Why always Maneb leakage? And why are culprits not punished? 

The story of MSCE examination leakage, always, begins as a romour from some yapping whistleblower.

Then, that romour spirals off—to contain it, Maneb officials comes menacing with three kilometer rebuttals, even sending out strictures, issuing threats of lawsuits to those in the devilish acts of spreading such ‘fake news’.

The rumour, unfortunately, doesn’t take threats; rather, it takes an oath of resisting death. It spreads like wildfire, and then boom! you have examination papers all over social media.

Embarrassed to the core, Maneb pins its tail on the buttocks, admits the leakage and blubbers that the leakage will not affect the outcome of the results or integrity of the exams’, while at same poking its eyes at the Ministry of Education to rush to the rescue.

The Ministry plays a political game of buying time as Secretary to Education Chikondano Msusa, in a statement, has done, saying: “We are in a board meeting and will come back.”

Well, let me warn you, fellow Malawians. In that meeting, they eat, drink, sign against bloated allowances and then go home after a successful scheme of protecting the culprits behind this game of leakages.

If such a meeting were that useful, we should not have been talking of leakages in 2020. Such meetings are as useless as their attendee that is why this song of leakages sounds more like a long extended John Chibadura song.

For years we have lived and suffered the wreck of these leaks, I don’t remember a year we have seen or read a report detailing the malpractice.

We have never heard of any head chopped from Maneb—the same ugly faces are always there planning leaks and destroying the future of tens of thousands of our children.

At least, these leak masters at Maneb should have had pity, just this year. These students have been buttered with COVID-19 seclusions and, really, the only way to comfort them is to leak the papers they have so waited to write?

These are key issues that President Lazarus Chakwera must been seen to be taking decisive actions. We believe, at a stroke of a pen, he must dissolve board and send these leak masters where they are supposed to be—jail.

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Joe Guta
Joe Guta
27 days ago

Please my fellow Malawians, let us be united with a common goal of developing our beautiful country. What is happening at Maneb is destroying the future of education, our children and our country. Let’s put politics aside and concentrate on building the future of our children and country. There is no university for any political parties but that of Malawians who might be affiliated to any political party of their choice as democracy demands. Let’s in haste find the cause of these examination leakages and uproot them without mercy. If it requires dissolving the entire Maneb board, let it be.… Read more »

1 month ago

Onse akutsogolera kubera mayeso ndi kuchita zinyansi zina m’boma ndi aja adapita ku university mwa quota system.

1 month ago

Tonse alliance,This is not agood time to be sleeping.The enemy is still on the battlefield.
We are have dpp cadets all over the government machinery.
This is sabotage…Please wakeup

Palibe Anganene (Ngane)

Mwalemba zoona zokha munthu wamkulu. Tiyeni tikhlae serious for once as a country. opanda chimodzi choti amalawi as a people we are serious on !!!!??? ifeyo ikanakhala nthawi yanthu there were these leaks sitikanapitiliza sukulu ayi, chifukwa anthu ena osalimbikira akadatiposa mkupitilira wa ku college. dziwani kuti ana ena kumudzi awerenga koopsya ndi njala njala kukonzekera mayeso amenewa kuti nawonso adzakhale anthu pamawa, koma zoona akankhonze ndi ena oti akusoveledwa just a night before exams?

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

This government is very stupid in the sense that they are keeping pure dpp cadres as CEOs. What do you expect? Sabotage. Gerald Chiunda without mincing words is a dpp plant. We all know about Felix Jumbe. He left MCP and joined dpp and worse still contested for a parliamentary seat under dpp. Why are you keeping a person with clear colors of dpp? There is Helen Buluma who appears in the Nation as being appointed as acting CEO for Nocma. Buluma was contesting for a seat in dpp executive at its convention in 2018. Why is MCP behaving stupidly… Read more »

Bob Finye
Bob Finye
1 month ago

Stupid thinking

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob Finye

Ndipo very stupid thinking osati sewerotu

29 days ago

Chicken thinking

25 days ago

Dont rush to dismiss him. The guy has a point. I strongly support his point. The cadets are bent on frustrating the current government

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