When angels are born women

Some angels were indeed born women. In this case, an angel was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dzingai. They named her Melody and out of her, wings of hope have grown through Melody Visionary Trust.



The wise will say charity begins at home and, marry the saying. Ever thought of sharing a little something with the needy? It shouldn’t matter how little God’s blessing is deemed to be. The response needs not to resurface. But, for Miss Melody, any blessing on her is enough to bring back some lost smile to the poor.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe but with Malawian roots, Melody Dzingai is equipped with the little she has and ready. Like David and the pebble, ready to pounce on the Goliath troubling the poor’s peace. She swears to keep the milk taps running for the needy children and women in the country through her non-profitable charity organization, Melody Visionary Trust (MVT).

The courageous Zimbabwean Rotaract and youth public speaker, also a presenter at Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel, believes in strength behind unity. She dreams with other man-power added to her movement, much can be achieved.

“Under the motto ‘Together we can do more,’ the sky is our only limit.” MVT realizes the importance of education in the anti-poverty struggle. “We think every child in every country should have a good education,” says Melody.

Her organization also propagates for economic empowerment of women in a society that is yet to prove its love and affection for women in their struggle for economic autonomy.

“Every woman in the country should have equal opportunities and should be catered for both financially and physically”. To evade prospects of taking her for a radical feminist, Melody depicts love for the blossoming of the society as a whole.

“In fact, every Malawian citizen should be financially stable and every community should be healthy and strong,” highlights the young Samaritan.

According to Miss Dzingai, the founder and president of MVT, the organization is dissevered into four branches. MVT means business. Following passion to the end. Melody can never let the heart down.

“First, we have what we call ‘Be kind to the blind’. The programme was launched in Ndirande and we have adopted 15 people so far.” These are the same people that line the streets, arms stretched to directions they don’t really know, only to end up getting coins from pockets that boast thousands of banknotes. Melody and her MVT won’t let them down.

MVT’s second branch serves men and women with physical disabilities. It’s branded the ‘Physically Disabled Arise’. “We launched it in Bangwe and we gave food, blankets and other items to over 400 physically disabled,” she says. Imagine 400 glowing faces. It means making a difference in 400 lives. Life, isn’t anything else.

“Then, sticking to the organization’s women economic empowerment aspect, MVT came up with the ‘Women Encounter’ initiative. “It’s a branch that targets the improvement of Malawian elderly women’s living standards”, says the organisation’s president.

This is homicide to marginalisation of women in the largely patriarchal society Malawi tends to be at times.

According to Dzingai, the initiative was launched in Nkhotakota where they managed to provide some items to 25 elderly women.

“Lastly, we have the ‘Youth Impact’ branch,” Dzingai says.  Unlike the other three, this initiative is still in the pipeline. A sign Melody never tires from dreaming. She simply can’t. Not after the hope she’s managed to restore in the souls of the other vulnerable groups. “It is an empowerment programme for the youth,” briefs Dzingai, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at Deryang.

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need to be scrutinised thoroughly. It may be inconnection to bushiri philosophies not a standalone organisation as presented

akulu akulu

angelo ndi amuna.ngati alipo akazi wina andiwuze

Make Bebe

Amalemba nkhaniyi amangonfunapo mkaziyu asaaaaaaa nane ndi ka ngenge bwera undione.


What is angelic in her? Or you have never been lucky to see real angelic ladies? Please chose adjectives that fit the picture portrayed here!


Wanted to comment but my colleagues adequately represented my views. Eeish!

Che Ngana

Osangolemba Bukhu Lozitamandilaro Anthu Agule Bwanji??Nanga Kungoika Mwala Wamaziko “angel” Mukazamanga Ndi Zinazoterozotu Ndiye Tizamva Kuti Paradise On Earth Mweee.


Acts 20 vs 35, to GOD be the glory.

Ras Mix

what’s the story all about ?


I lost interest midway as I read the article. Too much praise for the young woman! I got lost in the subjectivity being displayed.

Iam conviced to the best of my knowledge that this writer is just another “new kid on the block”. Its more of praising (if not overpraising) than letting us know the real staf on the ground. The truth of the matter is; we know nothing about her & your duty was to make us aware of the projects she carries out not convicing us to believe that she’s an angel. This is unprofessional, unless otherwise. There’s only one name which appears in your article without even some references to back it up if all the mentioned projects are REALLY benefiting… Read more »

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