Speaker asks MPs to inform his office when traveling out of Malawi even in private visits

National Assembly Speaker Richard Msowoya has said Members of Parliament should inform his office when they travel outside the country even on private visits.

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Inform us when travelling out of Malawi

“Honourable Members, just a reminder. It has been observed that many Honourable Members travel outside the country without informing the Office of the Speaker. It is very important that the Speaker’s office is informed even if those trips are funded by cooperating partners and not Parliament or when Members travel on personal business because in case of any eventuality wherever you are, you are still a Member of Parliament of Malawi. Therefore, the Parliament will get involved in one way or another,” said Msowoya in the House.

The Speaker said his statement was “just a plea” that MPs should always remember to inform his office.

“Even if you go to Nigeria for prayers, please let us know,” said the Speaker.

He said this in his communication to the House.

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Yahya Jammeh

I still feel the Speaker’s plea does not make sense. Mind you, some of the MPs are cabinet ministers and no minster leaves the country let alone go to any part of the country without informing the President or OPC. So in that sense how many offices is the MP required to inform? I am believe the plea was made in a hurry without actually looking at the neatty greeties of it, otherwise you are forcing some of the MPs to serve two master at a time and eventually crea confusion. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

Frank Phiri

This seating of parliament chairs are empty, when watching on TV, which means that some MPs are not reporting for duty at the August house, to me thats total childish, as Hon. The problem is our parliament office, why paying allawances before actual work? Iam sure that other MPs are lazzy therefore will not come back in the house, oh yes !

Yahya Jammeh
Mr. Speaker, there is some sense in what you are asking MPs to do, but you have not specified whether they should inform your office when Parliament is in session or not. If this appeal is general, then you are likely to face some resistance because you are restricting their freedom of movement even if you don’t stop them. MPs are mature and presumably responsible people where some of them would like to do things strictly private without anyone else knowing what they are doing except their family members and it will be unfair to make such an appeal. I… Read more »

Can’t you get dat he says just Incase of eventuality his office will b questioned why acting as unlearned person

Bololo Sakondamadzi

As long as everything is smooth you may not the speakers office. But when things turn sour that’s when you will remember what the speaker has said. Assuming you find yourself in Pakistan with your family on a private visit and suddenly you find yourself in trouble, not of your own making but circumstantial. You can only be treated with dignity if your office identifies you. Your ID or Passport are nothing in some countries. especially this time when IDs can be forged. I think the Speaker is talking from experience. Something must have happened to someone.

C Banda

“The Speaker said his statement was “just a plea” … ”

So, there is no legal basis for MPs to comply with this plea.

WHY should MPs be informing the Speaker when they go outside on private visits?


He says in case something happens to them parly will get involved. Say MP dies, they have to buy the coffin and transport the body from wherever. So to me this is just a good parent concerned about his children’s movements.

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