Speaker, Minister of Justice rubbishes clergy’s call to pass electoral reform bill

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya said the august House will not debate and pass the electoral reform bills especially in the ongoing session as demanded by members of the clergy.

Speaker Richard Msowoya (left) and Minister of Justice Tembenu

According to Msowoya, who is also the vice President for the main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Karonga Nyungwe legislature,  it is not practical for Parliament to pass the bill in such way.

Msowoya was reacting to the members of the clergy’s petition that they presented to his office last week.

“They are number of procedures that the bill go through before passed in Parliament. The electoral reform bills is yet to pass in such procedures, therefore, it will not be tabled in the current sitting,” said Msowoya.

Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu while echoing with Msowoya said the executive is not afraid of the members of the clergy’s petition and threat to hold a national wide demonstration.

According to him, members of the clergy should forget about the development as government is and will not be shaken with a national wide demonstration.

“As executive we are not shaken with the clergy’s petition. We shall bring the bill to the current sitting of Parliament. If they want to hold a national wide demonstration it means they want to exercise their constitutional rights and we shall not stop them,” said Tembenu.

In the petition which was also presented to the country’s President Peter Mutharika, the members of the clergy gave both the Speaker and Mutharika seven days ultimatum to pass the bill within the current sitting or face a national wide demonstration.

Some civil society organisations, opposition parties and donors community are in support to the members of clergy’s call apart from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

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I dont know where Malawi is going and is doing? Malawi MPs instead of working for the people they work for their own. This 50 +1 bill is not for DPP or MCP OR AFORD OR UDF. The bill belongs to everyone. If you dont change these things now i tell u one day you will regret. God can change things miraculously which will see DPP out of power and start fighting for the same bill to be passed.


I had a dream, in my dream I saw the Speaker joining the other side of the coin. The “time will tell” was the song that woken me up.


All along, I thought Richard Msowoya is a principled man, little did I know that he is one of these useless politicians of our time. You can fight the clergy and win the fight. You will live to regret your actions.

Atate JB

How I wish the comments I have read so far came from people who understand how parliament works. Sadly, the opposite is true. So the only way Msoswoya should show loyalty to MCP is to adopt any line of thinking by the party? Is is not the same culture of unquestionable party loyalty that has killed our democracy? So Msowoya should ignore parliamentary procedures to please MCP? Sometimes we should think before we comment or prove that what the Speaker has said is not true.


Atate kaya ndani kaya, There is nothing for M.C.P here my friend ok? izi ndizofuna za anthu osati chipani, kapena mwina kuwelenga kwakuvutani eti? read again and see ngati the issue is M.C.P.
Umburi wa nkalasi umawawa kusiya ndi wakuthengo.


Do you want the Bill to pass in the National assembly.

Pension Nenereko

Read the Bible and will find out what happened to those who did not listen to the voices of prophets


Let me differ with the prince of thieves. Never call the north as msowoyas strong hold. This man even karonga nyungwe is not his strong hold. He can’t join DPP cos khwauli is there already. Mind you msowoya and khwauli alternate that constituency and now I could khwauli only if he is out of this party lead by you. I mean u prince of thieves. By the way are u junior prince of thieves? Forget about msowoya


Its a shame to have Richard Msowoya as my constituency MP as well as MCP member of Parliament. this guy is a fool a person who is siding whith lions and hynes to rob malawians of their rights. Shame on you Rishard


A Msowoya kukomedwa ndi za ziiiiiiii . Tionana 2019.


Were the clergy properly advised by their lawyers if it is practical to debate the bill under the current sitting? If it is practical then we can conclude that the speaker has been compromised in the same way Uladi, Lilongwe Mayor e.t.c have been threatened because of their various gates i.e. passport gate, tractor gate and MRA gate. If for genuine procedural reasons the bill can’t be tabled let’s not despair, nthawi yatha kale and these crooks are out of plans they will be shown the exist door soon. Dziko likuona Amalawi tikuona, this is another era.


How I wish our Speakers of Parliament were as bold as the ones in other parliaments. I have in mind former US House Speaker John Bhoener who gave the Obama administration tough time! He was in the forefront setting the agendas and bills to be discussed in the House of Representives! Akunowa they are “lame duck speakers”! Shame on you Msowoya

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