Wa Jeffrey tells Callista Mutharika to stay off  DPP politics 

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Greiselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey  has told former First Lady Callista Mutharika to sort out her personal problems with the Mutharika family privately instead of dragging the DPP into the political muddy water.

DPP’s outspoken secretary general (SG) Greselder Jeffrey: Let Callista sort out problems with Mutharikas

Callista, widow to president Bingu wa Mutharika, has given an open support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima to become DPP’s presidential candidate for the 2019 elections , saying he was the only hope for the country despite that her in-law President Peter Mutharika declared himself the party’s presidential candidate.

She said DPP cannot win with Mutharika as a presidential candidate.

Jeffrey said Callista has a family feud with the Mutharika’s to sort and should not bring politics to it.

“She can sort out her personal problems with the Mutharika family without involving the DPP.  Callista has no position in our party therefore she cannot make any decision. We all agreed to have professor Peter Mutharika as our candidate and nothing changes,” said Jeffrey.

Callista said she remains one of the founding members of the DPP and has a right to correct things in the party  her late husband founded in 2005.

“Some of the people who are making noise were not there when we were forming the DPP,” said Callista.

Callista said when her late husband was creating  DPP, she was a Member of Parliament of  a United Democratic Front (UDF) and part of the block that moved at once to be part of the founding of the DPP.

In Saturday’s interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), Callista alleged that some people, who were critical of her, were once involved in corruption scandals, but they now hold senior positions.

She said at a time some individuals were busy strategising and campaigning to become legislators, it was also time that her views were heard so that poor Malawians are able to put in office people with clean records.

“We have to share ideas so that we vote for a leader who would assist us and develop Malawi,” she said.

The former first lady urged capable politicians, not only Chilima, but also in other parties to come forward and contest as presidential candidates of their parties.

“Leadership must never be given on a sliver-platter, people must sweat for it,” she said.

She said she is Catholic and she stands for justice, love and peace, hence she has decided to speak for the poor and  dismissed Jeffrey’s reactions.

“Between me and the  person who is saying all those things, who could have a more solid say on DPP matters? And she, the one doing the talking, what’s her past? Isn’t her name associated with the theft of public funds? Wasn’t she associated with allegations of the theft of K187 million? Isn’t she the type that’s hell bent on corrupting the mind of our leader? It’s time Malawians began asking themselves tough questions: who is this person saying all these things? What is her past? Isn’t past prologue? Isn’t she in this to simply enrich herself and destroy the economy of our nation? Malawians need to be asking themselves such questions. Out there, lots of people would like to progress. As a nation, we need to help those who seek progress. We must not waste our energies on thieves like these. People are tired of poverty,” she said in her tough talk.

She said Chilima is the right candidate for the party because he is highly educated, he has vast experience as chief executive officer, has lived in Malawi since he was born and has many friends in the country.

Chilima is yet to comment on the views expressed by Callista.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi also refused to comment on the matter.

Callista fought a bitter legal battle with her step children soon after the death of Bingu over the estate and wealth of her former husband.

She served as director of politics in the DPP  before she married Bingu.

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Callista chilungamo wadziwa lero hiiiiiiiiii zamanyazi ndinu amodzi mwangotikitana powawa musatinamize ine kwanga nkupenya koma former amai mwaonjeza nkhanitu ndi ya nzanuyi uyu mmati ndani uyu Gertu simumva naye bwino azimai ndife anthu oyipa kwambiri wina akakhala pa mzende basi mtima mmwamba osamva bwino

George Mazira a Mbewa

Wa Jeff is right, let Calista sort her problems with The Mutharika family outside, outside DPP. By the way who does not know that she is working with Chakwera and MCP?


Dausi has also refused to comment, I quote. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk DAUSI as talkative as he is, chonena chagwera mkati lero. Akudziwa kuti Callista has thrown in the last bomb that has killed DPP. Chonena chagwera mkati DAUSI hahahahahahahaha. Ziliko chaka chino. Sadyeka wadyeka lero. Dausi wakaniranji commenting pomwe u were always commenting nkhani za nkholokolo za MCP. Thank you Callista


Callista has said it all, the people sorrounding the president are just forcing him to stand again for their own benefit and not necessarily that of the mother Malawi, its time President Aurthur Peter Muthalika listens to the voice of reasons, its time the nation comes first than personal gains

but heeeeey this is Malawi…………… watch out the HOUSE OF CARDS Malawi EPISODE


The problem with DPP is that choose useless people in their positions. Jefrey is mbuli yamunthu who only knows how to steal. Do you think the Chapondas are stupid by not responding? Yes, there might be family problems in the Muthalikas but that’s none of our business. What Callista has said is the whole truth and isn’t new. Many people have said this before. Truth really pains a Jefrey zavuta apa.

Gucci Grace

Game on! the truth hurts! she has spoken for millions of Malawians, I wish we had more people like her! DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Calista has spoken and people are now talking what she said. whatever you want to call her whatever she has sais has an implication on DPP. It is not the only one who thinks like this. We should thank that one who decied to leak what was to be a private conversation between members of whatsap group. I wish Calista had mentioned his/her name. He/She thought Calista would deny it. He is a courageous woman. Now she has set the agenda

Silica gell

Azimayi akupangani support poti mukutsogola Nokha kukolana mmbuyo. Chakula apa nkuchitilana nsanje azimayi


Callista the gold-digger ankafuna kulanda chuma cha ana. What has she been doing all these years osapanga chake chuma. Asatisokose.


Bola mwauzidwa chilungamo O Banda kuti Che Pitala akalamba udyo, nzeru olije zoti nkuyendetsera dziko. Callista bravo!!!


I quote, “What has she been doing all these years osapanga chake chuma” Sanapange nawo chuma chifukwa iye simulomwe , ndipo sadziwa kuba chuma chaboma, amaopa MULUNGU.

OOO OOOH God please Remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of my fellow MALAWIANS so that we can see that BUSHIRI IS the Answer to the hardships the country is facing otherwise We will regret like never before in human history THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOW MAY GOD BLESS OUR LAND !

Tell us how Bushiri is the answer!


Komatu dzuwa salozelana,APA chalilendo palibe calster wakhonza ,tonse tikuona mpaka enafe tinathawira maiko a nzathu kuti mwina Moyo ungasithe

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