TA Mlumbe turns political at a presidential rally in Zomba

Traditional Authority (TA) Mlumbe of Zomba on Monday  threw away his chieftaincy rob and engaged in petty and party politics when she presented to people four people whom he said were to represent the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in his area.

Senior Chief Mlumbe introduces shadow MPs for DPP in the area

President Peter Mutharika was at Jali in Zomba Likangala on Monday to canvass votes for himself and his party in the run up to the 2019 general election.

“These are the people who should work with me. They are all DPP,” said Chief Mlumbe.

The party is yet to conduct primary party elections to identify candidates who will represent the party during the party elections.

Traditional leaders are supposed to take a neutral stand during political activities.

“We will all vote for you, Mr. President because of your visionary leadership. We want the DPP back in government in 2019,” said Mlumbe.

President Mutharika thanked the chief for ‘giving the party three shadow MPs.

The regional governor for the DPP in the East,  Julius Paipi duly endorsed what the acting chief said, saying he was filled with excitement because of the accomplishments of Mutharika and DPP in the country.

DPP vice president for the eastern region Bright Msaka said the chief was right to say that in 2019, all the parliamentary and local government seats in Zomba will go to the DPP.

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Zadapo, you have the same responsibility as Kusamba Dzonzi of communicating MCP policies to Malawians. Dzonzi communicated the MCP policy of not developing the north until they demonstrate improvement in their fertility. Zadapo is also communicating MCP’s manifesto of ending chieftaincy in Malawi. This is not new. Who ended Mwase’s chieftaincy in Kasungu if not MCP? Who beat the Chiefs at a convention in Mzuzu for simply pleading with Kamuzu to forgive Manoa Chirwa if not MCP?
Mafumu chenjerani, MCP sinasinthe. Mukafuna tsogolo labwino memani anthu anu adzavotere Mutharika mwezi wa May 2019.


Paja mumavutika pankhani ya kaganizidwe. This is rubbish.


This guy called Hatton is totally rubbish and i don’t think if his brain is working


Vuto ndi ministry responsible led by lomwerazation,

ovaha mbwiyanga

MCP chipani cha pa Nyasatimes. You guys are shitholes and you think its that easy to oust a ruling party. Mia ndiye akukunamizani. Go and check if he is a force in Lowershire. Kuja they hate anthu a bodza like him. Majority of the voters have no access to this f*** platform. So all ur comments are void and have no influence


Another useless son of a bitch,Votes are note only on Lowershire


The reported has said it all in line #23, he is an acting chief, and no wonder he is vomiting nonsense, its becoz he wants to be installed now now


Chiefs have become obsolete. We MUST abolish mafumu if we are to develop.

kaka ni dada

Inde zili bwino, amfumu ndi a ndale akuba kuyendetsa chipani chowola ndi katangale, paja kusenza denga lowola mkutengezana, tiyenazoni, May 2019 is fast approaching. You will regret as the political ground is unstable for you.


And the President is happy with such a clueless chief.?


In short, the chief has divided the party further. Such pronouncements are dangerous. You had to wait for primaries. Let the people decide

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