Ralph Jooma resigns as PP chief whip

The news has just broken that Mangochi Monkey Bay legislator Ralph Jooma (People’s Party—PP)has resigned as Chief Whip.

Jooma: Resigns the important job of chief whip for PP

In a letter to the Speaker of Parliamentdated December 15, 2017 which is  coped to leader of PP in the House as seen by Nyasa Times,  Jooma  said his resignation  as PP chief whip uis with “immediate effect.”

He wrote: “ Sir, I write to notify you thta I a, with immediate effect, relinquishing the position of Chief Whip for People’s Party.”

Jooma  continued to  say reasons for  his resignation  are “personal.”

“May I take this opportunity to thank you  Sir, for the support you gave me during the time I have served as such,”  concluded Jooma.

The resignation by Jooma  is coming at the background of speculation that he is being earmarked for a Cabinet post in President Peter Mutharika’s Cabinet.

There have been fevered  speculation that Mutharika will reshuffle his Cabinet after Parliament.

Jooma previously served in Cabinet of former president Joyce Banda as Minister of Economic Planning and Development.

He recently met President Mutharika for talks with former PP parliamentary leader Uladi Musa.

Mussa has also realigned himself to the governing party.

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Yahya Yahya Jammeh

It only Ganda and Jooma who will soon be in the next cabinet after a shake-up. Change Golo should forget- he is too dull.


You all want Jooma to remain PP? To be doing what exactly? PP is on its deathbed., fact. Let him find his fit elsewhere….Inu ama principles inu zidyani ma principle anu omwewo


Loud mouthing and politics are different. My esteemed former Pastor Rev Chakwera may be an orator but he falls short in politics. I can foresee a black cock being roasted again in 2019.

Pathological liar

UDF is protecting Bakili Muluzi on his corruption case in courts. PP is protecting Joyce Banda on cashgate that forced her into self exile. DPP has mastered the art of thievery of state coffers & parastatals not to mention the 223Bn cashgate. This is the basis of this evil political alliance.

The losers r Malawians whether from North, Central or South. These Shenainigans are out to improverish this poorest nation for their personal enrichment & their cronies. How long are we going to keep watching this thievery happening?


Sadly u have sold your parliamentary seat to another shadow MP. Go kadyeni za DPP zo mudzatifuna nthawi ikakwana.

Now that the bill has been shot down by probably some MCP supporters also what will be the next hope by Chakwera in the 2019 elections? We know he banked his hope on 50+1 though the truth is that this bill would hammer him hard if it passed. How would he win in a re-run with these moves by PP-UDF-DPP? These parties were one at one time. It is PP-north which is not happy with anything to do with DPP. But what else will Kamlepo do if his foundation starts shaking? I am expecting a good and wise comment from… Read more »
Zaya Kunkhongo

MCP can forget ruling this country. This is DPP’s trump card. Electoral bills defeated in parliament and coalition of parties from the south is looming. MCP singatole kanthu. Si aMCP akuthandizilani aBrian Banda and George Kasakula? Uku Simbi Phiri tinamugula kale sapeleka olo one tambala ulendo uno if he does then we simply delay paying for his Salima Water Project mpakana azapite ku court and that time titamutongola dola heavy osati pangono. Osazhala ndi DPP madolo awa. Ndale muzimva kuwawa aMCP. Pano muyembekezele zaka zina 5 mukutsutsa kumango kuwa ngati mgido.

Prof. Mathanyula

Ife anthu a ku monkey Bay sitinakutume kuti ukakane electoral reforms bill. In this case you have betrayed the people of this constituency and further the democracy of Malawi. Tionana 2019 ngati mukuona kuti mwachenjera.

Fake Petros
Apparently Jooma is a talent and performer. Koma he is joining ‘David Moyes’ team. Kuononga star players. It is NOT that DDP lacks man-power, it probably has some of the best professionals in Malawi. The likes of Msaka, Kalirani, Goodall (now obsolete of course) just to mention a few. Even ma PS? But a coach ‘wo nde ayi. There is something fundamentally wrong with the president. It goes beyond nepotism and mulhakhoism. But of course one cannot set up a winning team based on these attributes. Peter may have indeed excelled in his academic endeavours koma back home, he is… Read more »

Welcome Jooma. We need young minds like yours and that of Uladi to sort out the electricity and tribalism issues which are besetting us in the Government. We will give u mipando yonona kuti muyiwale kwanu. This will also help you to enrich yourselves very quickly and get good orphaned money for campaign.

We need to isolate Lazarous and his masked tribesmen and later our leader King Cobra Pitala will swallow him up-hook-line and sinker together with the electoral reforms he championed under the guise of the hapless PAC.

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