Priest trashes federalism, North Malawi secession

Monsignor Boniface Tamani of the Catholic Church has spoken against calls for the country to adopt a new system of governance, saying such calls are divisive.

Fr. Tamani’s remarks come as some sections of society are propagating for the adoption of federalism as a system of government which Malawi should adopt allegedly to ensure equitable distribution of resources from the central government.

Proponents of the system, most of who are from the Northern Region of Malawi have argued that governments that have been in power have not prioritised development of the region.

However, speaking during Stella Marris Secondary School golden jubilee in Blantyre on Saturday, Monsignor Tamani said federalism cannot be the solution to the problems that the country may be facing.

“Much as we all want our communities to be developed, Malawi already has numerous national challenges that should be addressed by all of us,” he reasoned.

“This country is under-developed and if we want to change the system of government it will mean distributing resources to small provinces or state. Already we have corruption in our midst. How sure are we that these meagre resources will be managed well,” he queried.

According to Fr.Tamani, federalism and secession calls are being made by people who do not love the country and have selfish motives.

“Those calling for federalism, especially from the Church, are not doing so out of love. They have selfish reasons for doing so, because if one loves this country, they would be propagating unity, as a norm.”

“It is sad to hear a member of the clergy, supporting this system. The voice of God does not speak division, God speaks unity. When you hear a member of the clergy supporting this kind of division, know that they are not speaking what God taught us,” he challenged.

Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa said recently that Malawi Government intends to embark on a national wide civic education tour on the question of federalism and secession.

He said if need be the exercise will end into an open referendum on the two matters.

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Okwe! Mwe wapusikizgi ka mkujisuzgilachi? Because there’s freedom of expression let everyone say what s/he pleases BUT God will work on the matter affecting His people. Let us discuss so that everybody will be saticiified with the conclusion.

Mr F

u think North can suffer? with the available resources and population we are much better.wansembe Ambuye bishop zuza for Mzuzu diocese does not speak and comment on this matter who is “Tumani”? kaya ndi TOMATO sindinawerenge bwino I am a Tumbuka. Northerners are united from the beginning dont diunit us today. Corrupt people from the south you have dominated in the boat of cashgate scandal no one from Northern region.


Federal provinces run by governors will still be answerable to the central federal government run by state president. This will not result into disunity but malawia nation will still be one and united country. It is like the catholic church having dioceses ran by bishops but answerable to the central power of the Pope at the vatican.

Tamani should read the meaning of federalism before he speaks against the people he hates. Dont condemn fellow pastor before u hear him. Jesus taught us

Mpingo wa pamalo ponse wofumila kwa apositoli ukayamba kulankhulapo ndiye kuti nkhaniyo yatha. Osayiwala kuti ndi amene analemba Pastoral Letter ya 1992 ndipo inabweresa multiparty angakhale anthu adyera ndi ozikonda amanamiza anthu kuti anabwelesa multiparty ndi Chafukwa Chihana. Kodi iyeyo analemba Pastoral Letter? He just took advantage of the Pastoral Letter and started making the usual Mzomera noise. Bakili Muluzi Studied his tactics and finished him. I am interested to see what L Chakwera and his stupid MCP girl Jess will comment on what JZU has said. JZU is the MANTHU of MCP and Malawi. He knows Malawi inside out.… Read more »

Let say sorry to those who love and like Federation.Idid not know how good it is until ilearn from my friend how best it is.So from now on iask every one to support this call.

All those who only think that Fr Tamani was wrong are all devils and they are sent by the devil to propagate this divisive motive for selfish gains. I am sorry that you are all thieves from the north as you have been exposed by the cash gate report. STOP MAKING THE SILLY NOISE AGAIN IN THIS COUNTRY. YOU SHAMEFUL DEVILS OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Congratulations Fr Tamani for teaching the Livingstonia mission leaders who support aeach and every leader for selfish motives including Rev. Matiya Nkhoma, Rev. Livei Nyondo, Rev, Mezuwa Banda, Rev. Overton Mzunda et al. Please demonstrate… Read more »

Taman was at Stella Marris sec, trying to to impress the girls. What else do you expect from him.?


Two weeks ago, Khumbo Kachali was savegely rebuked by Columnist George Kasakula over supportive remarks that Kachali made about Livingstonia Synod stand on Federalism. I eagerly wait to read about Kasakula’s opinion on this Father Tamani.


Tamani you a coward, have you ever Criticized the work of you fellow Mulahlo Peter Hiltler Munthalika, for his Nepotism, regionalism, and introducing the QUOTA system? What sin has federalism committed so far? Just continue sleep around with your concubines Idiot. Kapena ukufuna udziwike nawe. Chindere chakufikapo.


I want the north to break away from Malawi. Only then Malawi will be a better place to live. Mr President stop appointing these people to various positions, they will stab you at the back later on. Take my word!

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