UK’s Scotland Yard to investigate Njauju murder in Malawi: MCP MP moved the motion

The British government  will  be sending  Scotland Yard to come to Malawi and solve the brutal murder of former Anti Corruption Bureau(ACB) director of corporate affairs Issa Njauju,  two years after the country’s law enforcing agencie  failed to find those who killed  him.

British High Commissioner to Malawi Ms Holly Tett: Scotland Yard coming to hunt for Njauju killers

British High Commissioner to Malawi Holly Tett confirmed that Scotland Yard will send officers with the skills investigate such  cases and availability to assist Malawi.

She said the UK has “responded to the Government of Malawi’s request for technical assistance” to support the investigations of Nauju murder.

The murder of Njauju has been a great political storm in the country.

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Nkhotakota South East Member of Parliament, Everson Makowa Mwale,  is the one who moved a motion in Parliament that United Kingdom’s Scotland Yard should be invited to assist in the investigations, after Police claimed they were having difficulties to find the murderers as the said the killers  must have been sophisticated in their evil action.

Malawi government then through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tmebenu  wrote the British government  for help in an admission that it has failed to conclude the matter on its own.

Government spokesman Nicholous Dausi, however, played down government’s failure to hunt Njauju murderers, saying it is “normal in security circles to work with foreign experts.”

Dausi, who headed the State spy agency before he was appointed Minister of Information, said  Malawi government still has confidence in its security apparatus to carry investigations.

Nkhata Bay South South East member of Parliament (MP) Noah Chipeni  said the police in Malawi are failing to do their job well because of political interference.

He is on record telling parliament that “our investigating officers cannot do their fine job which they are known to be doing if constantly put on a short political leash.”

Chimpeni said  “ it is not to undermine our investigative institutions when we call upon government to ask for outside help but it is basically to deal with the delays that we have witnessed in these cases.  And again, it is not to accuse our men in uniform of any maladroitness but it is because of delays that we have witnessed.”

Njauju was killed in July 2015 and his body was found half-buried behind the presidential villas in Lilongwe, while his official vehicle was found burnt at Mtsiliza, a slum which is a few kilometres west of Bingu National Stadium.

Three people have so far been arrested in connection with the murder but the police have been continuously saying they are still investigating the issue.

One of the suspects,  a police officer, Titus Thombozi. Another is  Frank John who was arrested after being found in possession of Njauju’s mobile phone,.

Another police officer was also arrested after he allegedly claimed he knew Njauju’s killers.

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Popeza akaluakuluwa adzakhala atayenda kale tiyeni tiphe mbalame zingapo ndi mwala umodzi by including on their terms of reference investigation of who killed Matenje, Gadama, Twaibu Sangala and Chiwanga. Malawians also deserve to know the truth as to what happened to the Chisiza brothers and a Mr Madinga. Let the country make us of these experts to find out answers to unanswered questions. Of course Lucius Banda already wondered as to how ‘ kamtengo kang’onong’ono’ supported the vehicle at Thambani. Scotland Yard please find answers for us.


this i a very goo news…wina amva pain

Kayuni Kalyalya Kawila Mlomo
Kayuni Kalyalya Kawila Mlomo

Koma adausi, are you sure your hands are clean on this? Tisamvetu kuti kwachitika cardiac arrest tu!

Amuna Kudambo - UK

Welcome idea but it’s too late. By now, some vital evidence has already been destroyed and the government has already covered up its tracks. That’s why they have the courage to involve Scotland Yard. This case bears all the hallmarks of state involvement.

Kayuni Kalyalya Kawila Mlomo
Kayuni Kalyalya Kawila Mlomo

Still somewhere someone might have left some traceable footprints. I have faith in the professionalism and diligence of British police. I still believe they will be able to unearthed some evidence that would lead to the culprits being apprehended. After all the starting point is just where you have pin pointed – state involvement.

Chaponda Uyo

The British need to get very involved in to help bring sanity to the country’s administration.

Else this primitiveness is an embarrassment to the entire English-speaking world. It’s as if we inherited savage life to our colonialists.


This is two years too late. What can Scotland Yard do now? The killer(s) have had two years to remove all traces/evidence of their crime. This is all a smoke screen by the DPP government to appear to be concerned about solving the murder.


I am sure someone elsewhere is shivering with this news. Soon you will hear the corrupt police saying Scotland Yard should not come because we are about to get to the bottom of the matter. We are about to conclude our investigations..blablabla! The reason is that they want to shield someone who has committed a crime.


indeed someone is shitting himself particularly in statehouse


we want the same for chasowa

Nox Nthambi

hahahahaha wina amwa tameki ndithu. Scotland Yard? Lets wait and see/hear


This is good news, may be we’ll now know what happened to dear Njauju, I wish this could be extended to Chasowa and Mbendera cases as well. We’re in multiparty democracy and to let incidents like these go unnoticed is a great setback.


nkhani yochititsa manyazi izi…at the same time those people taking leadership role in the first investigation they should resign there no competence in them….zikuwonetsa adamupha koditu iye adali ndi ana nde kumupha wosangomuchotsa tchito bwanji? amalawi tiyeni tikondane sukulu adaphunzila yekha you could have tald him to resign…. mbendera naye adafera za ine akanena chilungamo i beleive bwenzi alipobe..


Mbendera paid for his foolishness. He fed a young snake into a fully grow up snake. It wanted more food which he couldn’t provide so it eat him. No need for Scotland yard in his case. Njoka saweta. He betrayed Malawi and paid the price.

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