Prophet Bushiri shocks his church, offers to act guarantor of his congregants’ vehicle loans: Merc, Jaguar and Toyota

Malawian billionaire celebrity preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri shocked his church in Pretoria, South Africa during Sunday service when he unveiled an offer of vehicle ownership deals to his  Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church members.

Prophet Bushiri: Bought 3000 vehicles already

In love of posh cars, Bushiri wants his congregants to be on wheels as well

The Church has over 300 000 registered members.

Under the deal, the Prophet will act as guarantor to every congregant who wants to own a vehicle. Currently, the deal is only open to Pretoria congregants.

He revealed he has signed contracts with leading vehicle companies such as Jaguar, Toyota and Mercedez Benz.

“What will happen is that our registered members will be going to any garage and buy a vehicle at a very low price.

“I will only be topping up and also act as a guarantor. The church has already paid half the price. Church members will be repaying very little per month,” he said.

Asked why making the deal, the Prophet said he wants to ease mobility challenges facing his congregants.

“Our evening services, especially on Friday and Mondays, ends very late. Sometimes they go until two or three in the morning. This presents a challenge for our members and we want to resolve it,” he said.

The Prophet—who is the founder and leader of ECG—underlined that the deal takes off this Thursday at the church’s headquarters at Pretoria Showground in South Africa.

He said the first 3000 vehicles will be brought to Pretoria Showground this Thursday to which the Prophet has already paid half. To mean, 3000 registered members will access and drive home, smiling.

Vusi Mokoena—one of ECG congregants who resides in Soweto, Johannesburg and commutes to Pretoria, about 55 kilometres, for every service—hailed the Prophet’s  move as a milestone of preaching the gospel beyond the pulpit.

He said in Prophet Bushiri, popularly known as Major One, he sees a Man of God who has the heart of people and understand that humans need both spiritual and physical needs to survive.

Mokoena vowed he will the first to put pen into a paper over the deal.

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44 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri shocks his church, offers to act guarantor of his congregants’ vehicle loans: Merc, Jaguar and Toyota”

  1. Ganizani says:

    Only God knows the truth here. My prayer is do not judge for you will be judged​ by Almighty. If he is doing good job to pple then let it be.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Time would come when people will use the name of God for their own greedy interests.This is what we are seeing today.Malawians could have learnt a vivid lesson when Banda cheated us that he was a CHEWA by tribe and yet he could not speak the language until he died.Then came the two Muthalikas, we accepted them to lead us,we have seen the ramifications.These people came from nowhere,but we trusted them.Now we have the Prophet Bushiri.With him he used food shortages in the country as a bait.People fell into a trap and believed that he was an authentic Prophet turned car-dealer.Malawians wakeup,we have had enough of fakers to the extent that we strongly believed that Banda was indeed immortal.

  3. Brino Kasekani says:

    may the good Lord continue to bless u major 1 and ur church…indeed ife amene tikunyozeka kumudzi kuno chifukwa cha inu musatiiwale tikummbukireni papa

  4. Given says:

    people have many important needs e.g accommodation, food and many others. cars are luxuries i don`t think this is a good decision from the the prophet, as for for the judging part only God knows if this man is true man of God or not…

  5. Chiomba Nadi says:

    You Satana, your guese is as good as mine but I am not Satana as you are. Obviousily this man make sacrifices for power and riches people need to watch out. Mark the vehicles and see how many lives will be lost through those vehicles when this “fake prophet”, according to the gospel of jesus, will be making his sacrifices to his master Lucifer.


    1. jonchimex says:

      What is your concern since you re the true Christian why don’t you pray to God to expose him what people know they destroy what they don’t know they call names

      1. Taluska says:

        Thanks. Why do we criticise Bushiri yet we do nothing good. Its foolish to talk against someone who is doing something. You devils. Jealous and lazy

  6. webster says:

    Mmmmm we are in the last days

  7. jelous says:

    God knows the truth

  8. Nino Mrefu says:

    What an act from a true man of God who doesn’t not think about himself but keep the need of his congregant first.

  9. kalongonda says:

    Major 1 pamene mukuthandiza enawo, ife amene timanyozeka cifukwa coyamikira mphavu zomwe Mulungu anakupatsani conde nsatiyiwalire

  10. Josephina Mboyane says:

    Satana is satan himself, he must go to try somewhere not to our Papa.we love Papa Iyeeeeeeeeeeeee power

  11. pathfinder says:

    kkkkkkkk bunch of idiots, can’t see the difference between God’s work and business act. Bushir is a business man using GOD’S name and reaping from innocent sons and daughters of God who believe and trust in the almighty GOD.

  12. Mphatso says:

    is this man a prophet of Jesus who was born in a manger? Died on the cross, and rode donkeys not Bentleys? Will these cars help you in your salvation? I bet heaven is sweeter and much more better than cars and worldly riches. Just bow down to me and I will give you the whole world said the devil in tempting Jesus. I hope he is not repeating the same in a modern way. Test the spirits says the Almighty

  13. Kasia says:

    Ask for eternal life & not earthly wealthy!!

  14. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    Obusa Osalanje , kumeneko mutibwanji tsaano!!kikkkkkkkkk! koma za Ambuye ndizabwino izi. Mpaka anthu okwana 3 sauzande apeze mwai wokhala ndi Motikale Toyota, Benz and Jaguar not Honda Fit? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    All is well that ends well!

  15. Son of major 1 says:

    Pls Satana give your life to Jesus, you will know the truth about major one. Dont let David use you body. We stoned you in Malawi but time will come, we shall need you.

  16. Mary says:

    Praises be to God!

  17. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    This guy called Santana is satan indeed. Always talking shit here. I dont think even flies will land on his dead body the moment he dies because the bad smell will make flies to faint. Or else dogs will consume his body. Mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. KUKHALA says:


  19. Bk phiri says:

    They called him names in 2012 when he said about having a Bentley. Later when he said about a Jet the insults were worse. Today he has all sorts of expensive vehicles you can think of, more than e 3 e xecutive Jets and know topping up and to guarantee ECG members to buy not coloras but. CARS with a SIR NAME!!! Where are you Malawivoice and Independent media houses to discredit this generous act ??

  20. Wezzie Nyangu says:

    Wooooow this can only be God

    1. felix says:

      Jesus an anakambakare

  21. waYesu says:

    That’s a welcomed development. shame on Malawians for trying to pull him down.

  22. Busi Mntshweni says:

    Why this is not on a first page of all South African news paper….why is the prophet not on TV head line news?iyeeeeeeeee papa they always published wrong this about you the good news never . YOU ARE A TRUE MAN OF GOD ….I thank God you were send to my Country SA. POWERRRRRRRRR

  23. Busi Mntshweni says:

    Why this is not on a first page of all South African news paper….why is the prophet not on TV head line news?iyeeeeeeeee papa they always published wrong this about you the good news never . YOU ARE A TRUE MAN OF GOD ….I thank God you were send to my Country SATURDAY. POWERRRRRRRRR

  24. santana says:

    These are the 3,000 coffins. Nigerian films will now be seen live. No wonder the colour of his vehicle is red. So he has paid half to these coffins to speed the sacrifices. God open the eyes of your people. Poverty should not make us blind oh God!!!!!

    1. grape says:

      Jealousy idiot. Ukhala chomcho opanda ndi nsapato yomwe.

    2. manzy mkanda says:

      Santana you are satan indeed. If you don’t have anything to say just shut up.

    3. Nino says:

      Idiot – you will be the first one to rot in hell and I am sure you are sooooo poor even the poor call you broke – this is why. keep
      getting poor and you will die poor and be buried in a carton. Let us see where you will end

  25. malawi says:

    plz osandiiwala pa mdalitso umenewu

  26. Nachanza says:

    I wonder where he gets all these monies

    1. Mwazolowera azibusa anu aja oti azipempetsa mmakomo mwanu to the extent that when a man of God is doing well financially u him names and questions his means of getting money…forgetting that silver and gold belong to God. Poor thinking

  27. chemuyaya says:

    Can you fund MEC to hold elections rerun on this 6th June please? Malawi government is deliberately rescheduling the same with unsaturated reasons

  28. Mkulu Zikaoneka says:

    Blessed is the hand that giveth….

  29. Bk phiri says:

    What else can we say apart from glorifying God !!

  30. Alice Luhanga says:

    Faith without works is dead so says the bible. Some people will just be crying with envy en jelousy until Jesus Christ comes. Congratulations Major 1 and if all the Prophets were like you, this poverty would have bn history.

  31. gadaffi says:

    chipanda sanje za boma mwina bwezi akupangira a malawi zimenezo major one .congrats man of GOD

  32. Chikaiko says:

    Wow…what a development milestone in the welfare of the people!!!! Bravo Major one!!!

  33. Joy says:

    hands up no words bless you major.

  34. WOOO says:

    Dear malawians
    This man of God can
    Take us to another level
    God fearingly !!


  35. Sigerege says:

    Mwayi umenewu ufikenso kuno ku mudzi ku Malawi, mwina nkuyendako chokhala abale.

  36. lesley says:

    Super! Modern thinking!

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