Wa Jeffery advises Mzomera to end his political nomadic life

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General, Grezelder Jeffrey,has said Member  of Parliament for Mzimba Hora, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira has returned to the ruling party as a prodigal son and advised not to move again.

Wa Jeffrey welcoming Mzomera back in DPP

Mzomera receiving DPP materials

“Mzomera Ngwira is like a prodigal son who has returned home. Let us all work together to strengthen the party. I would ask Mzomera Ngwira to settle down because a rolling stone gathers no moss,” said Wa Jeffrey

Mzomera returned to DPP one year after he was expelled from People’s Party.

He announced his return to the ruling party on Saturday during a launch of Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP) Phase 8, at Bulala in the area of Traditional Authority Chindi in the district.

Ngwira told the gathering that he has decided to go back to DPP because of the development being implemented by the ruling party across the country.

“I am like a prodigal son and I want to go back to my father. I cannot continue to oppose after seeing a number of development projects such as MAREP phase 8 being implemented,” he said.

Ngwira assured DPP leadership that his constituents are ready to work with government to spearhead development in their areas.

The legislator further refuted claims that President Mutharika practices tribalism saying the inclusion of a number of people from the Northern Region into the cabinet minister clearly signifies his love for all Malawians despite the regions they come from.


In his speech, Minister for Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka, said government is committed to ensure rural areas are electrified.

He said the launch of MAREP Phase 8 at Ngomiyawo means that 346 Centres in Malawi have been electrified.

“It was only the constituency of Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira which was not fed with electricity and today we are happy to launch this development under MAREP Phase 8, which will see people developing and investing in small scale businesses that requires electricity. Under this phase, areas such as Ngomiyawo, Bulala and Endindeni in this constituency will be electrified,” said Msaka.

District Commissioner for M’mbelwa Council, Thomas Chirwa thanked government for the MAREP Phase 8 project

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Tafwa Chipalamandule

Total shame on Ngwira – the recycled politicians! Muzatha ngati Brown Mpinganjira inu!

Rift Valley

During the 2014 election campaigns, we used to ORANGE, ORANGE AND ORANGE everywhere. The colours faded and disappeared after the elections.

We now see BLUE, BLUE AND BLUE, especially now that DPP has a master thief as the party’s Secretary general. DPP will have a shock of it’s life when it is booted out in 2019.

As for Ngwira and other. fortune seekers, be reminded that NSABWE YOYENDAYENDA INAKOMANA NDI CHALA. You have just shown you are people without principles.


North, North, North, North. Do you think with Mzomera you will gunner support from the north. This is idiot carry party cloth on the head. So you agree with that prostitute Glezelder that north with not produce president until Jesus comes. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a stranger from DPP

Politics can real make people to become foolish. Look at this imbecilic man heading blue cloth. I laugh my lungs out.


stupid mzomera mesa umanena pompano kut this government is not good lero kma wapanga join believe me 2019 seat imeneyo ikupita kwa wina.chonchi ndie mkuti atumbuka azalamlira ndi dyera lake limenero

Zander mutiuze
Kamuzu Banda might have been dictator but he was right in many things. After Kamuzu things went wrong. One Bakili did not know how to run a nation. He thought he could run the nation as business. He talked about business no education. Banda did not give Vintenge free. People bought Them. To day all parties give vitenges free. My question where does the money come from? Malawians are now used to get things free. In this world we live there is nothing for free. During Kamuzu there was forced party cards. If Bakili Muluzu had turned those cards into… Read more »
Natty Prince

Ana anjoka inu 🔥🔥🔥mbalame zilubwelera muchisa.


That means Mzomera area has bn electrified after has shown interest in joing back the dpp


madzi kuchokera mubeseni kuthiridwa mulichero,ndiye zimene ziri kuchitikazi



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