ACB obtains CCTV footage of bank deposit in Malawi anti-corruption czar account

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has said it has obtained a CCTV footage showing a man who made a cash deposit of K2 million deposited in the bureau’s boss Lucas Kondowe’s First Merchant Bank (FMB) account.

Depositer in FMB on CCTV footage

Depositer in FMB on CCTV footage

CCTV footage obtained shows man depositing

CCTV footage obtained shows man depositing

The deposit slip indicated the money came from a Mr A. Majid.

But a CCTV footage which Nyasa Times has also accessed shows a man arriving at the FMB in a disguised manner, wearing a cap and tinted glasses.

He kept his head down through and through and pulled an envelope to deposit the cash.

The depositor was conspicuously seen to be hiding something.

ACB officials said they investigating “leads” on the matter.

Kondowe, reported to Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama, after he realised that in his bank account there was a deposit of K2 million from Majid.

He suspects the deposit is “work of detractors”.

Kondowe said he is interested “ to know the motive” of the depositor.

The ACB boss also asked FMB management not to allow anybody to deposit money in his account except himself or a direct member of his family.

Kondowe before he was appointed to head ACB, worked at First Merchant Bank as General Manager for Finance, Planning and Strategy.

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53 thoughts on “ACB obtains CCTV footage of bank deposit in Malawi anti-corruption czar account”

  1. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Tikudikirabetu CCTV ya infa ya a Bingu pamene anali ndi Penemulungu ku state house awiriwiri ali chete!!!!! Kodi inalidi heart attack kapena mbola????

  2. phaka says:

    Account #anayitenga kuti munthuyo

  3. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    nanga ma cctv aja anatilonjeza awa okomoka mumati a nankhumwawa nde ali kuti?????? tikudikilirabetu ife kuti tiwone amayi akugawana zuma ndi lutepo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nyavizwazwa says:

    Total liar Y2k, Malawi anali kale ndi Kzumu (Kansisi) Banda basi!!!. All these bola zokha-zokha

  5. Busy brains says:

    Now let the bank make it a law that no one should enter the bank with a cap or a mask! Tikuvanaaaa????????????? Inu a ma banki, jack up please! Move with time! By the way, where was the commissioner by that time?

  6. Njema says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! kufuna kuyambitsanso ma strike ku ACB? cholinga ka malandu kanu kasayende? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! time up!

  7. Neema says:

    koma malamulo absinthe, ku Malawi. Mu Bank Munthu asamulole caps ndi ma sun glasses, taphunzirapo, signature ilibe ntchito. Akamalola zobisa nkhope , muma Bank, ndiye CCTV zikhala zopanda pake ngati umo taoneramu.

  8. Babangida... says:

    Am sure this person cant guess…all account details…something fishy here…

  9. koma abale says:

    What about thecctv footage featuring Mrs Joyce Banda and Lutepo meetings. Is it still in transit? What is Mr Nankhumwa saying on this. DPP is full of lies, from the top. Kima tilimba?

  10. nachipanti says:

    Am sure the bank does not only have CCTV Camera on the teller. There should be CCTV on the main entrance. Or in the banking Hall. Am sure if these footages are examined, Investigators would get a clue as to who this depositor is. There is noway this depositor would be walking facing down all the time like a pig.

  11. Mwanna says:

    Its possible that the bank account number might have been revealed by the bank officials, who knows, corruption at its level.

  12. Y2k says:

    Malawi anali klale ndi a Chair!

  13. my right to speak! says:

    We must tread carefully here! This move could jeopardize the Cashgate cases in that several of them would say cash was deposited into their accounts without their consent and hence they are not involved in cashgate. They would refer to ACB boss who experienced similar thing! Ndangodutsamo………..

  14. G.Nenani says:

    Kumeneku nde kukhala ntchito ndizambiri ndi ntchito ya police kufufuza,

  15. zonse uklami says:

    This is mind boogling, can the ACB come out clearly why they are trying to compromise evidence? Just some day ago the ACB Deputy Director was quoted saying the ACB will not be investigating this issues and we also know that the ACB Director reported the matter to the Police IG for investigation, it is surprising that the entity that is not involved in the investigation is in the fore front of seeking and obtaining evidence relating to the investigation is this not interference? Please don’t take Malawian for fools!

  16. makamura says:

    smart guys, protects their credibility and intergrity in a turmoil or salivating n wel cooked, chicken piece

  17. Kodi CCTV ya Lutepo ndi JB sinafikebe ku ACB? Chifukwatu iyi sinachedwe.

  18. chobesha says:

    This approach is typical reform malawian need to unanimously embark on if the action is not acted in a mafia like style


  20. Ma says:

    Kondowe knows this is too small amount to be tempted with, wait a minute, if they deposited Mk100M you think he would have said anything? Even ineyo woti salary yanga ndi mk400,000 net I cant be tempted by mk2m, kuti chani? Ndiye iyeyu salary yake is above mk1m so what’s mk2m?

    Waiut until a real tempatation hits him…in Malawi alipo wa integrity pa cash???? mmmmh Even the so called pastors, apostles, rev etc havent found one…yeyt who doesnt abuse church funds…tiyeni nazoni.

    Where do you think mzimu wakuba is coming from? What happens in a country is a reflection of what is happening in church circles, Chimzimu chakuba chili mu church chikiungofalikira kwa a mitundu……same division, same gossip,,,,I can go on and on……

  21. NYAUHANGO says:

    IT’S A SPECIAL ROOM FOR BULK DEPOSITS. IF YOU YOU HAVE EVER GONE TO FMB, There’s nothing fishy with the room. u don’t go on the queue if you have ndalama zochuluka choncho.

  22. munthu says:

    zitha kuthekatu kuti munthuyu munamutuma nokha to gain publicity nanga ka 2 mita kokha basi

  23. kate says:

    Mwana wakukaya Kondowe. Well done, Sir. wonyoza a Tumbuka Yowoyanipo apa tiwone

  24. Kavuluvulu says:

    Is he going to withstand the heat ?

  25. ziko says:

    There should be a law preventing people from going into certain places with disguises as capt and sun glasses. This should include banks, and other public places. The latter place will prevent terrorist attacks.

  26. Hoitty says:

    I still dont get the motive behind this deposit. Angoidya basi

  27. FBI says:

    CCTV has been defeated by chipewa .It will be difficult to identify that person.He knew what he was doing.

  28. Hoitty says:

    A Malawi u Mafia umenewu bwanji

  29. real man says:

    may be it was considered a bulk deposit. Banks do that some times, many times

  30. Ed_sheeran says:

    First who is this Mr A. Majid?? And Second we can not rush to salute. The AcB boss coz he has shown kuti ndimunthu wachilungamo ova 2m, the Guy ali ndi money *100 ka 2m! Its like munthu amene amapeza k100,000 per month kumupangira dipst 50 kwacha adabwa! So the investigation should be both sides

  31. Tsikulokufanyani says:

    Aaa! The Mr Majid should be in position to explain. Perhaps this is in payment of the transaction which was still in the pipeline before Kondowe became the ACB boss. The issue needs thorough investigations. Surely lets hunt for Mr Majid to find out what he was paying for.

  32. Zinja says:

    koma zinatheka bwanji kumulola m’dala ameneyu kulowa mu bank ndi chipewa inu a bank mesa mumakaniza zimenezi koma tikuona apa munthu wavala chipewa, tinted osamumuuza kuti avule mukuziwapo kanthutu inu….


  34. Pedza says:

    This Kondowe man looks to be a good Malawian leader Malawi is striving to find. U r really a true servant! God bless u my man.

  35. Malawiana says:

    I thought banks dont allow one to wear a cap? What happened for this man to be allowed to transact in a disguised manner? Mafia at work!

  36. ujeni says:

    Cup? really not cap?

  37. Vaanwyk ku Mzuzu says:

    Palibe walakwa bank teller (aller) apa. Bank taller amakhala hard munthu akama panga withdraw osati when depositing.

    Mukufuna mungomuonongesa job yake. Ndibwino kukwenya Kondoweyo osati kapopa ngolo bamk teller (aller) ayi

  38. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    What is the point, in practical sense, of having CCTV when patrons are allowed to conduct business while disguised. What if the “customer” was a thief with intention to hold up the bank, at gun point. That is one reason, in many countries, customers are urged to remove caps and sunglasses or anything that hinders facial recognition. CCTV camera have to have unhindered access to the face, for obvious reasons!
    Bank staff should have the right to ask a customer to remove such accessories. Otherwise, also people involved in money laundering and open bribery will conduct business so openly: taking advantage of too much ulemu (courtesy) from Malawians!

  39. Lilongwe Lilongwe says:

    Osamatinamiza apa how did the depositor got your account number

  40. Bambata says:

    Such Kind Of Dressing Must Not Be Tolerated In Banks

  41. Manyasa says:

    Kasambala and friends

  42. Mzimba Solola says:

    These are the works of the devil. I believe that the depositor was sent by sombebody just to turnish the image of the ACB boss but he has failed. If Malawi can emulate the good example shown by the ACB boss, then we can have a better country, Police should innvestigate so that the truth should be known, Bravo Mr. Kondowe for your integrity.

  43. Nde ndipatseni ngati simukuzifuna…ine ndili mmaluzi

  44. nonse says:

    koma fuso ndilakuti munthuyu anapeza bwanji account number yanu Mr Kondowe. I believe ndizovuta kuti munthu angangoganiza account number ya Munthu…you know something especially pakhani ya account number kuti anaipeza bwanji

  45. John Yosefe says:

    Kondowe knows the motive. Nobody will deposit money into an account without the
    consent of the owner.

  46. mukudziwana inu don’t blindford us.

  47. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Though am yet to understand the whole scenario, because the questions are: how did the depositor got the account number? why disguising himself, why depositing in that small speciliased room at FMB while all us even if it’s big money they tell us to go on the open teller????? My side is that they know each other and deal but they only sensed that somebody somewhere is watching all of them. Hope one day we will know the bottom line of the whole story

  48. mphatso. says:

    Kumalawi kuno tikusoweka anthu monga bwana wa ACB, akanakhala wina akanati laponda la mphawi koma bwanawa aonetsa chisanzo chabwino ku dziko komanso kwa ana athu. God bless him

  49. Misozi says:

    Sound like a Game to test peoples mind. with this information l have withdrawn my credit to ACB Boss.

  50. Chemtukanika says:

    Kungoti kandalamako kanachepetsetsa kwa munthu wamkulu.Mwina kakanakhala ka 200 million kapena 2 bjllion.A Kondowe asatinamize apa.By the way,who deposists his salaries and allowances as he says only he and his family members should depost money into his account?

  51. Tifanamaso says:

    Koma kumeneko kkkkkkkkk

  52. Garu Wa Garu says:

    Mr. Kondowe, I salute you. You are the people we need in Mala. They want to test you. They have failed. This looks like a small room. Why? A bank teller should know something about this. Mufuseni bwino ameneyo awulula. Again I saulute you SIR.

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