Tanzania suspect Malawi secretly developing nuclear weapons at Kayerekela mine:Spies nabbed

Tanzania government is alleged to have deployed eight spies to Malawi to investigate if the country is developing  nuclear weapons from uranium at Kayerekera mine site in Karonga district.

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga

The allegation comes after the arrest of eight Tanzanian nationals near the second gate of Kayerekera mine site on Wednesday last week.

According to Security sources , some of the arrested had suspicious divices such as heavy camera.

Apart from having suspicious divices, Malawi security department suspect that some of the arrested are Tanzanian professional investigators.

“The question is why visiting Kayerekera Uranium mine site out of different structures here in the district, and the other thing is that the group are failing to disclose the reason behind their coming,” said our source.

It is alleged that the Tanzanian government is frustrated with Malawi position of being  unshaken with the issue of Lake Malawi border  dispute between the two neighboring countries.

“It seems the Tanzanian government think that Malawi is preparing something big and it is trying its best to be alerted,” added our source.

Among the Malawi security personnel who  took part on the arrest of eight Tanzanian nationals include Bob Mtekama who was trained by FBI.

However, Karonga deputy police spokesperson George Mlewa dismiss the allegation when contacted.

“While our investigation are underway on the matter, I can tell you that we don’t have such information so far those are just mare rumors,” said Mlewa.

Police  said villagers at Kayuni village were suprised to see the Tanzanians loitering around the mine.

“When they asked them what they wanted at the mine, they failed to give convincing answers,” said Mlewa.

He said this is when the villagers’ suspicion grew and called the police who swiftly came and arrested the eight foreigners.

“They might have sinister plans,” said Mlewa.

He said the eight would appear before the court where they are expected to answer criminal tresspassing case.

The mine is currently closed.

Recently, a group of University students from Tanzania under Moravian Church were also blocked to visit the mine site.

Meanwhile, the suspects have been transferred to Mzuzu prison on remand.

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I can’t believe that some IDIOTS would believe that a country that can’t even generate electricity would have the capacity to refine and enrich uranium.

Lusungu mkolla

irrigation scheme along river is about to start soon. let us look on that opportunity.


you may call it lake Malawi, lake kamuzu, lake Nyasaland, or lake Lilongwe, but the border issue is not negotiatable.. Spies never wander around in groups of 8 carrying cameras like students coming out of school. this is a big lie..

Mwalimu Nyerere

Does TZ has to search for a nuclear plant as if they are they stupid? Have you ever heard of the International Atomic Energy Agency?

Brainless article from a brainless writer, I am Tanzanian. and there is no single Tanzanian ever fear Malawi in anyhow, halafu No one in Universe will ever think Malawi can have such plant, get back to your sense. and by the way, just using common sense, folks of Kyela have been Using those waters from the very beginning of creation, , and as u may ne aware, any water body touching our Ground we have legal right to utilize the ist water to the deepest, I have to remind you one thing, most of the waters flowing into that damn… Read more »
Zaya ku Nkhongo
Nkhaniyi has too many hanging questions. FIRSTLY, what spies would travel in a group of eight kuti atani? Spy sayenda chigulu that is out. SECONDLY, the mine is closed what did the Tanzanians hope to see from a non-operational mine? THIRDLY, a camera is not a choice of espionage/spy gadget where are the minute (mayinuti osati minet) cameras? Where are the button cameras? Where are the pen cameras? Why would a spy move around with a big/huge camera to spy with? You use discreet equipment. FOURTHLY, who examined these guys to see that they are trained investigators? Investigators in what?… Read more »

Guys we should be humble. Malawians are our House girls and House boys. They help us with our daily household chores.


Tanzania be warned!! You think our quietness on Lake issue u can take advantage??? We’re not ignorant of ur foolish plans of cutting the lake Wait u’ll see where the crazy cat jumps.. Dr Kamuzu Banda tought us what to do when someone tries to take our things.. U’ll learn a lesson of Hiroshima one day


Stop blabla……..

What if they were tourist? And you know we will never be stupid enough to think you have nuclear ????????????. you guys dont even have one standing industry yet you think that we think you are producing nuclear. Even if you have one what will you be doing with it? Kill Tanzania with it or???? So far we are now your enemy after feeding you for years. You guys are dumb so dumb. ACHENI UJINGA FANYENI KAZI change that nuclear plant???????????? (feeling so dumb to say this)if you have one to a big industry and give your people jobs and… Read more »

Hey Malawian wake up, you should consider of your poverty in your country before enraging in battle with tanzania,a war will undermine your economy rather than how is it now, think twice before you talking nonsense about tanzania, we’re strongly enough to deafete you

Mwalimu Nyerere

Why not just write in Swahili. You English is appalling.

Dyokosi Zidyodwi

Victor your toy soldiers were fearring M23, so you think you can defeat us?

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