Plunder, money laundering at Macra: Ex- procurement officer arrested

Fiscal Police in Blantyre have arrested on Monday arrested former Procurement Officer at Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), Aitone Chandiyang’ana in the wake of revalations of  corporate financial malfeasance.

MACRA’s Director General Godfrey Itaye: Macra is a cash cow

Head of Malawi Police Service Fiscal and Fraud Section, Isaac Norman, confirmed the arrest, but  they have not yet charged Chandiyang’ana.

Last week Nyasa Times reported that Macra Bossa Godfrey Itaye was embroidered in dubious contracts where he awarded millions of kwachas worthy of contracts to his parents in-laws.

Macra boss is also involved in a dubious K135million developmental calendars contract with his right handyman Joseph Ngalawa, Procurement Specialist.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is yet to act on these dubious dealings but Macra sources confirmed ACB officials visited regulators  offices prior to Chandiyang’ana arrest.

The arrest is a surprise as those who committed the crimes are ordering arrests.

Meanwhile, Macra boss on Friday suspended Human Resources Manager Dalitso Jumbe, who is alleged to have warned Chandiyang’ana of impending arrest.

Inisders say Macra is being run like a personal estate. A whole Human Resources Manager being suspended without any hearing.

Itaye is accusing his deputy, Francis Bisika, of leaking information. The two have a sour working relationship.

But Nyasa Times sources  have gathered from different sources within the regulator a dossier of evidence detailing more rot at Macra and will be serialized.

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Wetema Kili

There is too much interference at MACRA to facilitate this malpractice. Remember that Kumbatira was moved out of MACRA? Remember how appointments of MRA directors are moved from CEO positions to deliberately facilitate milking the cow? Koma this is not prudence and good governance these decision makers pretend to be preaching. Mbava iyi siinati …. itipwetekadi….


Time mark

James Phiri

What if all the stories published are fublicated? What if they dont exist not even once? This is sad koma. What if Itaye knows every step that his deputy is taking? What if all the arrests lead to Bisika..what will happen to his employment at Macra? Why do people hate each other that much?

James Phiri

Very interesting. This is surely internal battles. Surely has to do with the Bisika fighting his boss for the hot seat. But then, each one of them is enjoying similar benefits, why can’t Bisika tone down and eat in silence?

Regarding the arrested, it is normal, let police do it’s job. If he is clean then thats fine…atuluka if not clean then he goes in jail. What if the arrested guy reveal the whole information about the syndicate dealing with Itaye? This is generally distasteful and shouldn’t be happening in a corporate world.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

Bisika is against corrupt related activities that are tarnishing the image of MACRA and Malawi as a whole. Bisika cannot remain silent when this vice is eating the very fabric of the society in Malawi.


This was expected, some of us we saw it coming……………..but dont ask me how


wa HLOMWE nokha nokha…


True! Atumbuka sangachite zopusa ngati zimenezi! They always shield each other!


Bisika, whether is in the wrong or right will be at loggerheads with Itaye because of Itaye alleged involvement with Sidik Mia.


Because of Itaye alleged involvement with Sidik Mia? How, when & where? Mzozodo please elaborate!

Khwangwala wapana one T
Khwangwala wapana one T

Gulllllleeeeee uyooooooooooooo,whihiiihihihiiiiiiiiiii,ntchito iyoooooooooo…..


Kanthu ako tiyeni nazoni


Malawi at 53

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