Thousands attend Prophet Gondwe national healing, deliverance crusade

Thousands of faithful in Malawi and her neighbouring countries Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe last weekend attended a high-powered national healing and deliverance crusade organised by Good News Ministries which is overseen by Prophet Patson Gondwe.

Healing and prophecy time with Prophet Gondwe

Crowds attending healing crusade by Prophet Patson Gondwe

Kantengeni walks

The crusade, whose sole aim was to cleanse the country and bring the gospel closer to Christ, left many awed by signs and wonders that occurred because of the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was held at an open place, Lilongwe Community Ground, on Saturday and Sunday where everyone was free to enter.

In an interview with Nyasa Times on Monday, Prophet Gondwe said it was the grace of God that made people turn up in thousands for the two-day crusade.

“Grace must be the centre of Christianity. Salvation is by grace. Healing is by grace. Deliverance is by grace. Everything we enjoy is a pure product of grace. A dedicated Christian must focus on grace and not their work. You don’t get healed because you fasted. You get healed because of grace.

“When we understand grace, we’ll be able to take advantage of Jesus Christ. The best place to find yourself as a Christian, is the place of Grace. What is Grace? Grace is when you receive things you did not otherwise work, labour, slave for or deserve. God knows you will need these things so he makes them available before you ask them,” said Gondwe.

According to him, Malawi needs healing and deliverance today more than ever in all aspects.

“We are sick as a nation be it politically, economically or morally. We need God’s grace now more than ever,” he said.

During the crusade, where musicians Skeffa Chimoto and Ethel Kamwendo Banda also performed, people were freed from such ailments as rheumatism, arthritis, kidney failure and seizures.

Emmie Mwabumba, who could not walk because of arthritis since 2010 but finally walked on Saturday, said she was grateful to God for her healing.

“I’m now able to walk. Just like that. It cannot be someone else apart from God,” said Mwabumba.

And, 50-year-old Faith Kamtengeni who also could not walk after being diagnosed with hypertension in 2010 smiled at last after prayers during the crusade.

Prophet Gondwe said his ministry is to give, through the grace of God, free healing and deliverance to the people God created and whom He loves so much.

“People should not be asked to give anything to a Man of God just to get prayed for healing or deliverance. It is our job to do so, and God is not happy with us when we make demands,” said Gondwe.

Over a week ago, Prophet Gondwe was attacked on his official Facebook page Prophet P. Gondwe Ministries after he announced that a boy was healed of high degree diabetes after prayer.

Atheists, reportedly belonging to the Association of Secular Humanism in Malawi (ASH), quashed his announced saying “God does not heal, but science does.”

Good News Ministries came into being after Prophet. P. Gondwe visited the SCOAN Nigeria following a battle with a terminal liver disease in 2014.

The sole purpose of his visit was to encounter the healing hand of Jesus Christ through Senior Prophet TB. Joshua.

However, upon his return from SCOAN the Lord spoke to him through a vision that he was destined to be in the ministry of Christ Jesus.

Prophet P. Gondwe was obedient to the voice of God Almighty to pursue his God-given mission and this gave rise to the birth of Good News Ministries in the year 2015.

The ministry begun in the district of Mchinji with three people.

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Have the healings been confirmed by the doctors who we’re treating thema?


oooh God please help /bless
OUR mother mother Malawi !!
WE pray !!

Prophets will always be thieves claiming to come from God or Jesus Christ when all they do is stage drama mulungu adzakukanthani!! Soon or later this gondwe guy will start driving posh cars living large on you gullible people money and you will be busy languishing in poverty ati waiting for miracle money. He will leave poor areas and start targeting the money areas and those so called hearings will come out as staged a malawi we don’t learn tulo too much !!! Bushiri dipped u and now it’s this guy ife phee kumastand watching your drama tiyeni nazo !!!… Read more »

Those of you who denigrate the Prophets, tell us, through which spirit do you discern that they are false prophets. Do not hide behind “the bible says”. Tell us the spirit inside you. Most of you are either worshippers of a church or Vatican Leader. If not, you call yourselves Christians for being born in your mother’s or father’s church. A rat will never be a loaf of bread even though it was born in a bakery. You need to repent. You judge people when you are full of sins yourselves.


Kodi bwanji nanga Mbava Zokhala pampando wauPresident zimakhala anthu akumwera okhakha


Thats amazing!

Atumbuka mudziwe choonadi
Atumbuka mudziwe choonadi

Kodi bwanji ma ‘Pulofit’ amakonda kukhala atumbuka? anthu inu mumudziwe yesu chifukwa yesu Mulungu si Munthu ano ndi masiku omaliza


“Atumbuka mudziwe choonadi” Mwafunsa funso lomwe limakhala kumtima kwanga nthawi zonse kuti how come most “Prominent Pulofits” in Malawi are Northerners? …..I am a christian too koma pena pake zinthuzi zikundidabwitsa……Mzimu Woyera atiyendere!!


I would have suspected as much, most of them are women. azimayi ndi ma prophet onyenga ndiye khethe khethe. I think women have demonic calling that’s why they fall for every satanic and fake prophetic teachings.

Keen Observer

When didscience start that other people might suggest that it’s only science that heals not God. God is a Creator therefore He is the sole provider of healing. God heals!!!!! Whether people accept It or not but God does the Healing. Jesus Christ Is The Lord and Divine Healer.

Amdala bambo


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