UDF legislators back union with DPP: ‘Malawi first’ agenda

United Democratic Front (UDF) members of parliament have thrown their full weight behind party president Atupele Muluzi in serving the Cabinet and the  party’s working alliance with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of President Peter Mutharika.

UDF chief whip Lilian Patel with President Mutharika as Atupele Muljuzi looks on

The UDF MPs addressed a news conference in Lilongwe on Thursday led by their parliamentary chief whip Lilian Patel to “reaffirm” the position of the party in the National Assembly.

She said of late  there have been a number of “ misleading statements” in the media about the commitment of the members of the UDF to dovernment.

“Throughout the 2014 election campaign, our party campaigned on 3 core principles. Restoring Credibility to the Malawi Economy Post Cashgate; Economic Growth, and jobs for the youth; and Protection of the poor and the vulnerable within our society,” said Patel.

Patel said “ a democratic decision “ was taken by all the MPs in UDF  to take a seat with the Government.

“This was to stabilise the Government in order to assist in restoring credibility in the economy, and with the recent resumption of direct budgetary support a great indicator of how we are moving things forward,” Patel, a former Foreign Affairs Minister, said.

“As Members of Parliament from the UDF party we have intentionally remained quiet as an attempt to keeping internal party issues, internal. However, we also feel that we have an obligation to defend our party when our unity and democratic purpose is put at risk,” added Patel.

Sje said UDF’s work within the government continues to “seek to stabilise and grow the economy to build jobs and protect the most vulnerable in our society. “

She said: “ This work has recently been recognised by two independent Members of Parliament who have now joined our ranks, Honourable Ester Jolobala of Machinga East and Honourable Justin Majawa of Mangochi South West. “

DPP and UDF have been in a working coalition—both inside and outside Parliament—since Mutharika drafted into his Cabinet UDF president Atupele Muluzi as Minister.

Patel said  UDF members of parliament they have “full confidence” in the leadership of  their party president Muluzi and  “will continue to provide him our full support as leader of our party.”

She continued: “  We are now keen to move forward with the business of the House, and continuing to push our manifesto pledges of growing Malawi for all our families and its future.”

UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo  in separate interview backed the  Parliamentary working relationship with DPP, SAYING IT is beneficial to the party and to the nation.

“From the outset, we explained that such a relationship would ensure that programmes of the ruling party which have a commonality with those espoused by UDF will have  a safe passage through the National Assembly. They will become the law of the land.

“Secondly, unnecessary tensions resulting from opposing for the sake of opposing can be harmful to society at large and should be minimised if not completely avoided. Social or political stability is very important. The benefit of our alliance must be seen more from that perspective and less from that of material benefits flowing to UDF and its leadership or members,” Padambo said.

According to Padambo, UDF has structures in all villages comprising a branch to the National Executive Committee (NEC) which  are linked for dissemination of information, particularly decisions reached by higher level structures with duly delegated authority.

“I can confidently say that consultations were done with the grassroots through leaders of representative structures.

“By far, the overwhelming majority endorsed the parliamentary working relationship. Democracy seeks majority opinion not unanimity,” he said.

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Ngozo Che Bwemba

Stop politics of hate,kungoti from opposition kumangochiona mwa opposition basi.


Ask AFORD. People were saying the way they are saying but AFORD leadership was not listerning. What did they benefit. Ask them, some of them are still alive. Mufune , musafune, UDF is going. The goodness with you is your support comes from people who dont know right or left.


This is a good case of ‘Likaomba Wotheratu’ Many mentality challenged and selfish, miserable so called leaders in UDF see the future very bleak for them and think the only way to amass wealth through thievery and corruption is to join the most notorious and incompetent party, DPP.

Watch it Malawians. We could end up with another ‘Lost 10 Years’ just like the 10 years of Muluzi.

God help us. Malawi can, and should not be subjected to another five years, let alone one year of misrule.


UDF for sale…

Rift Valley

Nothing strange here. DPP is in effect UDF

chilungamo chimawawa



I was once UDF supporter. But now I have no any appetite to support this dead party.

UDF is in denial for the silly mistake Bakili made to handpick PM’s late brother to presidency. Now you want to stick close to the president and end up selling your party to DPP. It is very unfortunate that you are part of the architects of hardships Malawians are facing now because you cannot do anything apart from milking the cow. Sure two presidents in government and Chancellor College still remains closed much as it has the name beginning with “Chancellor” who has proven to be an empty headed anti-academics chancellor? Shame on UDF and its ally DPP. Jobs for… Read more »

100% fully support you Atu


We UDF will always stand by malawi first olo wina afune olo asafune but our aim is to put malawi on first and everything next to malawi oky

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