Undule: Public Police partnership key to crime and gun control in Malawi

Democratic community policing, crime and gun control are areas I have tirelessly worked upon for years as a resource to government and Malawi Police. Therefore I cannot turn a blind eye on current concerns on gun violence and crime.

Presient Mutharika with Police officers

Presient Mutharika with Police officers

When dealing with public security we refer to combating and prevention of violence. Some believe we need to deal with violence at its roots, looking at social exclusions, poor income distribution, unemployment etc. While others urges for adoption of efficient public security policies which take into account the need for profound reforms of the whole criminal justice system.

Living in poverty can mean living in fear without adequate means of protection. Safety and the right to live without fear is important to citizens. The fear of violent crime is a key threat to public safety and a challenge for both the public and law enforcers.

As we talk of gun violence, it is no secret our country is facing challenges. The problem could be attributed to a number of factors, one being the effects of arms proliferation within the Southern Africa region due to civil war in Mozambique, porous borders which have increased internal traffic of goods and people and use of legal guns hired to criminals for crime.

But we cannot shy away from talking about the demotivation of our police, their pathetic housing, low salaries which cannot make them meet their daily basic needs. The end result is we attack them to be corrupt through mounting of numerous road blocks or speed traps as if every citizen is suspect.

Of course road blocks contributes to improving our national security but we need effective and sustainable means of public safety and security.

Note our police has been going through reforms since 1995, these reforms aim at systematic transforming the policing style, standard and culture to ensure meeting the safety and security needs of the citizens. Change from police force with no human rights values to a police service with professional and citizen centered.

The current public outcry on crime and gun violence increase therefore must be a basis of the nation in encouraging public police partnership to ensure safety and security of citizens. With public support the police can effectively combat gun crime and improve safety and security which creates conditions for development to take place.

Sustainability of this partnership can only be cemented if our police are accountable in regard to respect for human rights, rule of law and understanding public security from a human rights based policing and as a prerequisite for sustainable peace and development.

We must continue strengthening efforts of effective interventions such as awareness, gun collection and destruction programmes, equal distribution of opportunities including looking at the welfare of our police.

We may replace Inspector Generals or Ministers of Internal Security but if we don’t come up with effective strategies for national public security or create conducive environment for every Malawian to be productive and responsible, we will still be moving in circles.

For God and my country!

  • Undule Mwakasungula, the former director of Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a human rights columnist on Nyasa Times
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Go Undule Go ! Dot be bothered with these DDP agents , they are always bitter win you because you strongly challenged them during thier evil rule. The article is well presented and written and those with eyes have seen and it’s only those with satanic eyes that can’t see anything. Even if he needs a job anything wrong with that ? He is a national asset for sure and if he was interested in politics he would have been an MP and a strong Minister for that matter ! What you are writing is what you experienced so whether… Read more »
Most of us are commenting without knowing the structure of this organisation Undule worked for. CHRR is a solid NGO with sustainable structures which Undule himself and others contributed to build. CHRR is not a briefcase NGO like many of these NGOs around making a lot of noises. What I know is Undule is out of activism and handed the mantel to Mtambo. CHRR has a succession structure and it’s not like those family’ NGOs or those NGOs leaders are refusing to leave. Undule keep on writing as we have known you doing noble work for the nation including the… Read more »
Wonderfully written Undule ! I know you have been in a fire front championing issues of gun violence and nobody who knows will deny that. Government and police are aware about that. I know this had nothing to do with CHRR or whosoever …you Championed this with or without your organisation.. You were a really resource to government and police…those who don’t know let them know of your great contribution to many sectors in our nation. My interest is not whether Undule was the champion or not on gun control but the issues he has shared . Gun Violence is… Read more »

Malawians really needs help. You need to understand issues and not personalities. Bravo Undule for a well written article … It’s up to the people and nation to see what is required on national security. The problem with us as a nation is we are akways blind … Open your eyes to see Amalawi.


The choice of name Matako a pusi (No. 12) reflects your thinking. The project is not “owned” by CHRR and Undule will not steal anything. Mtima wa Cashgate umenewo, you are just thinking of what you will personally benefit or lose.

Mtambo do not get involved in this stupid thinking.

matako a pusi

Undule should apologize 4 writing on a project of chrr where he was a director and used the information for personal gain and publicity by writing this article mr mtambo warn this undule guy akuberani project ngati anachoka wachoka basi

matako a pusi

In all fairness undule should not hijack the gun project at chrr otherwise ayambe zake undule kapena he should go back to chrr ngati anasiya leave things to mtambo to run the show at chrr

mr fair comment

Dungusman you areilly a forner director of any organisation can’t use information he gained in hid former job for personal gain undule amusiyile tembo project ya mfuti ku CHRR iye azipanga za u boni again adwalasotu matenda osaziwika


Comments are coming out far from sense,read the article and understand it amicably then comment.
They have even mentioned the part of Undule to Nyasa times,and someone is asking y Undule is writing this, nonsense.
Amalawi ife,we will never get unlocked if we even don’t know that we are locked.
Kip it on, Mr Mwakasungula.


Denguzman even the devil knows the word of God but still remains devil.

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