Attorney General putting ’spanners’ to Khato’s work on  Lake Malawi water project: MPs back  Lilongwe Water Board

Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale stopped the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) from proceeding with the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) in the project of tapping water from Lake Malawi in Salima to the capital, the water utility told the Budget and Finance parliamentary committee on Wednesday.

Chikuni: Briefed parliament on Salima water project

The proposed project to pump water from Lake Malawi to the capital city, which is 125 kilometres away, has drawn mixed reactions due to, among others, lack of a feasibility study.

But  Alfonso Chikuni, the CEO of LWB told the committee that as the water utility were about to advertise for  the independent ESIA, they  received a letter from Attorney General advising them not to go ahead with the process.

“The letter from the AG is available for your scrutiny,” Alfonso told the committee during the meeting in Lilongwe.

He said the implementation structure of the project is taking care is ESIA needs and requirements.

According to Chikuni, the LWB will use the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) method of contracting arrangement where the contractor is made responsible for all activities from design, procurement, and construction to commissioning and handover to the client.

Chikuni said the project contractor would own risk for schedule and budget in return for a fixed price

The project was awarded to Khato Civils through a restricted tender.

Chikuni clarified that restricted tender according to the Public Procurement Act, is within the law.

“There wasn’t anything wrong that we did in the process of identifying the contractor,” Chikuni said.

Committee chairperson Rhino Chiphiko said the MPs were satisfied  with facts regarding the project and that LWB presentation was plausible.

The committee believe the project remained the most practical way towards addressing water woes.

He assured the water board the parliamentary committee’s “support”, saying he will be interacting with the Secretary to Treasury and Ministry of Finance to “continuously ask for their support of the project.”

Chiphiko said it was unfortunate Attorney General was putting “spanners in the works.”

It is expected that the contractor will identify a financier or financiers and government will only guarantee the loan.


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7 thoughts on “Attorney General putting ’spanners’ to Khato’s work on  Lake Malawi water project: MPs back  Lilongwe Water Board”

  1. Mfulu says:

    My fellow Mwians these so called leaders are there tu make their pickets full of tax payers money, none of them dream tu work for poor Malawians ,VUTO LA UFE AMW NDI TSANKHO POVOTA TIMAVOTELA POTI NDIWAKWATHU OSATI AMENE ANGAIKE MTUNDU WONSE WA MW PATSOGOLO .

  2. True patriot says:

    The whole issue concerning this project is now turning into a never-ending soap opera! There are just too many twists and turns.

    When the deal was signed between Khato Civils and the government by Simbi Phiri and Dr Goodall Gondwe, respectively, it looked like a marriage made in heaven. The news was all over all the natiional broadcaster’s outlets. It was actually heralded as a major development coup by the ruling elite.

    Fast-forward six months we are now hearing all sorts of sceptism, concerns about critical processes and assessments having been overlooked, etc. Now, timely return to the drawing board in order to avert a much more serious consequence is ordinarily a clever move. One would therefore, applaud the decision makers as, they say, better late than never.

    But wait a minute! Our tycoon owner of Khato Civils has been in the news of late. Most of us, actually, have come to know him quite recently despite that he has been a business magnate for a long time. My personal confession – I admire this guy’s business acumen. Well perhaps this is a subject for another day!

    Back to his news-making interviews he granted various news outlets in the country. By the way, did he not go to the extent of inviting and sponsoring some journalists to his base in Johannesburg?. I honestly, shuddered to hear some admissions he made about his ability to associate with both the DPP and MCP. This guy is really shrewd!

    Could this admission be the reason why there is, all of a sudden, a flurry of noises from both sides of the government advising for pursuance of caution in the implementation of this massive project?

    Ndangodutsamo, sindinathyole nkhwani!

  3. Ebuka says:

    The Attorney General has received orders from above to stop the open procurement procedure so that DPP Officials can be given the job

  4. mo says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma lwb ceo??mazobawa anolowela kuba now u have told them facts uwona akhala phee,akufuna Khatho iwanyemele which is not On,iyi ndiyako ceo udye na akazako ndi enawo plus ife kumowaku,big up llceo big up ur mentors

  5. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Why is this government fond of politics development? You want a conractor of your own for easy syphoning of the tax payers money. The project could benefit most jobless malawians residing between Salima and Lilongwe. Nonsense AG.

  6. ET says:

    Stupid AG!!! the country needs water and toy are busy doing your politics. Nosense

    1. bullshit says:


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