Wanangwa Mbereka in K40 million Malawi Housing Corp plots scandal

While many Malawians are struggling to buy plots or houses from state owned Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC), its former Deputy Chief Executive Officer Wanangwa Mbereka allocated to himself plots worth K40 million, Nyasa Times has established.

MHC head office

MHC head office

Mbereka, who is now seconded to the ministry of information, culture and tourism, is said to have abused his office to allocate the plots in Central and Northern regions in 2013 alone.

He was one of political strategists for ousted Peoples Party (PP) in the run up to the 2014 tripartite elections.

According to Financial Statements for MHC for the year ended June 30, 2014 which Nyasa Times has sourced, Mbereka used his power in 2013 to award a total of 10 plots in the central and northern region to himself and Zinqaba Trust Fund which he owns.

Only one plot no 43/383/177 which was allocated on May 29, 2013 at the value of K5, 714,880 is in his name while the rest of the plots are in the name of Zinqaba Trust Fund.

Zinqaba Trust Fund were allocated a high value plot worth K24, 379, 400 in Lilongwe plot no. 6/0369 on June 18, 2013 out of which K17, 078, 500 was paid leaving a balance of K7,300,900.

Five plots in Area 49 in Lilongwe were allocated to Zinqaba Trust Fund on the same day September 30, 2013.

“Repayments of K11.8 million were received from Zinqaba Trust Fund and the sum of K8.9 million was still outstanding as at the year end. Zinqaba Trust Fund is owned by Mr. Wanangwa Mbereka, the then Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation,” reads the financial report in part.

Three plots in Mzuzu were also allocated to Zinqaba Trust Fund on the same day, January 10, 2013.

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Tim Masamba

This foolish boy who lives in Area 14 is a fool he thinks he has all the brains but all he know is how to suck up to political leadership of the day!!! He has no spine and faints very fast when under pressure. Joyce Banda and her adopted thieves have destroyed this country forever.



Please ACB come to here at Tobacco Control Commission and see how Bruce Munthali is abusing and its management is abusing the office. Ma 4 x 4 angogulitsana pa mtengo wa K400,000 and Bruce everyday kutenga allowance as if he is going ku field.


Munthu mmodzi akalakwitsa chinthu anthufe timachita generise. akalakwa wa katolika timati akatolika amati, a seven amati, a ccap amati, kuleka kungonena walakwayo kuti amati. the same with tribes akalakwitsa mtumbuka, mchewa, mulomwe, mtonga, mchawa mmodzi timati atumbuka amati, achewa amati, alomwe amati, atonga amati, achawa amati.

Ine koma munthu mmodzi wakumpoto amene ali civilized ndi a mfumu Kyungu basi. Timakunyadilani mfumu ndinu wachilungamo. Mukadzudzula chinthu ndiye kuti chaonongekadi simutengera kuti you are northerner ayi, I wish m’busa Nyondo akadatengerako nzeru zanu mfumu.

peter phiri
Malawi has a moral decay over money and greed imagine what is happening in Dowa district over FISP. 1. FISP COUPONS HAVE BEEN SOLD TO VENDORS . – Main Vendor the Bussinesman at Nambuma trading. – Mr msowoya the FISP coordinator has enriched himself and has bought 200 + bales of tobacco.AND THE assistant DADAO ,MR CHIRWA has bought a vehicle – Mr Yamikani is now multibillionaire building houses at Madis and Kasungu. – Mr Mtafya the AEDO at mndolera used his personal car during FISP at some cost. – AEDC for Mponela rennovated Govt house at Mponela over K350,000.00… Read more »

aTumbukafe mwangodana nafe. Inuyo mulipo migolomigolo ife tiripo ochepa. Koma mose mwayambira kutida, kutitchula posayenera kutitchula. Olo mutokote bwanji, Ambuye alinafe.
Muisovatu, simunati.

Ineyo ndine mtumbuka ndipo am so sick of hearing you shameless tribalistic people go on and on about atumbuka. All the presidents weve had in Malawi are not tumbukas has Malawi developed after 51 years since independence NO. The reason why we are not reading about alomwe ayawo achewa stealing is because you are in gov Bingu stole billions did it stop you from voting for Dpp NO. Alomwe and Ayawo you are the reason Malawi is in an economic mess you never learn umbuli wanuwu you think every mlomwe should be president. Thats why tikuti federalism tisiyeni tikhale patokha… Read more »

Are Tumbuka not malawians?If you dont need them please leave Malawi and go where there is no corruption.Tell us which tribe does not get involved in corruption(or is not involved in corruption)?????

plz make contructive criticism .

Trevor Manyi

577 BILLION woyeeee

Chisomo Makapu

Atumbuka. ISIS


Much as I despise tumbukas, its a wrong to generalise all tumbukas as thieves or looters. Every tribe can steal. Tumbukas are bad people yes, but lets not bring tribal issues where we should not.

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