Uladi urges DPP not to change presidential winning team: Navicha says Mutharika’s old age does not matter

Member of Parliament for Salima South, Uladi Mussa, said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), should not change a winning team for the forthcoming 2019 Tripartite General Elections.

Uladi Mussa making a point during the briefing -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Mary Navichi shares a word with a colleague -Pic by Roy Nkosi

He said this Wednesday during a DPP Members of Parliament (MPs) press briefing at Golden Peacock, in Lilongwe where they issued a communique endorsing the candidature of President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika for the party in the 2019 elections.

Mussa said DPP had Mutharika while in opposition in 2014 but managed to win elections and take over government meaning people had trust and confidence in him.

“Mutharika is a winner and will always be a winner. You don’t change a winning team and 2019 elections, DPP is surely poised to win and remain in government,” he pointed out,

Mussa who was among the pioneers of the ruling DPP in 2005 under late President Bingu wa Mutharika regime noted that in politics avoid experiencing things especially regarding an election saying this is a crucial moment where you need to safeguard your supremacy and support.

He said Malawians are ready to support Mutharika for a second term of his 10-year constitutional mandate to rule the country.

Mussa said it would be very unfair for certain individuals to come out saying the president should pave way for someone after only serving five years of his 10 years as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

The Salima South Parliamentarian said Malawians should allow the President to fulfill his mandatory term to govern the country and it was very undemocratic to force someone to leave office before his time.

“DPP is winning the next year’s elections and Mutharika will rule the country until 2024. The President is delivering development projects throughout the country and there is need for all Malawians to support him regardless of their political affiliations,” Mussa added.

“Age is just a number. Someone can be 60 but doing nothing but you can have someone in his advanced age but very active and delivering things to people. We are convinced that Mutharika has delivered and we want him to continue,” Member of Parliament for Thyolo Thava Constituency, Mary Navicha retorted.

She said people of Thyolo Thava would continue to support President Mutharika and are ready to vote for him come 2019 elections.

Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu South, Joseph Mwanamvekha said the party should not be shaken with social media politics as his constituency fully supports Mutharika’s candidature for 2019 elections.

“In Chiradzulu South constituency, the people only know one political party and that is DPP and no one else. I have been a member of the underground movement of the DPP since 2004 and am still a member of DPP and my support will never change for anyone else,” he said

Mwanamvekha who is Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development said Chiradzulu South has benefited tremendously from Mutharika’s development initiatives.

He cited the Teachers Training College, hospitals and improved road networks as some of the developments that have taken place in his constituency.

Member of Parliament from Zomba, Mark Botomani, said the eastern region is happy with the leadership of Mutharika and are ready to support him come the 2019 elections.

He said Mutharika had delivered a number projects in the region including the Zomba- Jali- Phalombe road project which is near completion.

Botomani said the President has honoured the people of Zomba by making a provision for the district to have a stadium to enable many youths to do their sporting activities.

On her part, Phalombe North MP, Anna Kachikho said Phalombe as a district has developed for the better with a rural growth centre under construction which was initiated by the President.

She said people of Phalombe would like Mutharika to continue running the affairs of the country because they are assured of continued development projects in their areas.

Kachikho, who is also Minister of Lands, Housings and Urban Development said people of Phalombe are happy with Mutharika’s development agenda and will continue to support him fulfil his plans.

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19 Comments on "Uladi urges DPP not to change presidential winning team: Navicha says Mutharika’s old age does not matter"

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Shithole DPP

The most shithole politician or greedy person Malawi has ever witnessed is Uladi. He is dustbin stuff. He is septic tank stuff. He is sewage stuff.


a uladi mussa m,dala wa mitala uli mmaluzi wapita ku boma hule iwe wachakachika ndipo kudera kwako uluza ndithudi


mukunamizana a dipwipwi inu mu 2019 kaya mukufuna kaya sumukufuna mukutuluka m.boma inu ndipo zinthu zisintha basi munya inu mwayesa monarchy dzikoli kapena ngati zaufumu

Bvumbwe pa kwawo
I would choose to differ with Hon Navicha, If you say age is just a number, why do we not marry our children at the age of 16? We have campaigned to say they are still young. why have we chosen 60 to be the retiring age? we assume that at this age someone has to retire and rest and become advisors to the younger generation. So you mean the future leaders of Malawi are still in the process of being baked and they will realise their full potential when they are 60 and above. We all know that when… Read more »

We shall meet them one day and remind them. Time shall tell. We HV some from the past who did what they are doing. Where Are they today?


Uladi Mussa, a pure political prostitute


Uladi has the right to say his choice for the 2019 presidential elections. There is nothing wrong with him endorsing APM.


It’s high time Malawians should start ignoring people like Uladi Mussa with the CONTEMPT they deserve. Uladi has been vocal in Malawi politics over the past 20yrs, but what can he show as a tangible contribution to the nation? I’m not sure about his own constituency in Salima but certainly NOTHING for the country. He is always blown by the political wind, self-motivated by greed for power &money.
Do we wonder why as a country we have failed miserably making meaningful progress compared to our neighbouring countries? Our MK is the most useless currency in this African sub-region!!!
SHAME on mediocrity!!!


I occur with you,this man is just there for financial gains not to contribute to the nation.If you see people jumping from the opposition to the ruling party just know these people are there for their family not to serve the nation


Mussa is just a political prostitute. Alibe ndi manyazi omwe. I have live in his constituency for six years. I tell you there is nothing tangible that he can point as his contribution to the constituency. Constituency yomvetsa chisoni kwambiri. Kuyambira ku Ngozi, Khwidzi, Chipoka, Lifidzi, Mchoka, Mphunga, Chazima palibe cholozeka chomwe chachitika pa za zaka zonse Uladi wakhal MP mderali. Pano akunyengelera a mipingo kuti a musapote mderali.


He is just jumping from this party to the other without integrity.We must also stop this trend of stupid prostitutes politicians who just fool voters by voting them into Parliament with the party and next morning your woke up you hear that he in the ruling or the other party.The MEC must nullify these seats for us to have by-elections.By doing so,our politicians will have integrity

Salima for MCP

The problem is his pipo look at him as if he is the president of this nation. They are the ones suffering

Shithole DPP

Old age matters because once old it means you are towards the end of your life. At 80,munthu umayamba kudzikodzera ngati mwana and ukadwala the chances of survival are very slim. Bingu died of old age and nothing else. The Mugabes are very few in life. There is a big chance that Pitala could notmake it to 2024. Very small chance. Wakalamba and we must accept it. MCP forced Kamuzu to continue but he was a very old mad though wiser than Pitala. Pitala watha msanga mpaka kumamwetsa wana vibukhu? Onani a Goodall ndodo pali ponse.

chimanga chaponda

Uladi fearing his stalled court case…… ulowabe

Binnwell Kachikopa

Mukungovutikapo inu! Muliratu ndi nkhalamba yanuyo come 2019! Mumva madzi! Ntchito kuba, kunama, kumwetsa an asukulu mowa! The sole reason why you are defending Mutharika is that you are all thieves and you are fearing the consequences. Mulungu simunthu nonse akuba inu, a ndipsi, agulukunyinda muli mmadzi. Malawians akufuna kwabwino will rise against you thieves. Ntchito kugulitsa u citizen ship kea ma foreigners basi?

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