Thieves gag Times over Zambia maize deal: Judge Kenyatta grants injunction to Admarc boss

State-produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has rushed to High Court to seek a court injunction and gagged Malawi’s leading news organisation, Times Group, to stop revealing  the rot in the procurement process of maize from neighbouring Zambia.

Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe: Obtains court order to stop newspaper revealing about the maize deal

Admarc through  lawyer Shepher Mumba, who has been a corporate governance lecturer at University of Malawi (Unima), sought a court injunction granted by High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda stopping Times Group from writing about the maize deal.

The order said the publication should not report “false and untrue “ stories about Admarc in relation to the procurement of maize from Zambia.

However, it is yet to be seen if Times will obey the order as they have been reporting not false stories but actually the true picture of the rotten maize deal, which Nyasa Times has also been reporting and were first to cover the matter after  Zambian opposition  UPP leader, Saviour Chishimba blew the whistle.

The High Court warned that if the newspaper  disobey the order  – of writing false stories –  they may be found guilty of contempt of court.

The order has also included reporter Ntchindi Meki and newspaper columnist Madalitso Mussa  who is the author of Tales of Times.

The maize purchase deal is currently marred with controversy regarding contractual issues involving  Admarc and a private Zambian company, Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Limited.

While Admarc boss Foster Mulumbe insists that Admarc is buying the staple grain from Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF), a government agency, documents show that Admarc is actually using Kaloswe.

Meanwhile,  Kaloswe is suing Admarc for breach of contract.

According to Kaloswe chief executive officer, Isaac Kapambwe, his company signed a contract with Admarc in June 2016 to purchase and deliver maize.

Kapambwe said his company has “all communications”  on the deal with Admarc.


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Corruption ku Malawi sidzatha mpaka tsiku lomwe a Malawi adzachotse dpp pa mpando

charlie hebdo

I am failing to understand this corruption. If Admarc bought the maize plus cost of transporting it, will it not come to the $340 per ton? Coz maize costs $214 plus $90 for shipping plus cost of handling, plus insurance…I don’t understand where the corruption is… but also the writs against Admarc. .For what?

Advisory Committee
Kodi nkhani ya Hiwa CEO for Roads Authority ilipati? Disciplinary hearing inachitika? Abale inu what is happening in Malawi- palipose ma company a boma anthu akuweruka ndi matumba a dollar. We need a very strong prosecution system in our justice delivery channels otherwise things are getting worse. and thieves are left alone to steal more and more. I wish all prosecution institution like police ACB, State Advocate Chambers had the calibre of strong and determined staff like Mary Kachale Let all these thieves appear before no joking Judges like Justice Mtambo, Nyakwawa Usiwasiwa osati enawa angopereka three years imprisonment sentence… Read more »
Wanangwa Chidothi

This is a very sad development. It is this very Kenyatta Nyirenda from Bwengu who spoiled the elections by passing what was 100% questionable. Now look at him again! He is playing the monkey tricks again. For how long will this go on?

Binnwell Kachikopa

Chambe always back up the rotten walking devil dpp, i believe your mind too is rotten and evil, you are a fool who needs to be uprooted together with your evil dpp. Were you there or part of the deal when admarc was purchasing maize?


…and the citizens are just watching, mtsiiiii

Chief activist

aaaaaaaaaa is that the case rushing to court shows insanity……nd ironically i smell that govt might be bhind the gagging since admarc is astatory body……but since govt has goofed it wants to go thru admarc wen im real sense its it obtaining an injuction…….simungandnamize apa


Seriously speaking the nation goofed in voting DPP back to power. These are economic terrorists of the 21st century.

Samuel Lwara.
Injunctions have marred our national legal integrity since the double regime of DPP govt. Maize is our staple food and it is proper for the us to be clearly told through various media houses of its source so that is eaten or used satisfactory. Its an abomination to eat food that come out of dirt. News papers are part of what makes us what we are in any circumstance, and it is absurd under any influence to intimidate them or institutions behind them as it is. Kenyatta as a Judge, could have advised Admarc to go to Macra( though not… Read more »
Advisory Committee

Kodi title ya title ya article ndi Thievies gag Times…………………………….kapena Admarc CEO gags Times……………………………………….. where are we getting the Thieves


Admarc CEO and his crew are the thieves

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