Wapona faults two Malawi ministers as Murekezi fights extradition to Rwanda

Lawyer representing genocide convict Vincent Murekezi in the extradition case has faulted two Malawi Ministers in their involvement in the matter as he successfully applied for a judicial review at the High Court in Lilongwe.

Murekezi fights extradition – photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Lawyer for Murekezi: Wapona Kita smiling after getting judicial review –Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

The Principal Resident Magistrate’s Court dismissed the extradition case against Murekezi, citing inexistence – at that time – of the bilateral treaty between Malawi and Rwanda and irregularities in the manner the State presented the case in court.

Malawi and Rwanda recently signed the extradition treaty which the State wants to use for removal of Murekezi.

In his application for judicial review, private practice lawyer Kita queried the involvement of Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Francis Kasaila for signing the bilateral treaty for extradition, saying he has no powers to execute the Act under Section 3 of the Act.

Kita also faults lack of treaty domestication, absence of an extradition request and failure to lay subsequent legislation before Parliament.

He is also against Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia decision to implement Extradition Treaty before being domestication in Parliament as stipulated in Section 58 of the Constitution.

“A declaration that the first respondent [Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation] acted ultra vires and unreasonable in the Wednesbury [irrational] sense and that his decision to enter into the Extradition Treaty between Malawi and Rwanda is null and void,” Kita’s application reads in part.

Malawi Police arrested Murekezi on December 8 2016 after a grouping calling itself Concerned Citizens piled pressure on government to have the Rwandese extradited over genocide case.

The suspected fugitive offender has lived in Malawi since 2003. He initially applied for temporary residence permit after securing police clearance.

He is currently a convict of a corruption case involving the Rwandan and the then Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) official Komani Nyasulu committed the case in 2008.


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17 thoughts on “Wapona faults two Malawi ministers as Murekezi fights extradition to Rwanda”

  1. Mulopwana says:

    Kita zikafika pamenepa anzako amaituluka watani kodi sellout leave our peacefull country alone ayamba kuphana okhaokha ku Dzaleka sunanve iwe wakukaya? Be patriotic man for once. Muzatigulitsira dziko atumbuka iņu mxiew!!!

  2. aMALAWI says:

    Nanuso a minister a Justice osangoti ma lawyer have the audacity to excute their duties as professionals..ai ! Ena joined the profession to enrich themselves quickly others are driven by lunatic powers when handling a case instead of jealously protecting justice zimene tikuona Wapona kita/ murekezi vs Malawi/Rwanda tussling on a dangerous Murekezi extradition.AM NOT a law expert but moral integrity tells it clearly that Wapona cannot take up dangerously a serious case that of murekezi. a Malawi akuti zigawenga muno toto !! ndipo nthawi yakwana a Malawi we must rise against such stinking moves.How can wapona kita fault Gvt ministers in murekezi issue
    ? kutha mantha eti? Wapona kita ukuswata chibuku cha malawi constitution day and nite page by page thinking that every bit of legistration ought to apply in judicial parameters for a specific case like that of dangerous and horrible criminal Murekezi .I hope you want to become a billionaire in Murekezi case.Patriotic fellow lawyers of your time stepped back to represent criminal Murekezi in the beginning due to their integrity and consciousness.Murekezi must be extradited to face justice in his country.

  3. Wanjiko says:

    Wapona,ndarama za Murekezi zikukomenge wa mwana.

  4. box says:

    kita pali zinthu zina not to handle in a childish way, this person was involved in a brutal murder of innocent women and children in his home country (over 800000 people) think if you were in their shoes how could you feel. kita watch out there is GOD out there and he is watching you with your useless arguments.

  5. That is why I don’t trust lawyers as they don’t fight for justice but riches for their their families and a chain of night queens.God is watching.

  6. Wapona Kita. You break my heart in disbelief that you find it justified to continue making counter arguments canningly trying to block Malawi Govt to extradite murekezi to his home country in Rwanda.Are you a bonafide Malawian?where did you do your law school ?why and why do you want a hard and dangerous mammal to stay in Malawi just for the sake of money to accumulate riches for yourself?drive poshy cars in town,live in descent house and enjoy comfortable life at the expense of state security? Murekezi must be extradited to face justice.He mercilessly took part in the killing of over 8oo,ooo minority Tutsis.Kita you better slow down this time.You are wasting Govt time and money.Believe me if it were any country other than Malawi where people in authority amalekelera mpaka zinthu ziwonongeke ndiye atenge action, you would have no room to play “baby games” in Murekezi case. Already you would have been repremanded.By the way are you not the one who caused a stear in Bakili Muluzi Keza building court case a couple of years ago?

  7. chikopa says:

    Kita. Kodi ufuna abwere aku Burundi and do harm to your family? Let your
    client go and answer for his crimes. There was a genocide and if you do not
    know it watch some movies or documentaries. There is no joy in protecting
    the evil as it will come to haunt you. The spirit of those killed by him are
    crying for his blood. It is time to let go Mwana waku Kaya.

  8. YEBO WA MOSES says:

    Justice sometimes betrays

  9. Nyau Thing says:

    Money inaphetsa Yesu! Wapona ndalama sidzinakukwane busy kuikira kumbuyo munthu woti amadula anzake manja! Murekezi amati akafunsa kuti “long sleeve or short sleeve?” iwe kuyankha kuti “short sleeve” kumayetsa kuti akupatsa gwanda unkangowona wakudula mkono kumtunda after chigongono. Iwe ukati ” long sleeve” uli ndapeza shati yovala kutchalitchi umangomva chikwanje ngwee! Wakudula dzanja lokha! Mhhhh! Dikira uwona adzakudula shaft yakoyo!

  10. kape says:

    mbambande kita

  11. happiboy says:

    kita is marvelous

  12. milward mwale says:

    Please don’t put spanners in the extradition process. Let him go to his country and face justice. If he will be found WITH NO CASE in a court of law in his country, you can call him back to continue charting you since he is your friend. Malawi is not a haven for genocide suspects. WAPURIKA NGANYA!

  13. Pangani says:

    Do not blame Kita. He is just doing his job. It was up to the state to fight the arguments. If the state lawyers are weak they are likely lose. They were supposed to consult the constitution more widely before the treaty was signed in order to seal all holes that would be identified in this process. So, its not about Kita, but the cash gate government for failure to do their work thoroughly.

  14. Aka says:

    Running away from the issue at hand just to delay the extradition process…You know pretty well that to pass through all parley forum it will take a year………

  15. Muonosile says:

    Amalawi anzanga, these names, Wapona Kita, Murekezi ndiokha okhatu amenewa si a malawi awa ndi ma Rwandese awa. Kuteleku akutetezana mdziko la weni

  16. Batapo Yose says:

    Kita please note that money will never buy justise, the truth belongs to the accused himself there is nothing that you know about him

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