We’ll ‘force’ Chilima to contest Malawi presidency in 2019: Callista Mutharika talks of  ‘political suprises’

There will always be suprises in politics, former first lady Callista Mutharika has  said  to confirm her stand in support of  Vice-President Saulos Chilima to lead the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as presidential candidate in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Callista Mutharika:  Brace for surprises 

Chilima:  Being put on spot

Callista, the widow of DPP founding president Bingu wa Mutharika, said in interview monitored on Capital FM radio on Friday, she was of the opinion that it was Chilima who would be a better leader.

She said a group of like minded people who wants “a better Malawi” will force Chilima to contest for the hot seat.

The former first lady was confirming her sentiments through a WhatsApp forum for former members of Parliament (MPs) that Chilima was the country’s hope for a better future.

“There will always be suprises in politics,” Callista said similar to what former UK Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan once said.

Responding to a journalist when asked what is most likely to blow government  off,  Macmillan said “events dear boy events.”

The quote is repeated throughout Westminister till this day like a bible verse.

And Callista was on it emphatically.

“I am talking about the people of Malawi. I am talking about the17 million Malawians, I am representing those people,” she said in the Capital Radio’s interview.

Asked by the journalist what feedback she has got from her opinion to support Chilima,  the former first lady said “it is very positive, because people  understand why it has to be like that.”

Pressed to explain why she thinks DPP cannot win with President Mutharika as torchbearer, she said: “This is not the time for me to be talking about that, its  not yet ripe for me. But time will come  when not only about me but others in DPP will give you the reasons why we have to change to Saulos Chilima.”

Callista said she hasn’t met Chilima to discuss about  him running for presidency.

“But  we will force him, we will ask him to run for  presidency because we feel that he is a better person than some of these people we are hearing about,” said Callista.

Asked if Chilima is ready to contest for the presidency, she said: “ I think so, he  has the capacity to lead the country and he is a youthful person.”

Responding to a journalist question why she is not willing to support the incumbent President, who is her in-law, Callista said: “Should I be supporting somebody because she is part of my family. Who should I be supporting, an individual or the people of Malawi.”

There was no immediate comment from Presidemt Mutharika or the DPP but the comment clearly shows there  division in the Mutharika family.

Office of the Vice-President press aide Pilirani Phiri also refused to comment on the matter.

University of Malawi’s political analyst Ernest Thindwa said the former first lady was simply expressing her opinion, probably based on her objective assessment of the situation in the governing party.

Callista grabbed headlines when she fought for Bingu wa Mutharika’s wealth with her step children.

Some sections of society blame her for ill advising Bingu during his second term of office which led to the former president increasingly becoming arrogant intolerance and dictatorial, a charge she denies.

Her comments come  at a time when the country is commemorating the death of Bingu six years ago.

Callista claimed some DPP officials were shutting her up on the matter.

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Whilst Callista’s political reading of DPP internal standing is 100% correct, the answer though may not be Chilima, especially if he has to be “forced” to come forward. I totally agree with the sentiments that DPP is in serious need of a progressive, youthful, energetic and visionary leader (anyboby else but Peter Mutharika); but I believe though that the party needs to truly apply it’s mind and interrogate those that raise their hands for leadership position, at the yet to be announced elective conference. The party should use its Ethics and Intergrity Commitee (if it has one such commitee) to… Read more »

Callista wakodzera pogona. She has never been clever this woman, except for her good looks, m’mutu ndi mamina okha-okha.


Good move .Chakwera wins we are in safe hands .Chilima wins we are in safe hands.I shudder at the thought of power falling into the hands of Marshals ,Ben 10s and company. What will become of Malawi? If people became billionaires in one year of being mere aides.Sazatimalizapo ? Young people let’s not trust crooks.


santana wamumvera Callista pa wailesi, she is emphatically giving genuine reasons about the grandpaaaa and do you refute what she has said that the party has zilombo and its these zilombo zimene zikunamiza grandpaaaaaa? Sincerely APM will be in a state not good to be leader from next year when he clicks 80. Abale zoona zimene akupanga goodal at 86 mukuona ngati akanapanga at 60.

Musaumilize munthu chifukwa mwakonda kufooka kwake ndipo mukuona kuti zikukhala zozizila kuchita zonunkha zanuzoooooooooo!! Peter has attained scrap value in as far as leading a country is concerned…………………………..!!

Tenzi Mzungu

If Chilima is indeed a big deal he should just form his party. It seems Calista has personal issues with our beloved APM. APM booooooooooooooooma

Point of correction Calista was not First Lady of Bingu, the First Lady who was the mother of the nation was late Ethel Mutharika . It is the lady who gave sound advice to late Bingu, hence his first 5 years we saw the great development. Calista came to state palace due to death so to call her First Lady is not right. She came to Mutharika by crook. She wrongly advised Late Bingu this lunatic woman. Chilima is a well behaved young man who can not take silly advice from this lady. Age has nothing to do with leadership… Read more »
Quiet observer

In this case she’s very right. APM is not a leader.inu mukudya nao nchifukwa mwadana nacho chilungamochi. Corruption at an all time high, economy in shambles, magetsi ndi awa amavuta daily wa and the best solution a whole leadership of a country can come up with nakhala gensets kumangobela amalawi at every opportunity. If you can ignore all that and say APM boma it simply means mukupindula nao pamsana pa amalawi as they suffer..or you’re a blind follower

The Patriot
APM has NO leadership qualities, FULL STOP! He is just lucky that his late brother was president and set the platform for APM to easily bulldoze his way to DPP leadership! Callista is very right….APM is a failure and these 5 years of his leadership are even worse than those of Muluzi. SKC can easily beat APM in a leadership contest if they competed on a level ground. APM should just retire in 2019…he has nothing new to offer Malawians!!! Let him retire and play with his grand children in USA. Amangwetu APM akufunanso chani in 2019? Tatopa ndi clueless… Read more »
Kanthiti Mzandu

Kwavuta kwavuta inu mukhale chete ndidzakumenyerani nkhondo inu muli chete ndipo awa mukuwaonawa simudzaobaso tiyenazoni



Dickson Dzida

Callista has taken a wrong path. She has no mandate to appoint who can become the presidential candidate


She has not appointed but she is nominating

Dickson Dzida

In what capacity is she nominating

Usual Suspect

Has she appointed anyone? That is a mere opinion.

Quiet observer

She is entitled to an opinion and has expressed it well. She just happens to be a high profile individual

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