Vuwa Kaunda wants return to Parliament in 2019

Presidential Advisor on Unity and Parliamentary Affairs, Symon Vuwa Kaunda has expressed his desire to contest in the forthcoming tripartite elections for Nkhata Bay Central Constituency parliamentary seat.

Kaunda: I want to be MP again

Speaking in an interview, the former legislator said he has bowed down to demands of constituents who pleaded with him to represent them in parliament in order to accomplish developmental activities he left in 2014.

“People in the constituency have realized now that they made a mistake to vote for an opposition leader who often finds it hard to implement development programmes.

“Development is always initiated by the government and it is difficult for an opposition leader to facilitate development projects as priority is given to MPs who are in government and I am not even surprised why people are eager to have me back,” Kaunda said.

He assured the people of Nkhata Bay that their livelihoods will be improved in all aspects of life once voted again.

Kaunda said, among other things, he would like to improve the living standards of the youths in the constituency through creation of employment and provision of access to training opportunities for them to be self-reliant.

He further said he is willing to construct clinics in the constituency as people from rural areas find it hard to travel long distances to access treatment at Nkhata Bay District Hospital.

President Peter Arthur Mutharika during his recent development rallies in Chitipa District touted Kaunda alongside Goodall Gondwe and Jappie Mhango as cornerstones of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the North.

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Vuwa, first tell us what you accomplished in your last term of 10yrs as an MP?????????? and secondly you are too old, washed out politician, 2019 we malawians want young bloods, smart and trusted, its time for all you nkhalambas to retire. “2019 IS TIME FOR YOUNG BLOODS”


So its true that where DPP MPs are its where development is? Poor governance indeed! mmesa Malawi ngwa tonse uyu? Fine Pple should answer Vuwa.


These 3 people did not win parliamentary seats indeed, but the few votes which went to APM through them made the party to go into government. Msowoya please chonde talekani kunena za Afford pa ndale za Malawi. I wonder if your assessment is giving you hope that Afford can come back from its grave.

Wanangwa Chande

Vuwa has been on that position for 10 gud yrs but nothing tangible that he can show, he should stop dreaming that he will ever claim that seat again, Raphael Mhone will return that seat, we have seen some developments in just few yrs he has been an MP compared to Vuwa’s 10yrs…………

winston msowoya

Muthalika must not hoodwink himself that his three puppets: G.Gondwe,Jappie Mhango and V Kaunda will win in the next general elections of 2019.Whatever the case,if AFORD wins all the MPOTO SEATS which is most likely at this point in time,the people of the North deserve economic development funds eventhought they are in minority.These people pay national taxes as the rest of the country.Of the three candidates,only Gondwe commands popular support of the Northern voters and the remaining two,are just political prostitutes without any value to the nation as a whole.


Mr Vuwa you were in that position before how come you never contructed anything to write home about


Vuwa Kaunda has started dreaming. Ralph will beat him clean again in 2019. The man (Vuwa) lacks characters that make him a leader. He behaves like a mad person. Ada Kaunda lekani kujipusika 2019 mwamulapulikaso ndi Rafael. Nyengu yinu yikuma. Lekiyeni anyinu wo angayendeska umampha nchitu.


wishful thinking. Ralph Mhone has done alot than Vuwa 10 years. Ukagwele ku chithamphwi.


Raphael Mhone is the man of the people. He is going to get landslide victory come 2019, period!

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