Transformational Alliance says Malawi Police heavy-handedness on schoolchildren would cause insurrection

Angry protests by schoolchildren  over the nationwide strike by their teachers  have been marked by rioting but could degenerate to worse things to come if Malawi police continue using excessive force on minors , political grouping Transformation Alliance (TA) has warned.

Kunkuyu: Time bomb ticking in Malawi

TA national chairperson Moses Kunkuyu told the news conference in Blantyre that the police  use of  excessive force on minors is unacceptable.

“We saw the police using tear gas on students. We wish to remind the police that these children can turn the country upside down if they are not handled carefully,” warned Kunyuku.

“It has happened in other countries like South Africa and such cases can result in bloodshed,” said Kunkuyu.

But national police spokesperson James Kadadzera said law enforcers will not just watch  “shameful act” of some criminals taking advantage of the schoolchildren protests.

Police spokesman said schoolchildren  should be ”greatly discouraged”  from taking to the streets ”to advance the agenda of other quarters. ”

Kadadzera mentioned that investigations have revealed that some individuals with their own intentions possibly aimed at discrediting the government are coaxing pupils to go to the streets.

“Let these individuals be warned that once found relevant charges will be leveled against them,” he warned.

The riots by pupils started on Monday in Blantyre, Ntcheu and Balaka districts.

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Kunkuyu is ugly and brainless! And poor!

Daniel P

Which politician is behind the 22 issues behind the teachers strike? Anzathu ku police zinthu zikuyenda. Good salries, nyumba zabwino, … Zonse ziri myaaaa.


I think anthu ana athuwa sitikuwafunira zabwino, how can we support this bad behavior of our children dam aging innocent peoples cars, will teachers be paid through breaking into shops? and you call that they are claiming their right to education? Shame on you. Demonstration in allowed but not infringing on innocent people’s rights to travel freely, or damaging their property. Umbuli basi, sit down with your kids asamalowerere za eni, azangoferapo chabe. You will cry, condem people or police but your child will be gone forever.


Kodi inu a Malawi police njila yokhazikitsa bata ndiyongoponya ma tiya gas basi? six months training mumaphunzira kuponya tear gas bas shame on you and your government. Alipileni aphunzitsiwo anawa sapezekaso pansewu.


Insurrection? Where? By who? Why do you always think negatively all the times? No wonder. As you are the same guy who put himself in the fertilizer bag for self kidnapping for you to win MP elections in 2009. That is why you ran away from Blantyre for Dedza Constituency. Unfortunately it is not moving at all.You will die poor. You don’t have the mouth to vocalise any danger in Malawi. You are a baby. Malawi is a quiet land and will remain as such until Jesus lands again on earth surface.

Keen Observer

Kids must be disciplined at all cost if really need to shape future leaders. Strikes, demonstrations they don’t bring anything but disaster & the sole lovers are 5 he innocent kids. Why the teachers themselves take to the streets?

Rift Valley
Unless school children are properly disciplined, we will end up with brats or early pregnancies for girls. Should we really condone unruly behavior by our future leaders? Imagine, some grown ups under the cover of children were demanding money from passers by and road users. Is this what we want. Mr Moses Kunkuyu? Please count me out. Is our effort to education the girl child going to bear fruit? As it were, some crooked people took advantage of the lawlessness to advanced their agenda.. Please, let us not score political mileage through stupid press conferences. TA should instead have condemned… Read more »
Kholo Lokwiya

Kumeneku ndiye kudya kwa apolisi apa Malawi chasing small kids with their Zibonga with their fiery sweaty faces. Bulglarly is committed on everyday basis and yet nothing is done. Wina ndi uyu anamulikita nawo madukwa. Learn a proper way of containing such a situation like parents because you also have same type of kids in your homes and can be naughty sometimes but you do not use tear gas on them.
Ntchito yanu ndikugwira mbava zikusowetsa mtendere mu town muno basi osati zothamangitsana ndi ana a primary.Is this what you were taught at Kanjedza Police Training School?

Sansovino Yacopo

Down with the Police!


Kodi in a police ana anu akuphunzira kunja? kuteroku mavutowa sakukukhudzani. Handle it with care. Zinthu sizikuyendatu mdziko muno. Anthu tirindi mavuto lomwe akusowa mayankho coz oyenela kuyankha, asankha kusafuna kuyankha coz chodzikonda. Good advice from Kumkuyu.

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