Rights activist cautions Malawi parliament on death sentence

A renowned human rights activist has cautioned legislators against pressing President Peter Mutharika to send killers of people with albinism to the gallows, saying this is not the lasting solution to the problem.

Mtambo: Tackle the crime

Mtambo: Tackle the crime

Timothy Mtambo, executive director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) remarks follow Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo who emotionally asked that the killers of people with albinism be sentenced to death and that they should indeed be executed.

“This cannot be a solution to the problem. The most important thing is to break the syndicate, find the markets, arrest the buyers,” he said.

Mtambo said there was need for the state to increase the protection of each and every person with albinism.

Former president Kamuzu Banda was the only head of state who applied the death penalty.

Boniface Massa, chairman of Association of People with Albinism said there is no need to create new laws to deal with the abductions of people with albinism.

“This is not the time to create new laws. The existing laws can be applied to punish the perpetrators of the crime.”

The country was shocked to learn the killing of 38 year old Fletcher Masina last week when he was hacked to death and had all his hands and legs chopped off.

He was the 18th person with albinism to be killed in two years.

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Gerrad Viola

A Mtambo koma ndiye mukunenepa. Mukuzidya ndala za mathanyula. Ndakumbukira ine ndiri ku state House amwene, bulekifasiti imakhala massive. Pitilizani ndi ntchito zanu abwana za ma human rights. Lolani anthu azingophana, azimayi azikwatirana okhaokha. Lorani anthu azikwatiranso mbuzi kapena galu. poti zonsezi ndi mahuman right.

Mulembe proposal yina yopemha ndalama kuti muwadziwitse anthu kuti kukwatira ng’ombe ndi human right. Proposal imeneyo ikadutsa ndithu ndipo ndalama zake muzalemera nazo.

Zabwino zonse abwana Mtambo


Human rights issues are difficult issues to be understood by ordinary common and basic Malawians as they are dull and don’t know that decision are supposed to be research-based and need to be holistic and not made out of foolish emotions by people like Kalindo who knows nothing about research and human rights and criminality


mr mtambo ur just quick in critising that, what does ur org done to end these killings- you mean the the people with albinism have no rights. the only way to kill the market may be blocking the supply- and this supply can be blocked only if suppliers are dealt with- hence mr kalindo is right


If the new laws are meant to protect people then we can revert to them. I support Kalindo 100%.


So you don’t want death sentence? Then give solutions baba Mtambo. Koma ikanakhala yakumbuyo ndiye mukanati onse odana ndi yakummbuyo aphedwe. Death sentence is better.

Prof. Odidiyoo

Mtambo is behind this acts. He needs to be probed. This is not time to bring comments that cannot offer solution. Why his organisation is failing to address the situation. This half-baked fellow comment at every issue without considering the sensitivity of it. He needs to be taught the Kamuzu way.


Some people, just want to get attention. What Kalindo was saying is the truth and nothing but the truth, so you the so called activists go the hills and cry as we will be sending the other group you want to defend to the gallows. I will also send your relatives who are practising the legal trade in your realms. mxiiiiieeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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