Prophet Bushiri urges Malawians to reject gays

Renowned prophet Shepherd Bushiri has urged Malawians to reject gay rights in Malawi saying homosexuality is a sinful act.

Bushiri: No to gay rights

Bushiri: No to gay rights

“I implore Malawians to reject homosexuality and anything that comes with it. There is no such thing as ‘gay rights.’ I thus urge my fellow Malawians to reject gay rights. Homosexuality is a sin,” blurted Prophet Bushiri.

Prophet Bushiri made the call on Sunday at his Pretoria Church in South Africa.

Bushiri’s comments comes hot on wheels after the ongoing heated debate in Malawi on whether gay rights should be legalised or not following the increase of gay activities in the country.

The man of God asked Malawians to firmly stand firm against Western cultural influences which he described it as a sin against God and His teachings.

“As a spiritual leader, I strongly believe that homosexuality is a sin and it’s forbidden by the spiritual law. It is, however, a pity to hear that it is happening in Malawi. I feel so sorry for my country,” said Bushiri.

He added:” The Bible made it clear that homosexuality is a sin and it should not be allowed. It is therefore my prayer that Malawians should not welcome such type of development.”

Bushiri said homosexuality is not and must never be accepted at any level and Malawians must not embrace such a devilish act adding that it is an ungodly endeavour explaining that those involved in homosexuality needs deliverance because they have evil spirits.

“And I speak without fear of any person whether government leaders or donors, I say no to homosexuality because it is against the teachings of the Holy Bible and it is a sin,” said Bushiri sounding angry.

Same sex marriage remains illegal in Malawi and homosexuals face up to 14 years jail term.

Catholic Bishop for Karonga Diocese Dr. Martin Mtumbuka last week speaking in Karonga to the catholic faithful in the district described homosexuality as a sin and condemned gays and lesbians as ‘horrible sinners.’

Bishop Montfort Sitima of Mangochi diocese said Sunday in church in his homily that many Malawians reject homosexuality only that they do not speak out.

“The government should not sell out our culture and our religion in exchange for money,” said Sitima, indirectly attacking the government for bowing in to pressure by powerful donors of US, United Kingdom and Germany to suspend all gay laws in Malawi.

Malawi’s renowned music icon and Member of parliament for Balaka North, Lucius Banda on Christmas eve stopped performing on stage after two men were reportedly kissing publicly in full view of music lovers and imbibers at the popular waterhole Zitherepano in the Lakeshore district of Mangochi.

Malawi suspended enforcement of anti-gay laws, among them Sections 137(a), 153, 154 and 156 of the Penal Code pending a High Court review of their constitutionality, but the process is yet to be concluded.

The country is also a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which guarantees the right to privacy and the right to non-discrimination of all people.

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J R Chigangawa

say no to gays the west is blackmailing African people with their devilish laws. they want us to follow their evil ways . there is no one who is born a thief or murderer so is gays so let’s not be fooled by the devil.


They Are Committing Abominable Acts…But The Eyes Of God..The Eyes Of God Are Watching Us But We Cannot See. Unnatural Act Which Was Long Practiced In Sodom And Gomorha But God Rained Sulphuric Fire The Consuming Fire On These Two Wicked Cities. Judge Not But Call Sin With Its Name. Almighty God As You Are Changing These Misspirited Change Me Also.

Joseph Samson

Lets stand upfor our dear country malawi, say no to such crude rights. We are malawians having our own cultures to embrace , Let what belongs to them be theirs and ours be to us. We are not outcasts…

helbert HB Mhango

thats what we were expecting to here from you man of God… we malawians we are saing NO to Gays.


So out of 73/66 books of thr bible the only law you want to follow is about gays? What the money ur frsudently acquiring @ your pretoria church.. You lend money on interest yet the bible says no..

Stevwa Enock Banda

God were angry with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and set fire mainly because of homosexuality sin, when men came to Lot house and want to sleep with Vistors who were there whom they were also discovered that they were angels.

The ambassador

I totally agree with Bushir and would like forward my plea for unity of purpose between two great faiths Christianity and Islam that they both should vigorously fight against homosexuality in our beloved Malawi even it means by sword.

Kabilaboza Kabuka

Amen brother Bushiri, really no gayism in Malawi



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