Uladi claims Joyce Banda grooming son to inherit PP leadership

Fired People’s Party (PP) member of Parliament (MP) Uladi Mussa, who was also the party’s vice-president responsible for the Central Region, has claimed that the party’s founder and president Joyce Banda  wants to bequeath her office to  her son Roy Kachale, who is Zomba Malosa MP.

Uladi: The ‘Change Goal’ politician says Joyce Banda wants son to inherit party leadership

Joyce Banda: PP leader

Roy Kachale PP’s MP for Zomba Malosa and son to former president Joyce Banda is now the party’s vice president

The firebrand politician said he has been fired alongside  PP vice-president for Eastern Region Ralph Jooma, the Mangochi Monkey Bay legislator because Banda is clearing the path for his son to in herit  the party leadership.

Banda’s son, Roy Kachale, has since  replaced Jooma as vice-president for the Eastern Region.

PP, ousted from government through the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections after a two-year stint, resolved to expel Mussa for the offence of bringing the party into disrepute.

“I have been removed because Joyce Banda wants to clear way for her son to take over the party leadership,” claimed Mussa in reaction to his expulsion from PP.

“She once told me that she wanted her son to be the party president but I advised her to just let us appoint him to some  party position un preparation for the presidency. I saw this coming because I have always opposed to that idea,” he added.

“The truth is that People’s Party National Executive Committee (NEC) did not meet but they only received direction from Dr Joyce Banda to fire me from the party. All in all l am not shaken by the move,” Mussa said.

But  PP spokesperson Noah Chimpeni said  Mussa’s claims are at the height of absurdity.

“Uladi Mussa was acting PP president when Khumbo Kachali and Mzomera Ngwira were fired , was it Joyce Banda again? He is just tasting his own medicine,” said Chimpeni.

On the sharp rise of Banda’s son to be second in command in the party, Chimpeni said it was unanimous decision of the partys politiburo.

“As you are aware Mussa has been telling people that we are on working alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which is not true.

“Let me put the record clear here that NEC made the decision without the influence of party’s president Dr Joyce Banda,” Chimpeni added.

Meanwhile, Jooma, who relinquished his position as PP chief whip in Parliament,  has challenged PP to expel him other than wasting time to summon him to a disciplinary hearing to defend himself even though he has already been removed as vice-president.

Jooma said he found the decision erroneous considering that he has already been removed before being heard.

“Even in a family, you do not send your wife to a servant’s house  and say you will be sleeping  there but  you should be stuck with me and never go anywhere you are stll my wife,” he said.

He said he would not attend the disciplinary hearing if he is called to explain himself.

Jooma’s transgression was to speak in favour of working with the DPP during President Peter Mutharika’s visit to the Eastern Region last week.

However, Jooma admitted to commending Mutharika for what he called the good work he has done in turning around the economy.

The PP NEC also found evidence of a placard in Jooma’s constituency which declared that he was for DPP, according to Chimpeni.


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UDF , DPP AND PP are all family parties , not surprised with Roy taking over PP as it is her mothers party.

The move by PP expelling the two has bruised MCP more than PP itself. It is obvious that the two are marching to DPP. Whether one likes it or not there is strength added to DPP. We know that even if the guys were still in PP by 2019 the party would not win the elections. However, this move has helped to add some strength to DPP. If PP can consider making an alliance with MCP it will be just a waste of time because the party is not strong enough to add a winning vote. Whatever we can say… Read more »
Alomwe Enieni

Good move PP, these two greedy people Mussa and Juma are the ones who blocked Electoral reforms bills in Parliament together with DPP MPs , zitsilu izi mwachita bwino kuzichosa


These two are the most stupid and confused politicians of whom no-one should take them seriously. They stuck their feet one on what they have and another on what they want to have not because they feel the pain of suffering masses but their own gain of which we are yet to see or otherwise. A mountain looks greener from afar as much as you admire someone’s wife when the very same person thinks yours is more beutiful than his; we call it greedy, wanting to have everything that looks good all for yourself.


Mr Uladi can’t you see that its the way Malawian politics goes. Atupele inherited UDF from his father. Enock did the same with Aford and Peter from his brother. Its not new. Only MCP is taken by non-relations. So wise up man.

Mbola Yapatali

Mr. Uladi Musa what is strange here? Achair left UDF in the hands of Atupere, Bingu left DPP in the hands of Peter. The problem with Mr Uladi is that he is a political prostitute who can be picked by anybody who is in control of the government. Maybe the best that this guy can do is to resurrect his dead Maravi party and groom his sons for future leadership of that party.


Though am not a PP fan but he only Political heavy weight in the Party at the moment is Kamlepo……in my view


Uladi Mussa stop barking like a dog without an owner, nonsense!!!! Roy is better off leading PP than you an illiterate fool. Mdyomba wachabechabe..go join your fellow dyombas who are married in Thyolo, nonsense.

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