Prophet Bushiri rallies South Sudanese together: Prays for their peace, unity

As you land at Juba airport in South Sudan, the image of a broken nation grips your eyes with sights of ancient but falling and abandoned buildings.

Prophet Bushiriin South Sudan: God told me to come here and tell you that he has heard your yearn for peace and unity and it will be done

Prophet Bushiri prays for South Sudan

South Sudanese worshipping with Bushiri

The streets are full of young people, most not in school uniforms, but rather in military gear and some cruising the streets aboard military vans flashing deadly weapons.

Welcome to the capital of Africa’s newest country, South Sudan, which boasts a population of no more than 10 million people.

Since its independence from mainland Sudan in 2011, South Sudanese have never known peace as their country was caught in a tragedy as dramatised by writer George Orwel in the book Animal Farm.

The independence, instead of uniting their resolve, drove them even further apart as the country got divided on tribal lines leading to civil war.

However, over the years, calls for peace from foreign neighboring and international countries have been loud, something leading to the slight calm being experienced right now. Nevertheless, still waters continue to run deep.

It is against this, that South Africa based preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who is visiting the country at the invitation of President Kiir, held a service at Juba International Stadium principally dedicated to the cause of peace.

With the vice president in attendance and also the Speaker of Parliament, Prophet Bushiri asked God to remember his people in South Sudan and give them wisdom to love and protect one another.

He called on leaders to learn to adjust to each other and also put the welfare of the local people at heart.

“I have come as a prophet to proclaim peace to you. God told me to come here and tell you that he has heard your yearn for peace and unity and it will be done,” he said.

In his speech, the vice president Dr James Wani Igga hailed the Prophet for words of uplifting his people.

He has even told the Prophet to keep South Sudan in prayer so that peace and unity prevails.

During the service, Prophet Bushiri preached, prayed and performed miracles through the power of God.

The service, which attracted thousands, was organised by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church, South Sudan branch.

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gavin baholo

He who has started his work in him shall surely finish amid.all persecution

Stephen Dak
Hi dear! Good prayer asking for God wisdom to give to this people, great word my dear. I begin to notice you now I take man/woman at his/her word rather than physical appearance. Yes, South Sudanese need God wisdom which is always the key to God blessing. However, some of them whom know are very wise but the fraction is less which is the problem. Yes, Thanks you very much for 200 million deal that show that you are caring individual and somehow you have a believe you can give this money away to that country. Yes, as you were… Read more »

This is great and commendable. Let those who need help be helped.

Son of major 1. Edward banda
Son of major 1. Edward banda
Who told you that, poverty is holy. Read the Bible once again. Genesis to revelation is full of rich people. Abraham, Isaac,Jacob, job, King David,king Solomon, were they poor these peopl. Its only you who is poor because of your poor mindset. Jesus himself was He poor. How can we be poor yet the whole world belongs to our father in heaven. For your own information, evely time you google on line, you are a customer of major 1 because he is a partner of google. Hate him or love him but we thank you for being his customer on… Read more »
aban paul

We need to welcome God not prophets as King ASA did.


Nganiza all what u have written are lies&rubbish.If followers money make Pastors rich then all Pastors could be rich by now.Za Guptazo zimenezo ndi zako,bodza lako limenero.Are u not afraid kumunamizira Prophet nkhani ya bodza ngati imeneyi?You dont know what curses u are bringing on life by these lies. Repent.Bushiri is has businesses.

Atupele Mwala

Thank you God of Major 1!


jesus christ did not have pompus names like major one and you where do you take those names preach the gospel of salvation not prosperity as you did in the past

Kuol .m. Agoot
They call and pray for peace yet they are slaughtering the innocent, looting the resources of the people entrusted by God into their own hands, and corrupting the entire nation and now comes Mr BUSHIRI to connive with them in their very act the same way he does it in south Africa and other Africa nations just for gain, yet we the people located in this geographical location of Sudan do know that this pray is not for peace but in respect of a covenant reached by our leaders with Bushiri sometime back in south Africa. God almighty, the LORD… Read more »

When the Prophet came to the Nation, he preaches peace, love, humility, caring for the local people. What crime has he committed.? Let’s pray so that our eyes of faith will be open and stop criticizing these men of God of our generation to take all idols, occultism, sharing of blood, Idolatry from our generation so that our next generation can boast of us.

Nganiza Muthulika
What People forget how and where did this Muzuzu man got the money? Church followers. From beginning he was preaching words of God to catch hearts of people. They contributed money. He left preaching words of God start talking business. The poor people who made him rich are still poor. In South Africa he is sponsored by Gupta and finance minister. Bushiri is good in talking. Gupta finds him good for business. Bushiri does not own mines? One day the truth will come up. A man of God is not a business man. Priests are not business men. Jesus Christ… Read more »
Vicky b

Maybe you should stop concluding and watch and see how much hope he is giving to the people in Africa. Thousands are saved every week. Stop focusing on him being a bussiness man and start focusing on the endless good work of God he is doing.

innocent m\'bama

talk shit, shout up your mouth


useless man , we are following Bushiri and he is indeed Prophet of God

Chilungamo Chimawawa

With this thinking it is hard for Africans to prosper. You cant always think in a backward manner. The problem is that you want men of God to be poor just like you, but mind you times have changed and you need to adapt and adjust your mindset.

keith banda

Of course Jesus did His Father’s Business in Luke 2:49, “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” All Jewish Prophets from Abraham were rich, and Judaism which gave birth to Christianity, taught God’s material blessings of a Land of Milk and Honey. That’s why all Christians wants to be in Heaven, where streets are made of God. Leave the Prophets alone, because he is doing God’s will, promised in Eden.

Is doing bussiness taking money from the poor? If you call yourself a child of God why are you working or doing bussiness? Read Luke 2:49King James Version (KJV) And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? Do you knw that Joseph, the father of Jesus was a carpenter? What about Apostle Paul, do you knw that he was in the bussiness of making tents? Acts 18:3King James Version (KJV) And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for… Read more »

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