Undule calls CSOs for dialogue to ensure peaceful protests: Malawi ‘Day of Rage’ Thursday

Governance activist Undule Mwakasungula has called for dialogue with civil society organisations (CSOs)  to ensure peaceful protests on Thursday March 2 2017 hold  in Lilongwe when activists take to the streets to hold “Day of  Rage” demonstrations.

Undule: CSOs should give dialogue a chance

The CSOs demand transparency, accountability and an end to impunity which they claim has reached disturbing levels in the country.

However, Mwakasungula, who organised the in famous 20 July, demonstrations and is now towing the government line, said he dialogue is the best option in any advocacy.

Undule said the memories are still fresh on how 20 people were killed by law enforcers  during the 20 July demonstrations.

“It was not intention for the country to lose such people but other people  with ill motives just invaded the demonstrations,” said Mwakasungula.

“For sure as a democrat I dont dispute demonstrations which are a constitutional right to every citizen but that must be the last resort,” he said.

“We should avoid comparison to the 20th July 2011 demos which were in different times and unique. The times and terrain have all changed of course with new challenging factors but also with more opportunities for open engagement and dialogue than the current unnecessary confrontation.

“We should have these demonstrations after exhausting all channels of engagements and dialogue. Remember such actions might be hijacked by opportunists and may result in loss of innocent lives and properties as was the case of 20th July demos,” said Mwakasungula.

Mwakasungula said time has come for Malawi to develop and move on.

“The nation must at all costs create and support an honest dialogue framework with some lessons from the 20th July demonstrations. We must avoid moving in circles as a nation by pursing efforts which will take us nowhere.

“Malawi must give dialogue a chance because we will continue finger pointing, accusations against each other, political bickering and all sorts setbacks against the interests of national development and unity,” he said.

Mwakasunguila added: “We seem to be a nation that lacks a common purpose, vision and unity. But we must remember that in any action we want to take Malawi is the only country we know.”

According to Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence, whose organisation is leading the protests alongside activists Billy Mayaya and McDonald Sembereka, the CSOs are concerned about President Peter Mutharika’s silence on the Maizegate.

“The CSOs demand nothing but full implementation of the inquiry recommendations. We call upon all relevant duty-bearers, including President Mutharika to provide decisive leadership in the fight against corruption, especially among those at the apex of government.

“Since these issues came out, the President has decided to remain silent. We are wondering why the silence. We need him to come out and address the country after the two reports. We have already sent notices of the protests to relevant authorities,” said Trapence.

According to a copy of the notification of the demonstrations sent to Lilongwe City Council and copied to Lilongwe Police Station and Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, the protesters will march from Area 18 Roundabout from 7am, to City Centre and finally present a petition to Msowoya at Parliament Building.

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Mika Kumbire
It’s true the guys organizing these demonstrations are tainted and of questionable character. Trepance is a gay activitist. Billy Mayaya has credibility issues. He accepted a position with Danchurch Aid while knowing that it was in conflict of interest. (Loves money); He demanded MK3 Million Kwacha from the Govt to call off demos. Sembereka is a PP operative. Coming to CSO frontline after losing a parliamentary seat simply smacks of desperation. With such opportunism these guys are simply crying to recognition and money. I don’t like DPP but Maizegate cannot no longer be used as a basis for a demonstrations… Read more »

Undule is an idiot. In 2007 he pocketed K25,000, 000. 00 money and foiled advocacy on Kayelekera. He has been eating that now that it is finished, he has resurfaced.


Undule Mwakasungula is now just a spent force. He is not relevant now. He has now turned himself into DPP boot licker. All respect I had for this man is no more there. Mwakasungula, zingodyani ma bread opatsidwa ndi DPP.

odya ban
Undule do you seriously believe that ‘time has come for Malawi to develop and move on’ under the DPP? With all this theft, corruption, murder and arson. Please do not deceive the nation. You got your share in the plunder by siding with corrupt people. If you do not feel the pain of a rotten government please leave those that are feeling the pain to express it by way of a demonstration. I cannot believe its you talking about negotiation when you know pretty well that APM and his DPP do not believe in negotiations. I am aware you are… Read more »

Undule was palm Oiled…. I cant believe he was bought


dunderhead we already disowned you in the north .you are nothing bro where was that tongue dialogue when you facilitated the death of 20 Malawians?


Undule long sold his soul to the highest bidder-DPP. He must be one of the discredited people notorious for betrayal! Mtambo sangakumvereni chifukwa akukudziwani mawanga anu enieni.


stupid mwakasungula ,zidya bazi lakolo ife wl go ahead wth demos,unaphesa anthu ndie lero uziti tikambirane iwe bwanji siunakambirane nawo mnthawi yako ija?.


Undule Mwakasungula and Gospel Kazako you caused the deaths on 20 July. The love of money that you have will not bring peace to you and your family. Please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour otherwise the blood of 20 July will haunt you until God’s judgement day. Do not take the ignorant of people for granted. God will definately judge you. Please just repent.

Zander mutiuze

Its better to die in Malawi Streets than in South Afrika stoned by a mob. Go and demonistrate. Enough is Enough. Its better with demonstration than revolution. This stealing should stop. Or better die. We are dig anyway.

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