UK-based Malawians urged to support govt efforts: Diplomat Kalichero hails Mahecas charity

Diaspora Malawians in the UK have been urged to help the needy back home through acts of charity and benevolence.

Mrs Chawawa speaking at Mehacas Leeds gala flanked by her organising committee.- Photo by Timothy Phiri
Kalichero:Do not tire in doing good

The goodwill duty-call was made Saturday night at Village Hotel in Leeds, Northern England, by Malawi’s deputy High Commissioner to the UK, Quent Kalichero during a fundraising Dinner and Dance organised by Malawi Healthcare Support UK  (Mahecas), a grouping of Malawians based in United Kingdom that dedicate its services in assisting health provisions in Malawi,

“I would like to implore all Malawians in the UK, not only those of us gathered here tonight, and all friends of Malawi to continue supporting Mahecas through such events as this. The little you can contribute go a very long way in supporting and assisting the needy people back home,” said the soft-spoken Kalichero.

The Malawian envoy to London pleaded with Malawians in the UK to always remember that sharing is caring and urged Diaspora Malawians in the Queensland to continue sharing the little they have with people back home especially in the areas of health.

Said Kalichero: “Do not tire in doing good. Let us continue supporting Mahecas in its concerted efforts in supporting the Malawi Government’s continued commitment and dedication in ensuring that our country has a vibrant healthy sector. Let us not stop acts of charity and benevolenc  for we all have a responsibility to do good for our country.”

Kalichero added that as Malawians we must always take a leading role in supporting our own country saying Malawi government under the able leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika fully support charitable efforts such as Mahecas’ determination and acts of goodwill that aims at improving the livelihoods of many people in the country.

“We all know that Mahecas is a credible organisation and that it has always been doing a great job in supporting the Malawi government to improve the health sector through their donation of varied medical equipment in the country’s major referral hospitals, District Hospitals and Health Centres across the country,” said Kalichero.

 ‘Warm-Hearted People’

The deputy Ambassador then thanked Mahecas for the ‘great job’ they are continue doing through charity saying: “On behalf of Malawi Government, the High Commissioner to the UK, His Excellency Mr. Kena Mphonda and in deed on my behalf, it is with great gratitude that we thank MAHECAS for complimenting the Malawi Government’s efforts in ensuring that the people of Malawi access good health facilities.

She added: “But for Mahecas to be able to deliver the best service, it requires all of us gathered here and those who did not make it to consolidate ourselves into one and with a common purpose support Mahecas in their cause.”

“Let us not exhaust our kindness and let us not put to rest our Malawian altruism. We are best known for being the most warm-hearted people in the world, and let us continue living up to that reputation,” Kalichero further said.

Kalichero, one of the youthful, beautiful and trendy envoys in the diplomatic circles, rocking a sleeveless emerald checker-ed mixed black dress and a designer, colour-blocking ox-blood, long and thin stylish stiletto heel with a matching poncho and a fashion-complementing diamond wristlet on her left-hand implored the patrons to always remember home.

“Malawi government and the Malawi High Commission in the UK are singularly proud of you and really appreciate your support. Together, we will develop our country,” said Kalichero in her impromptu keynote address.

Speaking earlier MAHECAS Chairperson Prescott Kaliati thanked the people for coming to the event and outlined some of the major projects that Mahecas is carrying out in Malawi singling out a cancer project currently going on at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital in the commercial city of Blantyre.

“We thank you all for coming. We are pleased to announce that our projects in Malawi are successful and it has all been possible because of your support,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati, however, emphasised that Mahecas is not a charitable organisation exclusively for medical doctors or health professionals but that it is for everybody and thus he encouraged Malawians in the UK to join in the ranks and file of the organisation.

Started operating in 1995, Mahecas is a healthcare charity with a bias focus on the relief of sickness and preservation of good health amongst patients in hospitals, health clinics, and other primary health care locations in Malawi.

Over the years, MAHECAS UK has managed to respond in cash and or kind to a variety of health and medical request needs from Malawi’s hospitals.

‘All of it?’

During the plush Dinner and Dance which was highly patronised and had in attendance notable figures of Diaspora Malawians in the UK and among others included; The Nyasa Times management crew which among others included Managing Director Pastor Edgar Chibaka and Editorial Director Thom Chiumia  and Associate Editor Peter Makossah, Medical Doctors; Mahecas founding members Dr Henry Matiti, former chairperson, Dr. Milika Matiti, Dr. Willis Kabambe, Dr Lizi,  Dr. Gunda and several other medical doctors.

Other notable faces included Malawi Association UK (MAUK) chairperson Martin Guga and his deputy Hanna Chasowa and Leeds Association of Malawi interim chairperson Paul Taulo.

The peak of the night came when a London based Eight year-old boy Akili Mujungu took to the stage and delivered a moving message imploring the patrons to donate more money to the cause saying he had just donated the only money he had – a £5 note (approximately K5, 000. 00)

“I have been listening to all what has been said about the need to help and support the needy in Malawi and I am so deeply touched. I have therefore decided to donate the only money I have, all of it, a Five Pounds note and I ask all of you to donate your money….”

“…If an eight year old boy like me can do it, you all can do it,” said the 8 year-old boy born to a Malawian mother, Grace Mujungu (Nee Ntolera) and Ugandan father, Johnstone Mujungu to a deafening round of applause.

In the course of Dinner and Dance, money was raised through an auction which was adeptly conducted by the evening event’s show host and Manchester based Disco Jockey, Hannington Gondwe popularly known as DJ Hanny G, and the items sold ranged from an assortment clothes including Mahecas branded golf shirts, Malawi Brandy and Malawi Gin.

After the sumptuous three-course meal dinner, DJ Hanny G to took to the turntables and gave his all in mixing, spinning and beat-matching popular old school hits and all-time big tunes and some new school mantras, which included Malawians chart busters’ and dance-floor fillers, thereby making the patrons who included both the old and the young to go berserk and crazy as they all got themselves lost in the musical cosmos as they sweat it out on the dance floor as they ‘boogied.’

“The function was well-organised, well-patronised, the food was great and the music was on point. A good event for a very good cause and a good amount of money aptly raised. The occasion was superb, and all of it, a successful goodwill and generosity venture,” said  Margret Chawawa a lecturer at Leeds Becket University who was chairperson of the organising event for the night.

Malawi’s health care system continues to face enormous challenges hampering quality health service delivery mainly due to inadequate funding.

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4 years ago

Mphamvu za chaponda tsopano. Akazi a malawi eeish

4 years ago

Our foreign missions are almost rendered useless and have become irrelevant. It does not add up to be presiding over fund-raising activities in order to help Malawi alleviate its problems. Diplomats must be engaging governments in the host countries to seek help for our country by using diplomatic tactics. This is just a spillover of Blue nights. This is the problem of employing incompetent people that cannot think strategically. This Kalichero is doing exactly what John Tembo was doing> why can’t do business differently – we don’t want copy cat business in the embassies. These are the same people who… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Gogodasi

What exactly do you know about diplomacy? Where did you learn about diplomacy before you start lying to people that being part of fundraising activities for Malawi is not a diplomatic activity? Please explain to us or sit down! Am tired of people trying to teach Malawian diplomats how to do their work.
You cannot call Kalichero incompetent for attending and representing Government. She is a season and trained diplomat! Moreover, you are the same people who will complain if embassies are not supporting activities of Malawians in the Diaspora…ndiye musayankhule ngati ozindikira apa mukunena za zii! Nxa

Duo Nationaliy
Duo Nationaliy
4 years ago

Please give us duo nationality see how will turn Malawi into Dubai over a night

Opposition siimawina zisankho #Kenya
Opposition siimawina zisankho #Kenya
4 years ago

Mayi Kalichero ali bhooo. si timakumana nawo ku France awa. anthu ena ngamwayidi eti?

4 years ago

mzake wa Chaponda

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