Where the Casinos Came From?

Casinos have a long history that dates back to ancient times. Dice was among the oldest games to be practised by the people of that time. Archaeologists have equally revealed that some prototypes of dice were created several years before Christ and were specifically used for fortune-telling together with magic. 

All this tradition started in the ancient Roman Empire, within a short period of time, a public place was made where the Circus was created. This was a specific place where visitors were playing craps and placing bets. From then the place gained popularity and many people got interested in the casinos and it started spreading to other parts of Europe slowly until to date where it has filled the whole world. Nowadays we see lots of new online casinos featured at CasinoDeps article and other gambling portals but let’s dive into the history:

The First Casino in Venice

It was about 1638 when the first casino was established at a place called Venice. The word Venice meant ‘a little house for gaming’. The Casino was called Il Ridotto in the specific name which had connections with the word Venice but this in Italy meant ‘a small house’. 

At Il Ridotto, visitors were entertained in a number of ways including dancing and nice music together with meals and drinks of all sorts were also served. The place was typically designed to amuse people with gambling activities at the time of the famous Venetian carnival festival. There were few rules to be followed here for one to get the privilege for example:

  1. There was a specific dressing code for the casino visitors;
  2. There were specific behaviour patterns to abide by and finally;
  3. The casino players had to order some specific dishes from the menu.

This first time casino also managed to pay its taxes which was an advantage to the state as it was another source of income for the country. Unfortunately, with time there were challenges coming from the church in a way it was not happy with the kind of amusement and so it forced the government to make gambling an illegal activity hence closing the first casino.

Casinos Spread to Europe

Casinos started in Europe in the 18th Century which brought all kinds of casino games around. There, Monaco became the first city to build a modern casino facility having a variety of games including blackjack and slots. By the end of the 19th Century, casinos had expanded to most of the European countries making the games more and more popular. Las Vegas was the home of everything and it made casinos become a product of few elite men who either gambled for real money or for fun.

Slot Machines Appearance

The first slot machine was designed and assembled in the 1890s by Charles Frey. This was typically called the one-armed bandit due to the bandit design used in making the first machine. Slot games grew from then to become so dominant in most of the cities making it a choice for many. The well-designed themes and bonus rounds make the game more adorable to the players. 

The game is one of the players’ favourites and has gained popularity and equally grown to different levels which include the video slots that can be played on devices of different kinds. This was only possible in the 1990s when the internet took over and players got more lucrative with the game.


Comparing the traditional form of gambling to this new one has clearly shown how gambling in modern days is much easier and enjoyable as compared to the later. In these modern times, gambling is mostly done to make money although to some extent it is for fun.

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