So what next for CSOs and the Kamlepos. Shame on you:!

  34. Kachepa says:

    Zakhala choncho kodi???Basi chooona akuchidziwa aini akewo,a President ndi omwe anena kuti sanalakwewo ndi Bwana mwini kumwamba!!!!Tiyeni tizisye choncho,pano mpadziko,ngati mkuluyu mumamunamizira,basi ndi mmene zilirimu koma ngati anasowetsadi ndalama ya chimanga choti anthu osauka kuti adye,pokhapo zonse tiyeni tidzisiye mmanja mwa mwini Wake kumwamba,ndikutitu amadyedwa munthu akuyenda uku nkumatha ali moyo!!Iri ndi dziko abale!!!!!!

  35. matemba says:

    Who can receive this news with a surprise? It is what everybody expected that whether Chaponda was wrong or not, this committee would still find him innocent. Do not even tell us your findings because we already knew what you would find when you were just appointed. Your committee lacked a balance of composition. People proposed to include the civil society, church leaders and other neutral stakeholders but you wanted only lomwes to form the committee. It is difficult to trust you. Other members even started showing their side before the investigations began. What was that? There is a lot of childishness in this country.

    1. Tione says:

      Palowa chinyengo apa chifukwa APM amamuopa Chaponda. Wakakusambirani ku Nakholu uyu koma he should know that the Supreme Judge of the universe will judge justly without favour. Tiye nazoni, mudzamangidwa ndi unyolo wopanda pomasulira. Atero Yehova wa makamu!

    2. Pido says:

      Munya muona. Next is lawsuit for character assassination on innocent chaponda. Are u a malawian? Have u seen the Mwaungulu verdict? Is mwaungulu lomwe? What has your trusted pac investigation given you so far? Do you expect them to give you anything to the contrary? Based on what information? We cannot go on as a hate nation with cooked up stories like these.

      Chaponda, you didn’t go to Yale for nothing. Do the needful, sue the right parties. Times for sure. Koma ngakhale chakwera wabisala, komabe ali mommo. Tiye nayebasi? By the way, kamlepo committee, can’t it be sued for wasting our hard earned resourses?

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