UDF MP’s erupt in Malawi Parliament over Muluzi’s ‘12 years torture’

Malawi Parliament on Thursday descended into confusion as  United Democratic Front (UDF) legislators took turns to stand on a point of order to discuss what they called “12 years tourtre” of  former President Bakili Muluzi, saying his corruption case should be get to logical conclusion.

Patel: We are tired with persecution of Bakili Muluzi

Balaka Central East MP Aufi Mpaweni and  Rashid Pemba of Mangochi Masongola all standing on point of order wanted the matter of Muluzi to be discussed in the House.

But the Speaker Richard Msowoya stopped them, saying matter in court could not be subject to debate.

Mangochi South member of Parliament (MP), who is also UDF chief whip, Lillian Patel stood to say: “People of Mangochi South and UDF throughout the country are sick and tired with the torture of former president Bakili Muluzi… if you want to arrest him it kill him then..”

The Speaker switched Patel’s microphone off.

Other members such as Mangochi East MP Abubakar Mbaya, Mangochi Central East MP Ernest Yahaya, Idi Kalosi of Mangochi North East, Mangochi South West MP Justin Majawa and Mangochi Lutende MP Francis Billiat were rising to speak.

Others were Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo (Democratic Progressive Party-DPP), Lilongwe North East MP Maxwell Thyolera (Malawi Congress Party, MCP) who stood to speak in support of UDF concerns.

And outspoken  Mzimba West legislator Harry Mkandawire also stood to contribute but Speaker stood his ground to stop the debate.

“I am no gagging you members, I am simply providing guidance how this should be tackled,” said Speaker who directed that a formal motion be moved to debate the issue.

Leader of Opposition in the House Lazarus Chakwera suggested that it was better to give the issue time, saying the Speaker needed to consult further.

“It is no secret that I have lamented on the matter several times. The matter is of national importance that needs to be given a priority, but let the Speaker come with a conclusion, say, in an hours’ time,” he said.

As the House adjourned for lunch break, the Speaker announced that the issue could not be discussed as it is still in court.

“I have done consultations and provide my guidance, based on Standing Order 192, that it is not urgent and is within the jurisdiction of Judiciary, and I would consult with the leadership of the House further. But for now, let us continue with the business of the House,” he said.

The development comes after the Constitutional Court in Blantyre on Wensday made a landmark ruling by saying that  Muluzi’s corruption case should continue to be heard after it had dragged for nearly 12 years.

In 2011 Muluzi, applied to the Constitutional Court but he later withdrew the case. However, through his lawyers Tamando Chokhotho and Jai Banda, he reapplied to the court to determine the constitutionality of section 32 (2) of the Corrupt Practices Act (CPA).

The State questions the former Head of State of K1.7 billion ($12 million) during his 1994-2004 presidency which was in his personal account.

Muluzi, 74, and his former personal secretary, Lyness Whiskey, are answering the charges of corruption on the money which government alleged was public funds diverted to the former President’s personal account.

The funds were reportedly given to Muluzi directly from Taiwan, Morocco and Libya for the campaign of late Bingu wa Mutharika, his hand picked successor under United Democratic Front (UDF).

The trial begun in 2006 and to date it has not been concluded, making it one of the most dragged high-profile criminal cases in the country.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing and claims the charges were politically inspired.

The trial opened in 2009 but has been subjected to several adjournments, partly because of Muluzi’s hospitalizations related to spinal problems. Both sides reject allegations that they have been deliberately delaying proceedings.

Local press reports indicate that the State had spent as much as $12 million on the case.

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I think JZU was right when he said there is childish leadership in MCP. If the leader is childish what do we expect the party’s behavior? I wonder why MCP cannot see the drama in Muluzi’s case. MCP MPs should not think their comments on this case will divide the relationship existing between the two parties. MCP are the most happy people whenever they hear that Muluzi is being tortured. MCP has all along been disturbed with the relation between DPP and UDF and thinks this can be the reason to end the relationship. This is myopic thinking because everyone… Read more »
Maluzi BaKhili
Malawiis indeed a shithole country. Bakili is not someone one can waste time talking about. This guy delayed the case by pretending he was ill during Bingu time.Bakili spent time in South Africa pretending he was sick and delaying the case altogether. Soon after the death of Bingu, Bakili was back on his feet and possibly trying to marry again. Just because he sold his party to dpp then he should get sympathy? If there is a person to blame for the woes Malawi is facing it is Bakili. His is the father and founder of corruption and theft. He… Read more »

Zofuna yekha Muluzi izi

Tenzi Mzungu

Inunso a chitsilu eti president amakhala munthu oti anapezekapo ndi mlandu wa forgery?

Incredible. Why are some people so ignorant of logic and protocol as to so blatantly mix politics with the law. The so-called coalition between DPP and UDF should have nothing to do with Muluzi’s case, which it must be emphasized, started more than a decade ago. And there is NO statute of limitations. It would be miscarriage of justice (for Malawians) indeed if the case is not handled in the courts; same miscarriage if Muluzi was just thrown in jail, without due process, as was the rule during that long-gone dictator’s (Kamuzu Banda) and his MCP regime. We are a… Read more »
kaka ni dada

Chisokonezo chayambika , mumaseka MCP kuti akukangana nanga mgwirizano wa UDF ndi DPP uli pati, pano mukufuna muzinena kuti a MCP akukuyambanitsani, inu a DPP mumawoneka ngati madolo mukutuma anthu kuti azisokoneza MCP ,lero bwanji muli ndi chonena , muyankhe ngati MCP yayamba kubwezera , inu munalowa m’boma kudzera ku UDF , MCP idzeranso komweko. Simumatumbwa inu kuti Chakwera sadziwa ndale, muziwona kwatsala pang’ono kucha!


Anthu mukuyankhula ngati kuti Peter or DPP ndi imene ikufuna kuti Muluzi azizengedwabe milandu. Peter wants this case stopped. Buy the courts with Tumbuks judges are the ones insisting on this case. They are doing this deliberately to destroy the DPP, UDF relationship. If Peter went ahead and pardoned Muluzi it is the same people here who are blaming Peter for Muluzi’s continued wooes that will turn around and accuse him of interfering in court matters. Politics at it’s best. Koma Peter yekha simumutha. Munya muona


Well done Patel and other mps who joined hands to stand for the justice. By the way i don’t know why you keeping pushing a real leader whom you blackmailed in order to take his seat using what you call constitution and yet you could amend that.Dr muluzi was blackmailed he is the true leader greedy will kill you people mark my words!


So Muluzi is younger than Peter lets learn something here. The guy is too old to run this country.

Haha West
Can the PAC and ACB check urgently a container has arrived in Malawi it’s at GMS freight it’s containing police officers shoes the value is Usd 988,000 dollars it’s imported by reliance trading owner Karim of lido he is finishing the country either put him in jail for life or deport him he has cars worth mk2 billon at his house and properties worth Mk50 billion he is eating poor Malawians money why is the government not doing anything he has so many cases even at MRA he has to pay Mk30 billion but the case is gone under the… Read more »

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