Sports minister demands Malawi Queens ‘disaster’ Fast5 report: NAM taken to task

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has been taken to task by Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Francis Kasaila on the mess of the national netball team – Malawi Queens – after putting the nation to shame after losing all their five matches at the Fast5 World Netball Series in Merbourne, Australia.

Malawi Queens at the Fast5 World Series Netbal

According to published reports on the performance of Malawi Queens, the players lacked a fighting spirit and their body language spoke volumes of their low morale.

The Queens who won bronze at last year’s Fast 5 edition, played like tired old women whose bones squeak when they shuffle around due to age, no wonder they finished at the bottom in the just-ended six nation tournament.

The down trend comes at a time when Queens diehards feel vindicated that the team needed star shooter Mwawi Kumwenda, who was expelled for reporting late for camp.

Kasaila said government  need  “good explanation”  from NAM officials, including president Khungikile Matiya and general secretary Carol Bapu, who were with the Queens in Australia.

The Minister said government will not tolerate anymore “lame excuses” on lack of preparations.

“We want better explanation that can help us find ways of doing better at the next events,” Kasaila said.

But coach Mary Waya said they had learned alot at the tournament.

“I would say the tournament was a good experience,” Waya told MBC 2.

Queens will be expected to travel for another tournament in England in November.

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Fake Petros
I gueis Galu (wama) p(B)uppies wasangalala zedi. Wabeleka 6-0 puppies she was expecting.. That’s why ladies cannot be taken seriously, attitudes, envy, egos, etc override everything in their lives. If this Galu lady watches other sports she will realise that technically (very) gifted-players like Messi, Ronaldo do not require to be in a camp for weeks to jel up with others into a team. They play at a very high level and because the train on a daily basis (professional level) they quickly pick up their game. So learn to appreciate that some people are just extraordinary talented and there’s… Read more »
Frank Phiri

Mary, kumachita manyazi Mwayi anakulakwirani? Nsanje? Kaduka? mmmm chemwali mseyeni mwana wanzanu luntha limachokera kwa mulungu


Please minister expell all those ladies in power and replace them with men who will not have time for jealous and hatred towards talented players.

Honourable Minister, please appoint a commission of inquiry. Mwawi (Ntumbuka) expelled and Kanyenda (another Ntumbuka) expelled himself due to sympathy with fellow Ntumbuka. At this rate, Malawi will continue to happily spiral to the bottom of everything, including the competition of countries with the lowest GDP or the longest power blackout.

Pride goes before a fall. Carol Bapu & her friends MUST have a MERE GRUDGE against the young star, Mwai. Travelling from Australia coming here & being told that she was late? Kuuma mtima chotani abale. Izi zidadziwikiratu ndipo ena adanena kuti; ngati a NAM wo, apa pali Chilungamo, zikawayendera bwino. Koma ngati pali Udani chabe, sakaphula kanthu or kamodzi. Nanga Coach atula bwanji udindo wake?Coach ameneyu ndi Uzimu,Nzeru ndi Umunthu. Thank you Mr Coach for PAINFULLY DROPPING AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR,but we were not happy as Malawians.Nsanje kapena Sankho chabe Carlo iwe? The coach who dropped has got a… Read more »

flames yaluza kangati without government intervening. Focus on overrall development of the game so that absence of one player doesnt affect outcomes instead on focussing on individual things. amalawi kodi bwanji kukonda trivia?


I very much agree with your point. Flames are a master class flop yet the government doesn’t intervene to this level. Nyamilandu should’ve gone long ago yet he still clings on and the government has never stepped in to magnitude. Poor Queens, generally consistently high performers yet the last to be meaningfully funded and rewarded but the first to be castigated.


Dare not to leave Mwawi next time you go for such competitions,you will regret it again after coming out bruised.

Let me congratulate the girls for the brave and fighting spirit that they displayed in Australia. As they say in sports “the best teams won” now the question is what is wrong with our team? First lack of priorities. The Government up to now still does not recognize that netball and these ladies is the number one sport in the country and these ladies our stars! Tell me what programmes has government instituted to make sure that we move from position 5 or 6 to become world champions in netball?? Is there any commitment to fund our netball team? to… Read more »

The team is not good enough. Full stop. The absence of Mwai tells it all.


you know why the team didn’t perform well, you just want records for your file, and possible expulsion of the entire NAM, which is not possible because they were voted into office and it will be tantamount to Government interference.

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