UDF’s Atupele talks ‘rebirth’, keeps ministerial job: Mwenifumbo remains Aford

United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi has not resigned to his Health minister portfolio after he successfully presented his nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Thursday.

Atupele Muluzi: New beginning
Muluzi walks into Comesa Hall to present his papers escorted by thousands of UDF supporters
Muluzi and Mwenifumbo (L) wave at the thousand of supporters after presenting nomination papers
Youthquake: Muluzi, Mwenifumbo, Lance Mbewe and other UDF troops

Muluzi resigned as Machinga North East legislator  to comply with the Republican Constitution as he is running for the presidential race.

“There is so much which goes into the work of a Cabinet minister and I cannot say it here,” said Muluzi as journalists asked him on Thursday after presenting his nomination papers.

Muluzi’s personal assistant Charles Nkozomba was  elusive, saying the Republican Constitution only gives the powers of resignation as MP.

But in his speech after submitting his papers, Muluzi said working alongside the incumbent government has specially equipped him with “the capacity to observe and handle critical issues affecting us, hence UDF is geared towards providing tangible and fruitful panacea to such critical shortcomings in sports, human rights, food security and nutrition, fighting corruption, women and children welfare, international relations and national economic growth. “

In a separate interview, Muluzi’s running mate Frank Mwenifumbo said he has not joined the UDF.

“I am still Aford (Alliance for Democracy) and my president remains the Right Honourable Enoch Chihana,” said Mwenifumbo after the presentation of the papers.

He, however,  refused to give details, saying spokespersons for Aford and UDF would do so after a communique of both UDF and Aford is issued.

There was a bus full of Aford supporters at the nomination of the papers function at Comesa hall in Blantyre but conspicuously missing was Aford president and Mwenifumbo’s political arch-rival Enock Chihana who on Wednesday attended the UTM Party rally in Blantyre.


In his five-minutes speech after presenting his papers, Muluzi said that marks “the genesis of our journey, our journey to attainment to absolute freedom.”

“Freedom where everyone including those in the peripherals will go to the hospitals and access the intended healthcare services. Freedom where quality education will not just be a mere dream but realised in tandem with global standards with special attention to the satisfaction of all role-players.
“Freedom, freedom where we will realise that agriculture is the hub of Malawi’s economy. Hence it will be rendered special attention to benefit the masses who have for long struggled and toiled in vain to make ends meet,”said Muluzi.
He said by presenting his nominations for the second time lucky at the presidency, it ushers in the rebirth : “A New Beginning – of a young nation with ernomous ambitions to drive us all to a better living which will be attained through provison and creation of meaningful employment for the hungry and thirsty young Malawian population. “
Thr youthful presidential hopeful said UDF “as one of the  masterminders of meaningful and practical democracy, forsees a creation of a sound, vivid and conducive environment for investors from within our own vicinities and beyond through intensified and sustained security systems.”
He said the  fruits of the said security will trickle down and protect the endangered citizenry like women, children and people with albinism thereby  “no longer shall this country be labelled as a cauldron of violence.”
The UDF presidential candidate said his pair with Northern Region’s youthful politician  Mwenifumbo is the “perfect choice”  whose fruits will sustainably go on to benefit the subsequent generation.

He said Mwenifumbon has served in different capacities on the political arena and he brings with him the much needed wisdom and experience.

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1 year ago

True Democrats resign if they are in govt that is failing to give good health care services to its pple & Atupele being the Minister of Health, a govt that is so corrupt, a govt that undresses women & a govt that fails to protect the killing of pple with albinism.

1 year ago

Wow what a bad combination Karonga will not and ever accept UDF Mr Muluzi you are just wasting your time unless your father apologizes to the people of Karonga picking Mwenefumbo does not mean you have convinced People of Karonga .

Wake Up Sleeping Malawians Wake IUp.
Wake Up Sleeping Malawians Wake IUp.
1 year ago

Those who love postitutes will vote for Mwenifumbo for he is the number 1 political prostitute. of Malaei politics. Frank Mwenifumbo is a political postitute who was first at a rally of Bakili in Karonga to call for a THIRD TERM for Bakili. Then having been elected again as Aford MP for a second term he was amongst the first to support Bingu in Bingu’s fight with Bakili and was even instrumental in Bingu’s marginalisation of UDF and the formation of DPP after Bingu and Mwenifumbo came back loaded with U S Dollars from Taiwan, using the dollars to buy… Read more »

1 year ago

“Mdala” sorry AFORD is already dead and it has never attempted rebuilding itself. The party is strong largely in Rumphi, constituency of Chihana himself, otherwise it is not as strong as it was during the period of Denis Nkhwazi, Mapopa Chipeta, Matembo Mzunda, Mordecai Msiska et alius!
Splitting the youth vote is a far fetched dream

1 year ago


1 year ago

it will be clear until APM presents his papers,watchout the game!

Mangochi kabwafu
Mangochi kabwafu
1 year ago

New beginning kuti, chamba basi. Ziapangilani agogowo campaign.

1 year ago

Atupele is working with DPP to split the youth vote and eastern region vote , mwenefumbo is working with DPP to kill the AFORD that was ‘re organising itself. There is nothing here.. maintain opportunities

1 year ago

Useless just join Chilima

Truth Pains
1 year ago

Another waste of vote, both of these candidates are greedy to the core.

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