Public praise Peter Dimba’s resignation over ‘futile fight against corruption’ rhetoric

Many members of the public have applauded the decision by legislator Peter Dimba’s decision to resign as chairperson of Legal Affairs Committee in the National Assembly over what he justified as “futile fight against corruption” — describing the MP’s judgement as ‘honourable’ and “true meaning of integrity”.

The resignation follows the furore that is surrounding Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General, Martha Chizuma that continues to rage on and in his letter to the Speaker of Parliament, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator for Lilongwe South Constituency, said despite the gains that Legal Affairs Committee has registered over the period that he was chairperson — in its efforts to provide checks and balances to the excesses of the Executive arm of government — particularly on the fight against corruption, has proved futile.

Chairperson Peter Dimba

Thus he says as its leader for the past 18 months, he takes “responsibility for failing Malawi in this regard” and has since tendered his resignation effective yesterday, February 2.

Emmanuel Mphaka described the decision as “true meaning of integrity” while Ambujeapali Sekeleza said: “Sometimes you have to protect your integrity than continue sticking to people with no clear destination.”

Patrick Chinyangah asked: “Could this be the first of its kind in the history of the nation? I haven’t heard any resignation in this country in my life”, to which Davie Chinkondo also said it is first time for him to hear “of a serving officer resigning because of failing to be the best”.

In his praise, Zadock Tebulo encouraged Dimba that he shouldn’t feel like he has completely failed, but that it’s the system that has failed him, saying:  “We need people like him. He feels himself that he is a failure but he is not. It is all because the President and Office of the President and Cabinet are now eager to protect government officials who are involved in corruption.”

Elia Hawkins Phiri lauded the MP as “one of citizens working beyond political party interest and money by serving interest of the nation” who deserves “a place in the kingdom of God — if only we had 10 of this kind!”

Lephan Mganthi was of the opinion that Dimba deserves a notch as a freedom fighter and that “people in his Constituency are so blessed to have him as MP and needs security otherwise ng’ona zikhoza kumemeza chifukwa wachititsa manyazi (or else he might face some reprisals for shaming his party that’s in government”).

Ian Willima said: “You are indeed an honorable man. Thank you for the effort you put to fight corruption. You are a rare gem. You are a leader not by chance and you are loved.”

However, Severiano Phiri chose to differ, saying: “Resigning is a sign of giving up, now do you expect an ordinary person to fight corruption alone, koma ziyenda (will it work)? Your statement shows very clearly that you were in a den of corrupt lions and you are afraid of being eaten alive. No need to congratulate you because you have just added more tears to the suffering innocent citizens as their warrior has fallen.”

Chikuwawe Phiri agreed, saying: “When someone reached a point of resigning from positions like this and people outside say you have made a right decision, to my view that is not a right decision. Why can’t you be there and disturb all the plans being made.

“That’s what we call courage and patriotic to your citizens. If it were me, I could remain in the system and fight hard to the best in favor of the future generations. I am against your decision, MP Dimba, it is like wachoka mphaka makoswe anenepe (when the cat is away, rats will play”).

Doice Mikondo Phiri also was of the opinion that Dimba shouldn’t have resigned but to fight on, saying: “If leaders have to resign because of government’s wrongdoing, then who is to fight for us? Stay there and fight for justice that’s how John Chilembwe become a freedom fighter.”

While Austin Mvula opined that “much as this is a recommendable decision as it is done in protest”, he was “at pains to consider that resigning will solve any of these matters. It’s more like giving way to complete lawlessness. Maybe our laws do not provide on how to tackle impunity. We are not very far from being doomed.”

But Maxwell Chiromo disagreed with these dissenting views, saying: “Accepting the situation is more important than staying there — good decision” while Emma Segula pointed out that “Malawi si dziko lolifera (Malawi is not a country to martyr for). Everyone cares for themselves, if he dies will you even care? Talk like the wise.”

Alexander Phiri also censured those censuring Dimba for his decision, hinting that the legislator is one of the few Malawians of goodwill that want to see all compatriots to prosper but “has no support whatsoever in the fight against corruption” and get frustrated at how negatively  they get treated “by only executing their jobs.

“At the end, the system fails, the corrupt win and the typical Malawian in our villages still can’t afford a basic need. Backwards we shall continue moving.”

The praises continued despite the dissenting views, saying the country needs more people like him — “people who put Malawi first before their political survival”; one of the few that love this country passionately”adding Dimba is “a rare breed of a politician — patriotic and with integrity”.

Bernard Kajani added: “We have very few in positions of Malawian leadership like him — the rest are crooks, cronies, corrupt and in all forms of isms we can think of. Shame to country’s leadership.”

In his letter to the Speaker of Parliament, Dimba said he was “incredibly grateful” for been given the opportunity to lead the constitutional committee, whose members were “wonderful, passionate and patriotic Parliamentarians in providing oversight to the Executive particularly on governance, human rights and administration of the law”.

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