UDF’s Atupele Muluzi welcomes leadership challenge

United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi has said he would “welcome” a challenge to his leadership when the opportunity arises mid this year at the party’s elective convention after  Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda has  declared an intention to do so.

Atupele Muluzi: Appointed a committee to organise UDF’s national convention ahead of next year’s tripartite elections

Muluzi said he has no idea whether there will be one or many contenders for UDF presidency but said that it is ultimately a matter for members of UDF to decide their preferred leader.

“I would welcome any challenge, there’s no problem there at all,” he briefly commented.

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga said the party will handle the candidacy of any potential candidacy ‘fairly’.

“Although the party is yet to start receiving nominations papers for candidates, the reports that there are some members who are aspiring to compete for presidency at the forthcoming National Conference is good the UDF party,” Ndanga told Nyasa Times in an interview.

“We need these positions to be competitive provide a wider choice for delegate to choose good leaders,” Ndanga added.

He continued: “Infact it should not be just about Honourable Banda, let others join the race as well. UDF championed democracy in the country and we need to lead as an example.”

Ndanga said UDF will do all it takes to make sure a credible and fair process so that at the end of the elective National Conference the party should be “more united and strong” in readiness for the 2019 elections.

Muluzi recently appointed a committee to organise the party’s national conference ahead of next year’s tripartite elections.

The committee will be chaired by Charles Kachikuwo who will be deputised by Mangochi South legislator, Lilian Patel. Other members of the committee are Carton Sichinga, Clement Chiwaya, who is also Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Lance Mbewe, Godfrey Chapola and Clement Stambuli.

Chancellor College-based political analyst Mustafa Hussein has since welcomed the development in UDF, saying the convention will provide an opportunity to clarify major concerns of some of the party’s members.

“People have great expectation of UDF because it is a mother party. It needs to clarify whether the party will stand on its own or will have an alliance with the ruling DPP [Democratic Progressive Party],” he said.

Atupele, who heads the UDF, is currently Minister of Health in the DPP-led government.

Since the 2014 elections, UDF has been in a parliamentary relationship with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) when President Peter Mutharika drafted into his first Cabinet the UDF leader.

As a way of solidifying their working relationship, Muluzi’s party further moved from the opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Only Lucius Banda, then UDF leader in Parliament, defied the party’s decision.

According to UDF spokesperson, the party has never discussed or indicated that it would contest the 2019 polls in partnership with DPP.

Ndanga also said the party has always been guided by its constitution on the issue.

He said the convention agenda will be guided by article 10 (h) of the party constitution which says that the party shall hold at least one national conference every six years to receive and consider the president’s, secretary general’s report, treasurer general’s report and to elect members of NEC and other office bearers of the party.

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What if Bakili Muluzi had not been selfish and allowed Malewezi or Aleke Banda to take over?May be by now UDF could have been a national party like ANC,CCM,MCP .Leaders come and go but the party remains .Sadly the UDF is a family party which will fade with the family’s name. Seriously what chance do you have to lead UDF if your surname is not MULUZI?

But DPP won the general elections twice without Bakili’s help. So nobody can stupidly think that DPP wants to use UDF to win elections. And DPP will welcome any move by the UDF to contest. The DPP will again include this young brilliant guy in its cabinet next year. It is a foregone conclusion that MCP cannot win in the coming elections. WHY? In 2014 we had 3 strong parties in the south which made the southern region votes to be divided in 3 groups. MCP had the advantage to win over this great division. But now with this popularity… Read more »

Santana, you will never stop making me laugh with your upside down analysis.


Hopefully next year you won’t be burning polling stations claiming that your candidate’s name is missing like you did in Blantyre. You won’t be adding 1’s or 2’s to inflate votes for your candidate. Hopefully MEC won’t move the polls to September which is a hot month kkkkkk otherwise there will be a lot of hallucinations ….dzina la Anganga anta sindikulionapo burn the polling station namapopa style!!!!


Mr Satana or what ever you call yourself why can’t you just accept the reality that things have started falling a part in DPP.You are such a wasted sperm .Akanadziwa bambo ako akanavala condom.


Satan has forgotten he predicated the same for the past by elections but look what happened .Your blue coloured blood is is blocking your little brain little man.. the playing ground has changed ask the big wigs in DPP THEY will tell you. Some of us interact with them.

Shithole Country

Very stupid family decision killing the party just to save Bakili Muluzi. Now how does the party regroup? UDF had seats in Chitipa and Mzimba. They stile elections in Dowa South East (Yetala) and Mchinji (Shati).The party once managed to get 93 seats. DPP broke away from UDF and the DPP swallowed UDF just because of greed. Mwatha ngati nsalu ya makatani and forget about my vote.

Ruben Kacheche

Lucius should first change his surname to be Lucius Muluzi ngati zili za Banda zanuzo iwirani man


Best wishes to Lucius

B Mnthali

As long as Bakili Muluzi is around, the elections at UDF convention will not be fair. He will ensure that his son wins the presidency. That is his insurance for the lack of concluding his case. He uses UDF and his son to bargain with the ruling party, whichever comes in. In fact Bakili is the messing up our democracy from behind the scenes. Peter Mutharika trusts Bakili so much that he gets political advice from him.


Are sure munga vitere atupere ngati president… nde mufuna Malawi atheretu… Atupere hes not presidential material .. munthu unduna umulephera .. kodi wapangako chani ku physical planing, pano ku health za ziiiiiii…. mukadati HENRY MUSSA YES WOSATI Madeya anuwo…. banda naye sangakhale president…

Muluzi adawonga this country, as we can seestop Zambia they have food ,Tanzania they have food Mozambique they have food mvula ikungwa bwino konse .. malawi akuti ngamba no food warms akuti kudya mbewu zodabwitsa pamenene DPP pa logo yawo pali chimanga contrary with their MOTO

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